Thursday, February 23, 2017

swimming pool games for girls and boys

stop there's a naked boy in my pool currently good day everyone ,and welcome to today's video oh my god.. boys! umm, it feels like it's been a while since i've actually vlogged i think this is the first time being back in la that i've actually vlogged umm, so i'm back obviously from my trip from boston and...hey!! do not eat this couch do not eat this couch........(i didn't do it i didn't do it) anyways today's gonna be crazybecause i had this video planned for you probably have seen it before this vlogumm...but i wanna do a giant orbeez bath because i saw a video online of this guydo it with a pool and honestly i could never pull that off and that seems likereally hard to clean up but a bath tub seems more doable so i am going to bemaking a bathtub full of orbeez and its just kind of like a dream of my like ifeel like when i was a kid i wanted to like jump into a pool of water but ifeel like this is the closest to that sort of cause it has a jiggly jello-y feel it's going to trythat out these boys are going crazy

you boys are literally insane umm... oh my god i justrealized i don't think i've showed this yet but storm hates this miniature doll ofwolf and i believe i got this at vidcon oh yeah maricah diaz i believe that's how you sayyour name... i think she gave this to me at vidcon yeah it was vidcon but so incrediblelike this girl is so... here let me see if i can get a close-up so amazing it likeactually looks just like wolfie like every little detail about wolf she gotdown but it freaks the hell out of storm so get ready for this really funny okayhere we go

storm what's this! let me place this down you guys can't even see what storm is doing, let me put it here instead he's mad that he doesn't have one helike doesn't know how to act as he's not being as funny as he was the first timehe like was just staring at it like just looking up at the miniature...oh there you gowhat did you say what do you say um well let's hit the store let's go see if we could find someorbeez to make it into a bathtub shall we? we shall alrighty guys so the merchandise hasbeen acquired

so these aren't exactly orbeezspecifically but they are pretty much exactly the same thing i couldn't findany actual orbeez that come individual like this but i got these and i guess 1 tubewill equal an entire bathtub which i didn't believe so i got three of them and theni got a glow-in-the-dark and this like instant snow so i'm going to try theseout and let's go home! alright so i'm back at the house i gotthe orbeez and now there's a naked boy (stop!) there's a naked boy in my pool currently what are you doing swimming naked turn..turn..turn that off!

no! no... they wanna see. no! i know they do. i'm sure they do but they gotta pay me for that! haha oh they can pay? where can they pay? can download the link below. (gasp) danielnaked.comjust kidding don't go to that link i don't know what it is. um...i should put some orbeez in here

no. what are you doing?! givin them a little sneak peak you're nasty. do i need to hop in here naked with you? you sure do it's nice and warm. uh oh. here boy. okay.i'll join you.

currently naked in the pool it's cool. cool for the summer don't you dare nasty so we're just enjoying a little naked pool time you wanna get naked too and get in here with us? no i'm gonna stay out here you guys are sick...sick perverts sick sick perverts

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