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Purchase the right accessories to complete your bathroom

It is important to select purple bathroom accessories sets that match the fixtures which you already have set up -- but you should not feel restricted to just the accessories that come with that specific bathroom layout. Instead, you should look for something that has the designs for your toilet, but that are also interesting. By matching and mixing a small, you might come up with your own personality -- instead of using the collections which have already been put together.

Some of the purple bathroom accessories sets that you ought to think about getting for your bathroom include matters such as towel racks, extra counter space, as well as a dirty clothes hamper! The sky is the limit once you have the fittings in place. The important issue to keep in mind is that needs to be set up in the place that is going to be the most convenient for you.

The most important things to bear in mind when you're picking purple bathroom accessories sets are that they don't have to take up a substantial portion of your design budget (unless you'd like them to). You should also remember to not feel restricted to collection or any one layout! Mix and match to get a effect just for your own bathroom.

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wynn swimming pool

stratosphere casino, hotel & tower is a multi-faceted destination at the far north end of the strip offering a hotel, casino, shops, shows, dining and thrill rides. at 1,149 feet, stratosphere has the tallest freestanding observation tower in the country. enter the stratosphere at las vegas blvd. and baltimore ave. via an airport shuttle or taxi. free parking is available for guests as well. check in to any of the 2,427 rooms and suites throughout the hotel's 24 floors. a stratosphere select room features two queen beds, stunning views, and a work space, tv and lounge chair. the bathroom boasts a wide vanity, eco fresh naturals toiletries, and a standard bathtub and shower. here's a sneak peek of the sink, towels, soap and tissues. stratosphere's 80,000 square-foot casino features slots, table games, and a race and sports book.

find more than 1,200 slot and video poker games. find the circular c bar in the casino, open 24 hours a day, where you can find drink specials, live djs and video poker. find mccall's heartland grill just outside the casino offering steak and seafood from chef rick giffen. stratosphere hotel guests can free admission to the observation tower and can view the strip from inside with air conditioning. (visitors can purchase passes at the entrance). a glimpse of the view over vegas from the outdoor observation deck. on the 108th floor of the stratosphere tower, airbar holds the title of "the highest bar in vegas." sip with panoramic views 800 feet above the strip. one floor below, level 107 lounge offers bottle service and live djs with prime panoramic views.

grab a window booth for stunning views over the city. find fine dining from chef rick giffen at top of the world restaurant on the 106th floor. top of the world restaurant boasts 360-degree views and completes a revolution every 80 minutes. a 10 oz. center cut filet is served with red wine and mushroom sauce. find roasted scottish salmon with coriander crust on the seafood menu. for pasta, try the fettuccine seafood alfredo with lobster, prawns and scallops. open 24 hours a day, roxy's diner will transport you back to the 1950s with singing and dancing servers and american fare, including signature burgers and eggs. the tower offers thrill seekers four opportunities to hurl themselves off the top.

x-scream propels riders over the edge of the tower a couple of times. you must be this insane to ride insanity, one of the stratosphere's thrill rides. big shot shoots brave visitors 160 feet in the air at 45 mph. the latest addition to the stratosphere is sky jump, which is a controlled free fall from 855-feet. nikki takes a snapshot of the view before her tower jump. stratosphere's 15,000 square-foot level 8 pool offers relaxation and family fun during pool season. level 8 pool hosts a bar and cafe, in addition to cabanas with privacy, tv, a fan and food service. on the second floor, tower shops hosts 30 retail locations from gifts and souvenirs to clothing stores and fast food joints. find a momento to mark your experience, whether you jumped from the top of the tower or hit the jackpot in the casino, in the gift shop.

claire sinclair, playboy's 2011 playmate of the year, shows a little skin nightly alongside her sultry dancers at 'pin up'. the high-energy, highly entertaining slice of cheesecake successfully seeks to revive the calendar cutie tradition of the 1940s through early 1960s. couples can wed at stratosphere's chapel in the clouds. choose from four venues for wedding ceremonies and three for receptions. have your reception in the elegant renaissance room on the 103rd floor. the observation deck offers dazzling views of the strip at night.

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wholesale above ground swimming pools

hello and thank you for taking the time toview this presentation on changes to the national electric code for low voltage swimming poollighting. this presentation was designed specifically for electrical inspectors. but will also bebeneficial to electrical contractors involved in the swimming pool industry. and it willprovide you with one source for many of the changes that have occurred since the 1999code cycle. lets take a look at what will be covered in this presentation. first ofall we will discuss why nec changed the code. then we will look specifically at article680 as it relates to grounding of the lights, gfci protection, the depths of the lightsand bonding of the light niches, which is the most recent change. then we will introduceyou to the new universal colorlogic led light

from hayward pool products, which is ul listedand meets all of the changes in the code. we will also talk about retrofits and whythis new led light is ul listed to be installed into most existing pool niches. and of coursewe will provide you with the source for additional information included a dedicated phone numberto was actually the swimming pool industry that started this change in motion.back in the early 2000's they got together with ul to discuss a safer, low voltage lightingsystem. ul agreed that the system that the pool industry suggested was in fact saferand could be installed with less opportunity for installer error. then it was ul that wentto the nec board and petitioned them to make a change to the code that would allow allplastic low voltage pool lighting systems

to be installed without bonding or groundingof the niches or lights. before we look at the specific changes to the code, lets lookat why swimming pool industries was interested in making 12 volt lighting more popular andeasier to install. although there are many jurisdictions in the united states that require12 volt lighting, the great majority of the united states still uses line voltage lightingeven though 12 volt lighting is safer. note it's not that line voltage lighting isn'tsafe, it's just the 12 voltage lighting is safer. however there have been several goodreasons that contractors typically have avoided low voltage lighting. and they are listedon this slide. as you look down at this slide at these reasons, you will see that it hasprimarily to do with the cost of the 12 volt

lighting system as well as the labor involvedwith installing or replacing them. but fortunately due to technological advances in plastic manufacturingand led lighting, we could now bring 12 volt lighting products to the marketplace thataddress all the problems listed here. now lets look at how the code has changed. althoughsome changes occurred in the 2002 code cycle, a definition for low voltage was not actuallyincluded in the code until 2008 and it continues today in the 2011 edition. you see the itemlisted in red, number 1, 15 volts sinusoidal ac. that is the definition that is applicableto swimming pool lights. the other three definitions listed were added in 2011 and are for applicationsoutside of the swimming pool industry. the first change to the nec occurred in 2002 andis shown here, addressed being able to manufacture

and install 12 volt light fixtures withoutgrounding conductors. these are all plastic light fixtures and there are many in the industrytoday both in halogen quartz lighting and in led lighting, which you may have seen.this slide is included as a reminder that all transformers in the swimming pool industryshould be listed for swimming pool use. that is you should not go to your local hardwarestore and pick up a 12 volt transformer and connect it to a swimming pool light. thisis primarily because listed swimming pool transformers have separate chambers for thehigh voltage and low voltage wiring. now lets look at gfci protection. although gfcic protectionis required for high voltage swimming pool lighting systems, there are two sections ofthe code listed here the allow for low voltage

lighting systems to be installed without gfciprotection. therefore, gfci protection is not required on any listed low voltage lightingproduct in the pool industry. certainly in your jurisdiction you may require it but itis not required by the national electric code. now lets look at the depths of swimming poollights. for decades the national electric code had required that all swimming pool lightsbe located a minimum of 18 inches below water level to the top of the lens. this verbiagewas included originally to keep the light away from the chest cavity. they didn't wantsomebody that might be standing or hanging on the deck in front of the light while talkingto somebody on the deck to have the light located right at the chest in the event thatthe glass lens had a crack in it or that there

might be some other current leakage that couldaffect the heart, especially if the person had a pacemaker. so this was the reason forthe 18-inch depth requirement. well now with the advent of plastic swimming pool lightfixtures and unbreakable plastic lenses, lights can be listed to be installed up to 4 inchesbelow water level because we do not have the opportunity for lens breakage or for currentleakage into the pool that might be damaging to the heart. this minimum dimension of 4inches primarily exist to provide adequate cooling of the light. and to prevent strobingof the light beam when there is wave action in the pool. the next thing that is addressedas seen at the bottom of this slide is locating lights on the bottom of a pool, spa or fountainto illuminate a waterfall or other water feature.

