Friday, February 3, 2017

russell swimming pool

hey guys, today i'm back with another liquid nitrogen experiment... ...and this time i am wearing safety glasses. don't get too excited, because they're not gonna stay on for very long. now, i just posted a video on filling up a balloon with liquid nitrogen, and when it exploded... ...some of you expressed concern that i wasn't wearing any safety glasses. what if the liquid nitrogen splashed into my face? could it make me go blind instantly? could it freeze my skin cryogenically? some of you from the hazmat departments of other companies... ...recommended it wasn't the safest procedure. now this is not one of those experiments that i would encourage you to try at home. this, i would classify as very, very dangerous, and what they say, "for experts only".

now, the concern was, if a drop of liquid nitrogen hits somebody in the eye, would they go blind? so, i'm not gonna try it with one drop of liquid nitrogen. i'm gonna try it with a whole cup. this, my friends, is the real deal. this is liquid nitrogen, and this is going in my face right now. aww, i missed! [laughter] we gotta do that again! [exhales] okay, i think i got more of that in my nose and my mouth than i did in my face. alright, i'm gonna try this again. this time i'm just gonna throw it straight at my face... ...because the side angle, i think my nose blocked off half of it to this eye. now, you may be wondering what this feels like to get hit in the face, and honestly, it doesn't really feel like anything.

it's almost like walking into a room with a cold draft. things cool down a little bit, but water would stick to your skin... ...whereas liquid nitrogen just evaporates immediately. a little in my ear, but that's not bad. awesome! well, i think that's good enough. so there you have it, guys! we dispelled the myth that liquid nitrogen contacting on skin... ...will instantly freeze or blind you. now, i have to confess something here. i knew that liquid nitrogen wasn't gonna hurt me. why? because i play with this stuff. i've played with it for years, and i know the boundaries. i'm familiar with it. liquid nitrogen hitting the skin reacts on a principle called called the leidenfrost effect.

it's almost like not touching it at all, because it is being repelled by an invisible barrier. when liquid nitrogen touches my face, the same thing, it basically just repels and sheds off like water. well, that's it for this video, guys! if you're looking for some project you can try at home... ...i'll put some clickable links at the end of this video. or you can find some others at! see you in the next video! [click on a video to go there. be sure you have annotations on, or check the description for links!]

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