Monday, December 26, 2016

best swimming pool accessories

another form of keeping good water qualityis going keeping it clear with an algaecide. when you use these you have to use a highlevel of chlorine to work. like for example if your water finally runs out of chlorineyou didn't add any for a couple of weeks. you go you test the water first with a testkit and you realize you don't have any and now we're prone to building up algae green,yellow, black basically all the above. that's when you would get an algaecide. keep in mindall algaecides treat for specific type of algae. this one here treats for green. thisis a really good one and we would use with a high level of chlorine of if you would liketo shock it beforehand also using this. so once you have this and a high level chlorinein there. now we're really going to killing

it and it's going to be mixing with the waterand dying out and you die it out basically by getting it off the walls and brushing it.with a maintenance brush and a pole. brushing the sides brushing the walls get everythingup off the sides and in suspension and that's really just going to take care of that.

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