in the past, any time we wanted to do thatwe had to have a cover; some sort of a grate on top of that light to protect somebody fromputting their foot through the glass lens or a rock from possibly cracking the lens.again with plastic lights, they can be listed as a number 2 to be used without a guard ifthey have passed the ul impact test. now lets look at bonding of the forming shell or aniche for a swimming pool light. because niches all have had some metal in them, they havebeen required to be bonded to the aqua potential bonding grid of the swimming pool. with eitherbonded metal conduit or a number 8 copper wire attached to a bond log on the outsideof the niche. and if pvc conduit has been used to connect the niche to the power sourcean additional number 8 bond jumper has been

required to go down the conduit with the lightcord and connect to a redundant bond lug inside the niche as shown in this picture. now forthe biggest change in the national electric code, you could see on this slide that anylow voltage lighting system that is listed to be installed without grounding is now alsoexempt from the bonding requirement. so like niches that are part of a low voltage lightingsystem that is all plastic and so listed, can be installed without bonding. and youwill find that there will be no bonding lugs on the niches. now lets look at hayward poolproducts new lighting system that satisfies all of these nec changes and is the firstof its kind in the market place. first of all, and for the first time, hayward poolproducts now has a 300 watt transformer. similar

but slightly different than the existing 300watt transformers in the marketplace. and we will go into more detail on that later.then unique to the marketplace there is a 70 and 140 watt retrofit transformer and a70-watt transformer for new installations. the plastic forming shell for gahnite concretepools only at this point in time is only 2 3/4 inches thick and has no bonding lugs asit does not require bonding. this niche will actually disappear in the wall of a pool andthere will be no need to build a re-bark cage around it to shoot concrete around it. thenwe have the non-conductive sealed polymer luminaire with no serviceable parts. thisis the led light fixture that only draws 65 watts and is totally sealed. this is becausethere is no need at any time to get into the

light itself as the led bulbs are going tolast 20,000-30,000 hours or possibly more. when and if the light burns out, the entirefixture would be replaced. lastly, we have the nonconductive polymer trim ring in variouscolors to finish the surface look of the light. one of the available trim rings looks verymuch like stainless steal because pool owners have gotten use to this look and their if you go out to a final inspection on a pool with one of these ucl light systemsinstalled and wonder why it has a stain less steel trim ring, i encourage you to do whatevertest you like to prove that it is indeed plastic and offers no electrical conductivity. lookingfurther at the light niche, as you see on this slide, it comes with a compression fittingfor a cord lock and water seal. this will

prevent water from running back into the conduit.those of you who have ever seen or had to use underwater epoxy to prevent water fromleaking back into the conduit will truly appreciate this feature. as shown here, it comes witha 45 degree 1 inch elbow, there is also a reducer bushing from 1 inch to 3/4 inch ifthat is the conduit size being used. as you can see from this slide, there is ample roominside the niche for cord storage. now cord storage is required by pool standards in orderto be able to put the light fixture up on the deck without disconnecting it. in theevent that it or the pool needs to be serviced. again because this is a non-serviceable fixture,a contractor will not have to work on it. but if they were to refinish the inside ofthe pool, they would want to be able to put

it up on the deck. there is room for up to12 feet of cord storage so if this light is installed at the bottom of a pool, spa orfountain there is adequate storage space to be able to put fixture up on the deck fromthose depths. another unique feature of the ucl light system, you do not need a screwto capture the light fixture into the niche. rather it twists lock into the niche. thena tool is required along with knowledge of where to insert it to release the lockingmechanism to remove the fixture. this prevents children from removing it. then to finishthe installation, the trim ring twist lock into place on the face of the fixture. thereis also a spa ucl light system which looks very much like existing spa light assemblies.however, it is all-plastic in construction

and therefore can be ul listed for installationwithout bonding. now lets look at hayward's 300-watt transformer. it looks pretty muchlike any other 300-watt transformer in the market place with one exception. you see inthe slide where it says placeholder for coupler, and we will talk about what that coupler isshortly. the ucl led light fixture is a 65-watt appliance. so if you did the math and divided65 into 300, you would say that 4 ucl lights could be operated by 1, 300 watt transformer.however, from an operational viewpoint, the number of led fixtures is limited to 3. nowthe coupler is an interface between the hayward pro logic pool automation system and the ucllights. this allows a customer who has opted for the automation system to have more controlover their lights than they would just by

using a switch on the wall. the coupler translatesa signal that is sent from the prologic pool automation system in the house and tells thelight what color to be on or what program to run. and in the case of the 300-watt transformer,a single coupler can identify three individual lights and tell them to be three individualcolors, or designate each ones moving color in a light show program. it is worth notinghere that the ucl light is able to produce 101 different colors and 11 predesigned lightshows. the basic switched ucl light model only allows access to 10 of the colors and7 of the programs through an interrupt switch circuit. in order to access the remainingcolors and shows, or even design new shows, the prologic pool automation system is required.this slide shows the wiring of the 300 watt

transformer. like all listed swimming pooltransformers, it has 2 chambers, one on the high voltage side and one on the low voltageside and it has 3 low voltage outputs; 12, 13 and 14 volts. however, you will noticeon the slide that it says to not use the 12 and 13 volt legs. instead the 14 volt outputshould be used to get as much voltage to the fixture as possible. then the light controlsthe voltage internally, boosting it as necessary to its operational voltage. so all lightsin a pool will provide their designed lumen output as long as there is a minimum of 9.6volts available at the light. therefore, we do not need to worry about having too muchvoltage at the light. so all lights should be connected to the 14-volt leg. now as faras the coupler is concerned, if it is used,

it has 4 additional wires; 2 on the high voltageside and 2 on the low voltage side. and of course it is imperative that the wires beconnected to the proper side. finally you will notice the bond wire that is connectedto the bottom of the transformer. just a reminder, that you do not have to connect a bond wirehere if the transformer is located more than 5 feet from the waters edge. lets move nowto the subject of retrofits. in the past, it has been against ul listing to installmanufacture abc's light fixture into manufacture xyz's niche. this is because ul has not hadthe opportunity to test these light fixtures and niches together. since part of their testprocedure involves a millivolt drop test across the screw that holds the 2 parts see how well the niche bond is transferred

to the fixture, if they cannot test the 2parts together, they cannot be to be listed to be installed together. now, with the adventof the new led nonmetallic all plastic light fixtures, ul is listing these light fixturesto be installed into any niche that they will fit into. this is a game changer. there hasbeen a lot of confusion over the years about why you should not mix fixtures and niches.and some manufactures have marketed light fixtures tested by another agency to be installedin any niche. so to help you understand this better, if you go to the iaei website www.iaei.organd type the name steven holms into the search box, you will find an article that he wrotefor the iaei magazine in august of 2003 explaining the dangers of this practice. we suggest thatyou keep a copy of this article in your files

for future reference. is this practice reasonablysafe? probably. is it absolutely safe? no. is it a liability issue? absolutely. if therewas ever an accident in this pool, a good lawyer would study the pool from end to endand if they found that the contractor had mixed fixtures and niches, which is againstthe ul listing, they would use it against the contractor in a trial. now that the uclled light fixture is an exception to this ul listing restriction, we can tell you thatthe fixture can be safely installed into any of the niches you see listed on this page.and you will find a listing of the part numbers of the various niches included in the packagingwith the ucl fixtures. the ucl fixture will install into an existing niche just the sameas the current fixture in the niche. because

it comes with the screw to hold it in place,using one of two screw locations and one of two mounting clip locations to fit the variousniches in the marketplace. the screw is metal but it just becomes a part of the existingmetal niche and it is not required to transfer the bond from the niche to the light fixturesince the fixture is all plastic. one word of caution, the number 8 bond wire on theoutside of the niche and the number 8 bond jumper wire on the inside of the conduit andniche must remain in place if the conduit is non metallic. now, if you are thinkingthat as an inspector, you will not become involved with retrofit installations, thereis one possibility early on as contractors learn about this new light when you could have a show on the ground now with

a bonded niche on which you have already completeda rough in inspection and when the contractor learns about these new lights, he decidesthat he wants to install them in this new pool. so you may go out for the final inspectionand find that there is a hayward ucl light fixture installed into another manufacturesniche. with this new information about the new ul listing, you now know that this isan acceptable installation. moving ahead with the subject of retrofits, there are 2 otheraftermarket possibilities. first there is already a 12-volt light fixture in the poolwhen the customer decides to upgrade to the hayward ucl light. in this case the new uclfixture can simply be connected to the existing transformer via a junction box if present.second, when there is a 120 line voltage light

in the pool, if they have a ul listed swimmingpool junction box for this light hayward has available new j-box conversion kits to providea 70 watt or dual 70 watt transformer to install inside the listed junction box. as noted previously,anytime that we complete a retrofit, we do have to leave the existing number 8 bond jumperin place. if this line voltage light is connected to a switch all the way back at the pool servicepanel, then a new j-box transformer or wall mount transformer will have to be installed.before we look further at the retrofit transformer kits, we thought it important to bring toyour attention the nec article that requires swimming pool junction boxes to be listedfor the application. we have found that many contractors and inspectors are not aware ofthis requirement. so the applicable parts

of the article are listed here for you. asyou see, article 680.24 states that the junction box shall be listed for the application shallbe installed 4 inches above ground level and 8 inches above water level. and finally, justto make you aware, the code does allow for low voltage lights to be connected througha flush deck box, which is no longer true for line voltage lights. this is one exampleof what a listed swimming pool junction box looks like. a brass bass with 3 or and insome 4 places to connect conduit. and then a polymer cover to go on top of the base.on the inside is a strain relief to capture the fixture cord and lugs for the bond andground wires. there are also round all plastic listed junction boxes in the market placewith brass bus bars on the inside to make

all of the necessary connections. now lookat this example, does this meet article 680.24? obviously not. or how about these junctionboxes? do they meet the code? again, obviously not. this is an example of how gfci protectionused to be provided for high voltage lights using a gfci receptacle inside the pvc junctionbox. however, nec requires that listed junction boxes be used for all swimming pool-like connections.therefore, you can no longer put a gfci receptacle inside a standard pvc box and consider itan acceptable installation. now, lets look at the j-box retrofit kit. on the right ofthis picture you see a standard brass based listed junction box. then on the left side,you see the transformer, a possible coupler, and a taller cover for the complete mentioned earlier, hayward now provides

retrofit kits for all of the primary listedjunction boxes in the market place as shown on this slide. now lets look at the wiringof this j-box transformer for retrofits or new construction. as you can see, there areonly 14-volt leads coming from the secondary side of this class 4 transformer. so thatis where the light will be connected and then you have the high voltage connections comingin on the other side. as a reminder, if this is a retrofit, the number 8 bond jumper mustremain if there is nonmetallic conduit. see the note on the right side that reads, mayalso see coupler here? the prologic coupler snaps into place there, similar to the waya 9-volt battery snaps into place in a smoke detector. so, if the customer opts for theprologic pool automation system, you would

see one of these transformers and one couplerfor each light. unless upgrading a 4-hold junction box for 2 lights and installing adual transformer retrofit kit with 1 coupler for both lights. so in summary, since theuniversal colorlogic and universal crystallogic lighting systems, which is the white lightonly commercial model are completely plastic low voltage systems. there is no need, orrequirement to bond the hayward nonmetallic niches specific to these lights and for thefirst time, ul now allows these fixtures to be retrofitted into existing installationswith listed niches that have already been bonded per the national electrical code. thesenext 2 slides show the package insert that will provide you with the necessary documentationso that you know these lights meet the new

ul listing and national electric code changes.on this slide we show you the various ul listing that you will find on the ucl product line.first, fresh and seawater. note: some product may say fresh water only as old labels areused up. however, for swimming pools, ul's definition of fresh water includes salt poolwith low concentrations for salt chlorine generators. next, when properly secured maybe used with 3rd party niches. next use a 4-inch minimum depth to top off lens and finallyfor supply connection, use only a listed swimming pool spa-isolating transformer. if you arein an area that has not yet adopted the 2008 or 2011 national electric code, this slideis asking that you please consider allowing these niches and fixtures to be installedin your jurisdiction without grounding or

bonding as allowed by their ul listing andthe national electric code. this slide shows the various models that are available. theswitched residential model means that you control the light by a wall switch to turnit on and to choose one of the 10 predetermined colors or 7 predetermined color-changing programs.the networked model means that the lights would be controlled by the hayward prologicpool automation system using couplers inside the transformers to access all of the 101colors and 11 programs available or to design a personal color changing show. the low whitelight is the commercial equivalent to a 300-watt incandescent light and the high white is thecommercial equivalent to a 500-watt incandescent light. finally the spa lights available areapproximately equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent

light. for additional information, pleasesee the lights section on the hayward pool products website shown here. if you have questions,please call your dedicated toll free number listed here. thank-you for taking the timeto watch this presentation. we hope that you found it worthwhile.

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whitewater swimming pool

hey guys is dalton smith and we're doinganother how-to video with slyde hand boards and today we're gonna be talkingabout your fins and more particularly your fin leashes talking about how toput them on make sure you don't lose your fins andwe're gonna go over the technique of kicking and paddling so you can kind ofget an idea of what you need to be doing when it's time to catch a wave so i gotmy boy same dog here help me again we're going to jump into the pool righthere in indy atlantic beach and we're going to show you some clearwaterflorida is not exactly where now for clearwater when it comes to surfing sowe're gonna put you guys in the pool

show you exactly what it looks likewe're diving under the waves show you what it looks like we're kicking and allthe different techniques to make sure that you're getting as much time in thewater as you can so you guys are ready we got our fins we are the leashes gotthe wedge by slyde handboards we're gonna jump in the pool alright so now we're going to go aheadand have sam show you the improper way to walk and see he's got the wideduck stance and if you trip one time it's over so the proper way to walk withyour fins on is to slide backwards and drag your feet across the ground

this is going to ensure that you're notgonna trip and fall and hurt yourself or anyone around you so duck man here to show you the properway to walk with your fins it sounds silly but it's really you will fall if you walk forward you'regoing to trip and go down so next thing we're going to do is get into the waterand show you guys some proper swimming the proper kicking and some properdiving techniques is when you're the water you need to duck dive under thewaves to get out so if you guys are ready toget the water and get it started

we got sam walking backwards anchors onfins on he's ready to go it is really shallow here only about twofeet so we're going to take our time in the water be careful make sure no one is gonna get hurt nevermind so now that sam's in thewater i'm going to get in and we're gonna go over some basic kickingtechniques jump into more complicated stuff like duck diving but by the end ofthis video you guys be ready to get the water and catch some waves so i guess so i haveto follow him alright guys so we're in the pool andthe sam is going to show you the proper

kicking technique pretty simple sojust do like a regular swimming pool on up and down but your feet will be a little more loose would havethis fluid moving like this your feet are naturally kind of going to like a wavealmost back to fourth left and right and we have the gopro so we're going to get in thewater show you exactly what it looks like underwater ok guys so sam just kicked withoutpaddling so you guys can really focus on the kick next we're having paddle because that'syou know equally important to catch the

wave we're both right-handed i put theboard of my left hand and puts it on the right hand and that's totally preferenceso for me my right arm is my stronger paddle arm so that's why i put on theleft sam like to have his right arm that's astronger you know body surfing on so try both and see what works for you on thisnext one pay attention we're having a kick but we're going to focus on thatstrokes to paddle really hard kick really hard and we'll show you somefootage there's that moment where the wave picks you look for you haveliterally caught the wave and you are moving forward so you need a kick andpaddle as hard as you can until you feel

that moment bottom line is you need to stroke hardand make sure that you're following through some people you like hit thewater and half way pull and just think about the next row with the water pullthe way through pull all the way through kick at the same time and once you catchthe wave don't stop kicking some people catch the wave and they give up on thekicking your hit flat spots to hit parts of the way kind of dies out if youkeep kicking you'll make it can keep going through now that we've talkedabout kicking with your fins on along with paddling to get into the ways we'regoing to talk about going underneath of

the ways or duck diving you the line when you're making your wayfrom the beach to where the waves are breaking you're gonna have to go througha lot of white water or breaking waves this is just going to slow you down andmake you tired so the best thing to do is a duck dive you're simply going tohold your breath dive to the bottom and swim towards the rear of the wave whenyou come up the way with past and you're going to be able to go through all ofthat energy without being slowed down and do the back towards the beach i think that's a wrap for todayappreciate you guys watching be sure to

subscribe to our channel and check backgot a lot of new video slyde handboards and look forward to see you guysnext time

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when can babies go swimming in a public pool

cool rhymes and good for children little baby bum ice cream song ice cream ice cream vanilla ice cream ice cream strawberry ice cream ice cream,

chocolate ice cream so many flavours! ice cream , ice cream red and yellow blue and purple brown and white so many colors! ice cream, ice cream sprinkled ice cream

chocolate chips in a cone so many choices on a hot day ice cream in the month of may. ice cream on a holiday it's a yummy treat! let's go swimming, it's so much fun!

to play in the water with everyone. let's go swimming it's really fun to do. it's true! we can swim on our backs, we can swim on our sides. paddle all around,

make a splash so high. we can swim at the poo or swim in the sea. and you can really have a great time just wait and see, what you can do oh yeah! let's go swimming.

it's so much fun, to play in the water with everyone. let's go swimming, it's really fun to do! we can swim on our sides, paddle all around, make a splash so high. we can swim at the pool, and you can really have a great time just wait, and see

what you can do! the lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown. the lion beat the unicorn all around the town. some gave them white bread and some gave them brown. some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town.

some gave them white bread and some gave them brown. some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town. little miss muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey along came a spider who sat down beside her

and frightened miss muffet away. sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. let's drive in the car. let's buckle our seat belts and vroom off. we can go any place that's close or far. so many things to see won't you come with me?

<3 so many things to see, won't you come with me? so many things to see. hey you boo! peekaboo! i see you

hey, you peekaboo, i see you. hey, you, ten green bottles, standing on the wall. ten green bottles, standing on the wall. and if one green bottle should accidentally fall,

there'll be nine green bottles nine green bottles, standing on the wall. nine green bottles, and if one green bottle should accidentally fall there'll be eight green bottles eight green bottles, eight green bottles, standing on the wall. and if one green bottle should accidentally fall, there'll be seven green bottles

seven green bottles, standing on the wall. seven green bottles, and if one green bottle should "accidentally" fall, there'll be six green bottles, standing on the wall. six green bottles, six green bottles, standing on the wall. there'll be five green bottles, standing on the wall. five green bottles, standing on the wall. five green bottles

there'll be four green bottles standing on the wall. four green bottles four green bottles standing on the wall. there'll be three green bottles standing on the wall. three green bottles standing on the wall. three green bottles, there'll be two green bottles standing on the wall. two green bottles, two green bottles, standing on the wall.

and if one green bottle should "accidentally" fall there'll be one green bottle standing on the wall. one green bottle standing on the wall. one green bottle, there'll be no green bottles standing on the wall. little bo peep has lost her sheep

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west cork hotels with swimming pools

>> david nasser: we have michael hyatt backin the house today. come on; put your hands together for the great michael hyatt. michaelis an author. honestly, he was an enabler of authors. he was the head of thomas nelsonpublishing for a long, long time. now he's a best-selling author, a new york times best-sellingauthor. he's more than that. about a half a million people go through his website forleadership training and kinds of ideas that will help you with every day life. and michaelhas a brand new book that's coming out next tuesday, but his team has graciously workedit out where we could get the book before it's available to anyone else on the planet.and so we get to have it today with us here, and then it will be in the bookstore. thebookstore worked all night with michael's

coo who's with us, megan, and they were ableto get all that stuff here for us. we know you're going to want this book, because we'veasked michael to speak a little bit out of some of the principles of this book, thisbrand new book, living forward, that will be released next tuesday, all right? he'sgoing to speak to us about that a little bit today. not about the book, but about the principle,the driving principle in the book. and then, after that, it will be available to you. i do want to just say, since she is here,megan, michael's coo of his entire organization also happens to be his daughter. megan, thankyou for making this happen. i know that michael only speaks about five or six times a's a big deal for us to get to have him.

we're grateful to you. can we welcome meganas well? all right, come on; put your hands together, the great michael hyatt. >> michael hyatt: it was the perfect day forfishing. i was about six years old. i was with my dad, 70 degrees on a beautiful, smalllake in western nebraska - perfect day for fishing. we only brought 20 crappie - or 20minnows that day. we weren't very optimistic, but i did have my lucky khaki shorts on andmy trusty red cowboy boots, and my dad had a white t-shirt, khaki shorts, and his standard-issueblack, dad socks and some old dress shoes. and i mean every cast into that lake we caughta fish, and we quickly went through those 20 minnows. so my dad, being very creative,sat down on a rock, cut off a piece of his

t-shirt, put it on a hook. i threw it intothe lake and caught a fish. the fish didn't know the difference. we must've caught a hundredfish that day, and at the end of the day my arm was so tired, but my heart was so was an idyllic day. but my dad taught me some really importantlessons. he taught me how to build model cars, and planes, and trains, and he taught me someof my very first lessons on creativity and the importance of perseverance and patiencewhen you're trying to be creative. and one of the things i still can remember him sayingto me is, "son, don't force it. let it click into place." he also insisted i join the boyscouts. you know you survived a lot of therapy when you can show a picture like that in frontof 13,000 people and not cower. but he helped

me get some merit badges in camping, and canoeing,and leather working, and stamp collecting, and some other things, but eventually, i discoveredgirls. and one of the things that i noticed in my observant sort of adolescent mind isthat the guys that seem to be getting the hottest chicks were baseball players. i know.but my dad bought me my very first baseball mitt. i can still smell that leather. he taughtme to pitch, and to catch, to bat, and even though all the other parents were yellingat our games- i don't remember my dad ever missing a game. i could still hear his voiceover the crowd saying, "son you can do it! go for it!" and just cheering me on; it wasawesome. and so i had this idyllic childhood where my dad was my constant companion, myever-present friend, my guide.

but then, as i moved into the teenage years,something happened. my dad took a job as a traveling salesman, trying to make ends meetfor our family, and he was away a lot - sometimes for a week at a time, sometimes many weeksat a time. and i also noticed during this time that my dad began to drink. and so iwould often come home from school, and when my dad wasn't traveling, when he was home,there he would be passed out on the couch- a six pack of beer cans, sometimes more, emptyaround him. and the time when i felt like i needed my dad the most he wasn't there.and i don't know all that was going on in his life at that time, but i know, and felt,the absence of my father. well, as his life careened out of controland his drinking escalated i thought, you

know what, two can play at this game. i myselfbegan drinking at the age of 14, and then at age 16 i smoked my first joint. and mybest friends were so angry with me when they heard about this that they cornered me inthe parking lot of my school, threw me up against a car. my best friend, nose-to-nosewith me, said, "if you ever do this again you will answer to us." i had all of thoseguys smoking weed by that next friday. that's when i first suspected that i might have thegift of leadership. perverse, i know. that laugh was worth the whole thing. but it wastough, and as my dad drifted, i drifted. and this all came to a head one night in my senioryear. my sister and i were out with some friends, and we came in past midnight. i never hada curfew growing up. i'm not sure why, but

i didn't. so we came in past midnight. myfriends were laughing; we were laughing. they left us off in the front yard, and we walkedup to the house, and there we saw - as we got closer to this dark object - to our horrorthere was my father on the sidewalk passed out. now my friends who had been laughingwith us, were laughing at us, and my sister and i were embarrassed. we were humiliated,and as we knelt down and picked up my father and helped him stumble to the house we gotincreasingly angry. we put him on the sofa where he went to sleep, and began snoring,and my sister, crying, went to her bedroom. and i stood in the shadows looking at my father,and i said to myself i will never be like that. and that silent vow became the drivingforce of my life.

i had really long hair then, but almost immediatelyi got it cut off, put on a suit, and got down to business. when i was in college i was thekid that got up at 5 am to study. i talked the librarian at baylor university into givingme a study carrel, which was usually only reserved for graduate students, to give thatto me, because i wanted to treat school like it was an office. when i wasn't in class iwas in my study carrel studying. when i got out of college i got a job as a salesman,because i knew that's where the money was. and my family had always struggled with money,and i thought this is the way to fix everything. and i was very aggressive. i made more moneythe first year out of college as a salesman than my dad ever made in a single year, andi was proud of myself. but i was driven, and

after a while that began to show up. i wentthrough a massive business failure in the early 90s. my family floundered, and my healthfaltered, and i was at a place where something had to change. and i think these two waysof living, represented by my father and myself, represent two ways that you and i can approachlife. there's, first of all, the life of drifting.where we're not really choosing the destinations; we're just like a cork in the current driftingalong. my wife gail and i had been married for about ten years. we'd never really hada serious vacation, and so we saved our pennies, our airline miles, and we went to hawaii forthis vacation. we were so excited, but when we got there - we spend everything we hadto get there, and when we got there we were

broke. we had just enough money to do maybea few things but not much, and we noticed that the hotel was offering snorkeling we met the instructor in the swimming pool, we got checked out, we went onto the reef,and we were blown away by what we saw. we thought this we can do all week. so we rentedsome snorkeling gear for about ten bucks. the next morning gail and i went to the lagoonthat was adjacent to the hotel. it was early, not another soul out there. the water wascalm, crystal-clear like glass. we slipped into the lagoon, put on our masks and oursnorkeling gear, and began to paddle around, totally distracted by what we saw. beautifulmulticolored fish, the seaweed, and the light playing, it was like swimming in an aquarium.and about 45 minutes later i decided to look

up and realized that we had been caught ina rip tide and swept out to sea. the hotel looked like a toy in the distance. gail raisedher head up, gasped, and said, what are we going to do? and i said, "i don't know whatto do, but swim for all we're worth." and we had a boogie board with us, fortunately.we both grabbed that and we swam hard for about an hour, got to the beach, crawled upexhausted, and collapsed. and until last fall i hadn't been snorkeling since. but that kindof represents how a lot of people live, and here's the deal about drifting: when you driftyou never end up in a destination you would've chosen. but there's another way of being, and that'sto be driven, and that's what my life really

represented. where i took control. i was goingto absolutely white-knuckle my way through it, and i was going to achieve something,and make something of myself. but that didn't end well either. but here's the funny thing.both of these ways of being, drifting or being driven, are really two halves of the samecoin- something i call the default life. they have more in common than you would think.they seem like polar opposites, but they're not really. both of them are unconscious waysto live. we don't even know why we're doing this. we're just kind of going through thenext thing, and we're either being driven or we're drifting. they also both lead todestinations we would not have chosen, but fortunately there’s a third alternative.

and the third alternative is the designedlife. it's a life where you live with intention, live with purpose, and chose the destinationswhere you want to end up. and this is really what i cover in the book that i wrote withmy good friend daniel harkavy, living forward. and in the book, we really build it aroundthree questions, and you can live a designed life by answering these three powerful questions.but like really good questions - and this is a warning - these questions may make youa little uncomfortable. you guys ready for it? okay, question number 1: how do you want tobe remembered? this is a question about clarity or aboutlegacy. you know the myth of our culture says

that we're going to live forever - that youwill not die, but here's reality. the truth is you will die. i'm going to die. it's's the one appointment all of us will keep. i was talking to a friend of mine in the insurancebusiness that's an actuary. by the way, do you know what an actuary is? it's a personthat doesn't have the personality to be an accountant. some of you got that. but i was asking him, i said, "i'm going tobe speaking to about 12 to 13,000 students, and run the mortality tables on that, andtell me kind of what that looks like." and here's what he told me. this is sobering.let's assume here that there are 13,000 students. one of you will be dead in 92 days. this isjust math. three of you will be dead in 12

months. 18 of you will be dead in five i know what you're thinking: not me. i wonder who it is. but it's a sobering factthat our culture likes to suppress, but is a truth. we're all going to die. now thisis a little bit heavy, so i did what any rational person would do. and i decided i've got tolighten this up, so i googled funny tombstone epitaphs. and so one of the first ones thatpopped up was this one. it said, "i told you i was sick." another one said, "well, thissucks." one of my favorites came from boothill cemetery in tombstone, arizona and it saidthis: "here lies lester moore, four slugs from a .44, no less no more." but my veryfavorite was this one: "here lies an atheist all dressed up and no place to go."

in 2005 my father-in-law passed away, colonelsidney bruce. he spent his entire career in the air force, worked at the pentagon fora number of years. when he left that career he led the military ministry at campus crusadefor christ. and amazing man, and at his funeral- this was back when they were still doing this-it was the flyover with the jets, and the 21-gun salute, and all of that. but when wewent back to a friend’s house after the funeral, it was really interesting to watchwhat happened, because we pulled out photo albums and we had carousels of slides - anolder technology - and we just looked at photos of papa. and we cried, and we laughed, andwe told stories, and it was apparent to me that this was a life well-lived. then it alsooccurred to me that when you and i die there

are going to be conversations about us - whatwe meant to the various people in our lives who mattered the most. and the cool thingis that we can begin to engineer those conversations now. how do you want – if, god forbid, youwere to die - how would you want your parents to remember you? what about your spouse, oryour girlfriend, or your boyfriend, or your friends, or the people you go to church with,or fellow students, or professors? you and i can engineer those kinds of conversationsnow by who we become. there's a quote i want to share with you from steve jobs, who interestinglysaid this two years before his death in a commencement speech, almost prophetically.he said, "remembering that i'll be dead soon is the most important tool i've ever encounteredto help me make the big choices in life."

and as morbid as it sounds, i want to encourageyou to consider, contemplate, the fact that you're mortal. how do you want to be remembered?this is the question that creates clarity. but there's a second question, and that'sthis: what is important to you? and this is a question about priorities. now the mythin our culture is that you can have it all, but the truth is you can have anything youwant, you just can't have everything you want, and so it comes down to our choices. you knowwhere you are today in your health, in your spiritual life, your gpa, your circle of friends,just about everything in life comes down to the choices that you've made up until thispoint. there really good news is that you can start to make different choices, and yourlife becomes the sum total of all those choices

that you string together. so what's importantto you? you probably know what's important to your parents, what's important to may know, if you have a boss, what your boss’s priorities are for you, or maybea professor's priorities, but i want to ask you what's important to you? i'm going totell you, for me, priority number 1 is god, and i'm sure it is for most, if not all, ofyou. he is the central figure of my life. he is the one who orders my life; the onewho i consider when i'm facing any choice. but my second priority, and this may be asurprise to some of you, is me. now why would i say me? doesn't that sound selfish? no,here's why i think it needs to be. unless i exercise an appropriate amount of self-care,if i don't take care of my health, if i don't

get enough sleep, if i don't nurture myselfspiritually, and emotionally, and intellectually i can't be of any use to anyone else. but what are your priorities? once you havethese priorities nailed down it can become a great filter for the decisions that youmake. about 7 years ago i was driving my mom fromwaco, texas, where she lived, to dallas, texas to catch a flight. and so we had about anhour and 40 minutes in the car, and i thought, you know, i'd never really debriefed withmom about dad's drinking. it was kind of a forbidden topic, and by this time i'd hadenough therapy that i thought i'm just going to go for it. and so i said to mom, i justhad to know where her head was when all of

this was happening when we were i said to mom, i said, "mom, look, i need to talk to you about something, and i don'twant to bring up something that's awkward or will make you feel uncomfortable, but i'dlike to talk about dad's drinking problem." and she kind of looked at me like she knewthis day was going to come, and she kind of hoped it wouldn't, but she was ready for it.and so she said, "well, what do you mean?" and i said, "well i just have to know whatyou were thinking. you know, why didn't you leave him?" and so she began to explain tome. she said, "you know, i don't know." she said, "i just felt like keeping the familytogether was really important to you kids, and i just kept hoping that we would get throughit, and so i just made that decision." and

she started crying. and she said, "i justmade that decision to stay with dad, because of who he had been, and what i believed hecould become, and for the sake of you kids." now you and i may have made a different decision,but as i heard that, i thought of my own children, my own grandchildren - i have eight. and ithought, her decision in that moment to keep our family together created waves in a goodway that really have been passed on to me and to my children, and it was a decisionbased on a clear priority. and that was her family was incredibly important. again, youmay have made a different decision; you could argue with it, but here's the point: onceyou have a clear set of priorities it can become a filter for you so that you can sayyes to what you should say yes to, and, more

importantly, no to the things that you shouldsay no to. for somebody like me who's a recovering peoplepleaser this is incredibly important, because i get asked to do a lot of things, but noteverything serves my priorities. and i want to make sure i can say “no” to the lesserthings, so i can say “yes” - a resounding “yes”- to the things that matter mostto god and to my family. so there's a question of priorities. when we have clear priorities- what are yours? - when we have clear priorities this gives us courage. if the first questiongives us clarity, the second one gives us courage. warren buffet said this: "the differencebetween successful people and very successful people is that very successful people sayno to almost everything." courage based on

priorities. but there's a third question, and the thirdquestion is this: what single brave decision do you need to make today? what single bravedecision do you need to make today? now here's what our culture tells us. culture tells usthat we really can't take any action, we really can't move forward, until we can see the wholepath. you know we have to know the beginning from the end. but the truth is what it reallyboils down to, in the nitty-gritty of life, is obviously or usually just doing the nextright thing, and that's usually abundantly clear. but it requires some courage, and itrequires some initiative. if you're building a nuclear submarine or building a big buildingyou probably need to have detailed plans,

action plans, gantt charts, time tables, allthe rest, but for most of us when it comes to our life, and to doing the next right thingthat becomes just a fancy way of procrastinating. you know, once i get the plan then i'll startacting. once i graduate from liberty i'll do what i need to do, but there are probablythings that you know you need to do today. maybe it's a difficult conversation, maybeit's an email you need to send, a paper you need to write, something that for you todayis the single brave decision that will enable you to begin to move forward and continuethe momentum that you've already built. when i was the ceo at thomas nelson - i becamethe ceo in 2005, and for a couple years before the recession it was glorious. the companywas doing incredibly well, but then right

before the recession we sold the company toa private equity company. and looking back, they put too much debt on the company. thatwasn't really clear when they did it because it all worked out on the spreadsheets andon the forecasts, but by the time we got to 2009, in the teeth of the recession, it wasabundantly clear. we'd laid off about 20% of our workforce, our entire book publishingindustry, and booksellers were struggling, and it was a difficult time, and we weren'tmeeting our bank covenants. now, we were making money, but it was just such that we had tocomply with these bank covenants and we were doing that. so i was spending all my timetaking calls from investors and mostly bankers who were upset, and so what they insistedthat we do, and the board insisted, that we

hire some outside consultants to advise usas to what we should do. and after about six weeks of careful study they came back to usthey said, "we think - our best advice- and we've seen a lot of companies in this exactsituation- is that you need to declare chapter 11 bankruptcy and flush this debt. get ridof it; get if off the balance sheet, because you have a viable business. you're makingmoney; you're just strapped with too much debt." well that didn't sit well with me.i didn't think it was the right course of action, and largely because people in ourculture don't distinguish between chapter 11 reorganization and chapter seven liquidation,and i thought people wouldn't understand, and would come to the wrong conclusion.

so i was meeting with a consultant friendof mine who said, "how do you feel about this advice?" and i said, "i feel terrible. i don'tagree with it." and she said, "what's your greatest fear?" and i said, "well, first ofall, i fear for the future of our company because i think authors won't understand it,they'll leave our publishing company, employees will be in turmoil, and we'll have a messtrying to explain this to our industry." she said, "is there anything else?" and i pausedfor a minute, and i said, "well, honestly there is. i'm afraid i'm going to lose myjob if i stand up to the board." she then gave me one of the most helpful pieces ofadvice i've ever received in my life, and she said this, "if you're going to be fired,cause it." and i thought, wow, because i could

just kind of drift along, struggle with thisdecision they made, keep my mouth shut, and the future of our company, i think, wouldhave been damaged. so i talked with my wife gail. she said, "look, honey, you do whateveryou need to do. that’s fine." she said, "you go into that board meeting with yourhead up, and do the next right thing." so the next morning, with fear and trepidation- my hands were sweating; i was scared to death - i went into that board meeting. thechairman said, "ok, we've got to talk about this recommendation from the consultants."we did, and he said, "what should we do?" and i spoke first, and i said, "look, nottrying to grandstand here, honestly, but if we make this decision to do this, i have toresign as the ceo. i'm not leading the company

through this, because i don't believe in it."you could hear a pin drop. seemed like eternity; it was just a few seconds, but the chairmansaid, "ok. i guess we'll have to find another alternative. that was the end of it. sucha scary decision, and yet it was the fear that played the biggest role - not the reality. and so sometimes we just have to make thesedecisions when we get outside our comfort zone. i love this quote from neale walschwho says, "life begins at the end of your comfort zone." it does, doesn't it? outsideof your comfort zone is where all the great stuff happens. that's where your prayers areanswered, that's where you develop new capabilities, that's where you achieve your dreams. it'soutside of your comfort zone, and don't let

anyone talk you into staying inside of yourcomfort zone. even if you feel fear; do it scared. well, just quickly - just quickly, three powerful questions: howdo you want to be remembered? what's important to you? and what single brave decision doyou need to make today? and i want to look dad just for a minute. i want to kind of completethe story with him. so, several years ago i was fishing with mydad, again, on a lake. this time it was really hot, really miserable, and we weren't catchingany fish. we were just sitting in the boat, and i decided that i would ask him a questionthat i tried to ask many times before, but sometimes he would get mad; sometimes he wouldjust sulk, and this time he made a brave decision,

and he decided to talk. and i said, "dad,tell me about the war." ok, get this, my dad, a farmer's son in western nebraska, at theage of 17 years old got really gung-ho and patriotic, and with a couple of friends decidedto sign up for the marines at the age of 17. his parents had to sign for him, because hewasn't old enough to sign for himself. he went to boot camp, and then he was shippedoff to korea- this was during the korean conflict. nothing really happened for about a year.after a year he was sitting on his tank after they had cleaned the guns with a friend, andhe was joking with his friend, because it was his friend’s last day in korea. andthey were saying, you know, you better be careful. take it easy. you want to get backin one piece, etc. next thing my dad knows,

he hears this whistling sound, hears thisexplosion, feels the concussion, reaches up to his face. it's wet with blood. the nextthing my dad remembers is that he woke up three months later on a danish hospital shipwhere he was being transferred on a gurney, over rough seas, to an american hospital shipwhere he quickly fell back into a coma for another three months. he convalesced in hawaiifor almost a year, had severe injuries. to this day, my dad's 82, he limps severely.he's 100% disabled, but at that time they didn't know about post traumatic stress disorder,so he came back home, married my mom, nine months later they had me. they swear it waslegit. and then he tried to make a living. he didn't even have a high school diploma.he tried to make a living, and it was a struggle.

and it was in that context- now i'm not excusinghim, but it gave me enormous compassion. i don't know how i would have done not havingtherapy for post traumatic stress disorder, being thrown back into the world, suddenlyhaving a huge disability, and trying to make a go of it. and as i sat there with my fathertelling me this story i felt this enormous sense of compassion, because i really judgedhim harshly. and i felt this compassion, and i thought to myself - first time it'd everoccurred to me - i thought, you know what? he did pretty well with what he was, he's been sober for over 10 years. he's one of the most consistently positivepeople i've ever met. he never complains about anything even though he's in serious pain.

and i just want to ask you in closing thismorning, how are you doing what you've been given? look, here's the deal: this is yourlife. go make it count. stop drifting. stop being driven. start designing, and begin livingforward. thank you very much.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

well swimming pool

- today we bathe in a huge bowl of cereal.- let's talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ - good mythical morning!- welcome to a tasty episode of g-double-m. - oh, wow.- super excited. and i'll start off with a - tasty little surprise for y'all.- lots of tastiness! starting tomorrow, we got some animationcoming out on saturdays on this channel. we've teamed up with frederator and someof our favorite animators here on youtube to animate some of our favorite episodes of song biscuits. right. so look for that tomorrow and thena few subsequent saturdays. add that to

your saturday routine, people! get up and watch! ♪ (both singing) there's bonnie the bunny,freddy the bear, chica the chicken ♪ - ♪ (link) or is she a duck? ♪- ♪ (rhett) i don't care ♪ get up and watch an animated song biscuit. but right now, we wanna take you guys on a tasty field trip. that's right. because when you're an internetainer, you have to prepare for the day in which no one cares enoughanymore to click on your face. - it's what you do.- so, as you know, we've been going out into the world to see what else we mightbe good at with a little help from our

- friends at... geico!- hey! this time, we tried our hands at being cereal factory workers. it's time for... the backup plan.♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - (link) this is where cereal gets made.- (rhett) it looks like a fortress! (link) so, you might think we brought thistruck to plow right through the wall, but we've actually got something special inside. (rhett) because today is about making link's childhood dream come true. (link) this is lupe martinez, vice president of organic milling, and she has no idea what she's in for.

i feel like i'm gonna join some kind of secret agency! - (laughs) well...- (rhett) i kinda like this! and you know what? i'm all in, becausei'm already seeing cereal. - (rhett) look at it! - (link) high fiber twigs in the house! crispy rice, oat bran! you have a jingle?♪ organic milling... since 1960 ♪ - we don't have one yet, but...- ♪ (harmonizing) organic milling ♪ - there we go, we got it now.- (link) see, it's harmony. - all we have to do is record it now.- i like cereal just as much as the next guy, but link is so obsessed with cereal that i am willing to potentially

forego a career in my current job to become a cereal worker. - (laughs)- (rhett) is that what you call it? - a cereal worker.- (rhett) just so he can live out his dream. - that's how good of a friend i am.- a cerealist. a cerealist? what do you call yourself?a doctor of cereal? no, i'm just called a cereal lover. that's what i call myself. - cereal lover. - what'd you have for breakfast, lupe? cereal. with nuts, with fruit, with whatever i wanna put on it. - so that's how i enjoy it.- you know what? i could cook for you, girl.

- (lupe) good!- 'cause i know how to cook cereal. - okay.- (link) and i will do whatever it takes to be your friend and potentially to beyour employee or, um... your husband. - um... that's nice.- ♪ (link) organic milling... since 19-- ♪ - sixty.- you didn't sing it. unfortunately, since you have a beard,you have to be using an extra piece of - equipment. you're the lucky guy today.- you gotta wear a beard net! (laughs) - you have to wear a beard net.- do i have any skin showing? (laughs)

♪ (cheerful music) ♪ - (lupe) can you smell it?- i can smell it but i don't see any - cereal yet. i see boxes.- (rhett) i can definitely smell it now. (rhett) i can hear it too. ♪ (magical music) ♪ (rhett) we've been granted access to the secret world of cereal making, and it involves a lot of machinery... and boat paddles. (link) all i know is there is cereal everywhere. my dreams are literally - coming true.- (rhett) was that guy in your dream?

(rhett, shouting) it's a little more industrial than i anticipated. i kinda pictured, like, an old man in, like, aquaker outfit stirring something. - we have corn meal, we have salt...- salt! - we have sugar.... nuts.- (rhett) should i be giving things pats? (rhett) i think everything's good! - (link) first stop, the dumping station.- (rhett) that is actually what this area - is called.- (link) well, what would you call it? - yeah! yeah!♪ (exciting music) ♪ - keep going! we have to dump all of it!- (rhett) watch this, watch this.

♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (music pauses)(rhett) oh, oh no! hold up! ♪ (dramatic music resumes) ♪ whoah! ♪ (epic music) ♪ (rhett) next up: the coating station, where cereal gets covered in the best - ingredient: sugar.- is that heavy? - what is that?- (lupe) apple! - blood?- apple!

- oh! it's apple!- (rhett) it's apple! - ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - (link) i'm not sure why we found it necessary to continually pat stuff, including each other. (rhett) well, right here i'm just wiping my hands on you. (link) oh... thanks. (rhett) after that, the coating went into the thing and onto the other thing... (link) creating a lazy river of sweet, sweet cereal. - ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ - so now, we are ready to eat. needs milk!

(rhett) america was built on the assembly line. hard workin' folks puttin' sugar- coated freedom into boxes and shipping it all over the world. (link) and it was time for us to do our part, which was to put those boxes into - other boxes.- (rhett) here we go, guys, heads up! not working. (link) too many, too many. - (rhett) you gotta keep up with me!- i'm tryin' to teach them how to box! - (rhett) you can't be the weak link!- if you tried a different technique... noooo... rejected!

- (rhett) we're only a little bit behind.- all of this is because of us. (link) how many people does it usually take to do this? - only one.- (link) only one? only one. - (rhett) aw yeah, here we go. all right.- (link) look at that. whoa! perfect shot! - this is like watching picasso.- (rhett) more like blake griffin. you ever dunked a basketball? yeah. (link) it's amazing how things to start to work when we step out of the process. (lupe laughs)

- and this is our r&d department.- (rhett) we don't have to yell anymore! - (link) i can hear you!- not anymore! - you want us to keep yelling?- 'cause we can! - of course not!- i'm very, very hungry. (lupe laughs) don't put too much, though, because you have a lot of other cereals that you may want to try. (whispers) oh yeah, baby. (link) now, this is where i wanna work.i wanna work in the tasting zone. (rhett) i kinda feel like we're in one of those fairy tales where, like, two kids go

to the kitchen and a strange lady feeds them-- - cereal.- a bunch of sugary cereal for free! next thing you know, we're cooked in an oven. - (laughs)- (rhett) are we gonna be put in the oven? - is it slowly heating up in here?- slowly until we completely cook you up, and then we all share. no, i'm kidding. no, of course not! this is only for cereal. - she's evil.- (link) this is granola territory. this is granola territory! do you technically have to be on a hike to eat it?

- that's hemp!- (lupe) mmhm! it is ancient grains - and granola.- (rhett) can you make rope out of it? - no.- can we make hoodies out of this cereal and sell 'em for 75 dollars at farmer's markets? - (laughs)- we'd like to lay something on you here. - sure.- (link) for years, maybe my entire life, my dream has been to eat cereal while bathing in cereal. can we make it happen? - well...- we brought a big bowl. - (rhett) there it is.- (link) yep.

(rhett) put one leg in... one, two, up. (link) okay... this is kinda hot in here right now. - whoa!- (both giggle) let me see if i can... whoa! - lupe! what do you think?- it's fantastic! - i have never seen a bowl like that!- in what way? - we've provided the bowl, you provide...- the cereal? - (rhett) the cereal!- so, what do we have in here? - over here, we have special flakes.- (rhett) special flakes?

- (link) rhett & link flakes? how much?- (lupe) probably over 500 pounds. - (rhett) this doesn't seem safe!- (lupe) don't worry, it's gonna be safe. (lupe) up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up!more, more, more, more, more, more! - (lupe) right there. ready? set?- (rhett) open the hatch! - (link) okay!- (rhett) let the flakes-- (chuckles) - (maniacal giggles) look at this, rhett!- (chuckles) - oh my gosh! what!?- hold on, that's a lot of cereal! - what?! (giggles) this is crazy!- all right, we might have enough cereal. - it smells so good!- the only way i'm gettin' out of this

- is by eating my way out of it.- yeah! i didn't dream of it being this heavy.i feel your foot moving. - oh, is that your foot?- yeah. don't play footsie with me in a cereal bathtub. (link) that's cold. oh my goodness. i'm a little scared. (rhett) bring it. let 'er rip! let that milk flow! ♪ (dreamy music) ♪ - (splashes)- (both giggling) - (laughing) yeah!- (lupe) oh my goodness! oh!

hold on. you don't need to use your hands. use this! - (both laugh)- wait, wait! oh, you know what? - hey!- i've got one too! - (link) mm. want a taste?- (lupe) no thank you. bon apetit. (rhett) it's really good. it's very sweet.i'm gonna go real deep and get some. - (lupe laughs)- (rhett) that's my foot. - (groans)- (link laughs) it sort of takes on a different consistency at the bottom. - (chuckles) it's still cereal, baby.- oh, man. you need to go diving in

this stuff. no, you need to go completely under, link. now, if i'm not up in fifteen minutes, call somebody. - all right.- oooh! - (rhett) go for it. go for it, son.- (laughing) i'm trying to. it's like... - ooh, man, it's soggy down here.- all right, go! - i'm trying! (giggles)- (rhett) just go down! i love it! i love it! - ohh kay.- i can't breathe! (laughs) you gotta go under! your whole face isstill up! your whole face is still here!

i'm so happy right now! (giggles) - i can't stop laughing.- okay, just take in some air. (rhett) there you go. you're about to disappear. there he goes. there he went. (rhett) oh, nice! how's that? it's like entering another world! lupe? on behalf of myself and my dreams, i wanna thank you for making this possible. you're very welcome. all right, let's get to work.

still not bad, though. as you can probably tell, i had the time of my life, and i still find the occasional - corn flake in a crevice or two.- whoa. for the corn flakes that didn't make it into any of link's crevicesand were not eaten by us, they were - actually given to local farm animals.- yes. - so none of that went to waste.- none of it. we wanted you to know that. but i do think we're gonna be sticking with - internetainment for the time being.- yes. thanks to geico for sponsoring this episode. go to, where 15minutes could save you 15 percent or

- more on your car insurance.- and as always, thanks for liking - and commenting.- you know what time it is. - my name is zachary parker.- my name is cary nicholson. - my name is john hosier.- my name is cary woburn. - and i'm ross kline.- and we're all from kentucky. - we just ate carolina reapers!- (all) and it's time to spin the - wheel of mythicality!- (screams) make sure you check out the latest episodeof our podcast, ear biscuits. this week's guests are the gregory brothers, the songify masters. check out our

- conversation with them!- it's audio only, but it seems like so much more, i hope! click through to goodmythical more where we share our cereal bowl experience candidly. - ♪ (breaking news music) ♪ - (rhett) this just in: local - schoolteacher attacked by mutated llama.- um... ah, breaking news, this just in: local school woman attacked by mutate-ied llama. - it was a "mutate-ied llama,"- that's right. which is a little different than a mutated llama. it's a llama that's mutated from mutation.

right. and everyone said the llama was just a really nice llama, and they never - expected this of the llama.- right, but this just in: the schoolteacher was teaching llama mutation! - ohhh!- which makes sense. full circle. back to you, jill. [captioned by: gmm captioning team]