Wednesday, March 15, 2017

swimming pool overflow drain

(atomic pride) hello, viewers. i'm kim kiyul of atomic pride. i got a wish while doing this skit. it's to be funny just once. i'm funny all the time and my shoulders are always up so i don't know how precious one laugh is. this kind of pointless men's pride shows up differently before and after marriage.

we'll show you when a man is dating. somi, somi. hey, honey. why'd you come to my office? i came to support you since you're working overtime. - that must be tiring. / - i'm not tired. you're my vitamin. next is a married man.

where is he? - what's going on? / - hey, honey. why are you at my office? to support you since you're working overtime. how tiring. you shouldn't have. i'm not tired. you're tiring me out! i'm busy as it is! go now since i saw you!

what's your problem? i told the people at work that you're pretty. what if they think i'm a liar? geez! honey, i know you didn't have dinner. eat this. i can just eat at the cafeteria. eat it! - then i'll enjoy it and go home early. / - oh, yeah!

i'll just eat at the cafeteria. eat it. you eat it. i'll eat at the cafeteria. i waited in line to buy this for you. you bought it? you should've said so sooner! i thought you cooked something! - thanks. / - geez! you look good. deputy jeong.

- going home? / - yes. this must be your girlfriend. - hello. / - hello. i'm working overtime today so... you're working overtime? i'll fill in for you. you two enjoy a date. i can handle my own work. thanks.

you're so cool, honey! manager lee. this must be your wife. i have overtime so... - you're working overtime? / - yeah. i can fill in for you. are you insane? i've been waiting to work overtime for so long! don't ruin this for me!

- honey. / - yeah? i'll be waiting for you to get off around here. but i'll be done late. it doesn't matter. i like just waiting for you. honey, i'll be waiting for you to get off around here. no, just go home. no. i don't know when i'll finish.

just go home. are you going somewhere else after you finish? not today. not today? i'm sorry, honey! i'm sorry! i didn't mean to! it's just part of having a job! this is what i meant. a man's pointless pride over work. i bet it's hard for you all to have a job.

try to laugh a lot. if you don't my job becomes harder. moving on, a man's atomic pride shows up more clearly when we see the difference between men and women. this is for women. - hey, huiwon. / - yeah? what's your ideal type?

- me? / - yeah. a guy that's like one plus one. what's that? a guy that's good at his job and only has eyes for me. - that's great. / - right? - i like that too. / - of course. next is for men. a girl that's like one plus one.

an easy girl. that's the same as me. that's why we're pals. this is when women talk. - somi. / - yeah. hey, what's this? dog fur. you have a dog? no, it's not mine.

look. isn't he cute? totally! - so cute. / - gosh. hey. what's this? look. cute, right? really cute. my younger sister has this same kind of dog. really cute...

my sister isn't for you! this has been atomic pride. thank you. (reaction league baseball) hello, i'm the reaction league baseball caster jeong jaehyeong. i'm commentator gwon jaegwan. in the rlb, the batter does what the pitcher suggests with gusto. that's right. today's pitcher is kim kilee.

the catcher is kim sungwon. the game starts. the first batter is campaign. the pitcher winds up... a campaign for husbands that find their fathers-in-law to be difficult! hello, i'm a married man of 3 years. i'm comedian kim jaeuk. husbands, i'm sure it's a burden and feels

uncomfortable to be alone with your father-in-law. you want to become closer but don't know what to say but it becomes more awkward if you don't say anything. how about you have drinks with your father-in-law and chew out your mother-in-law together? a hit! foul ball. too bad.

a campaign for guys that get sick of waiting for their girlfriends at the sauna. guys, isn't it a pain to wait for your girlfriend at the sauna? you said to meet at the entrance in 30 minutes but she's nowhere to be seen. it's a bit embarrassing to keep waiting. how about instead of waiting for her you go to the women's bath to find her?

it's going! - a double! / - a double! very nice. jaegwan, do you love your wife a lot? why are you picking a fight with me? here come the next batters. they'll be doing a hidden picture game. find the hidden grapes, eggs and french fries! where are the grapes?

it's marge simpson's hair. where are the eggs and french fries? time over. where are the eggs? hard boiled eggs for eyes. then where are the french fries? the armpits! amazing. they hid them well.

they hid their comedy too. here comes the next batter. this batter... she's going to show us the difference between a normal mother and a drama mother. when your son does a hit-and-run... a normal mother! you, brat! beg for forgiveness right away!

you always cause trouble just like your father! i can't stand you! get out! a drama mother. manager kim... you know what to do, right? too bad. the pitcher winds up again... when brothers fight... a normal mother! you hit your younger brother? and you hit your older brother?

you two fight just like your father! i can't stand you! get out! that's it. only the strong survive. - home run! / - home run! - she sure is amazing. / - yes. she never changes. she's had the same face since elementary school. that's sad.

they'll be doing robot comedy. weight lifting robots made at kaist with a $50 million investment! weight lifting robots... they're both lifting weights... - a hit! / - a hit! i was shocked. the pitcher winds up again... swimming robots made

at kaist with a $60 million investment. a freestyle robot and a breast stroke robot. they're approaching each other... he passed him. - a triple! / - a triple! yes. does electricity move those robots? - their pay moves them. / - right. what will they show us?

impressions! the first time these have been done in the world. we'll start now. this has never been done before. the first one is stock investor warren buffett. next is... the bird professor yun mubu. professor, this eagle... those were the impressions.

where does their talent end? - i haven't even seen the start. / - okay... he'll be doing costume comedy. league of legends alistar! nobody can stop me! no milk comes out of me! q, click, e, click... blink! blink! blink!

- blink! / - amazing. that cow character is really funny. it's funny since a pig was playing a cow. yes. here comes the next batter. these batters are good friends. they've been working together for 20 years. jo sumi's "if i leave!" 'i have to live even if i'm sad' 'i have to live because i'm sad'

'at the end of this life' - hey! / - yeah? that was too high! - yeah? / - yeah! a different song? - yeah! / - alright. here they go again. cherry filter's "flying duck!" 'i want to fly into the sky now'

'i want to be a grand moon in the sky' 'fly up into the sky' 'i can't fly' yes! i wish they'd really fly away. get lost! this batter will do an imitation. what will he show us? a bald eagle looking for prey on a tree!

a bald eagle? he's on a tree. he pecks at his feathers. here comes a substitute. it's seo namyong! what will he imitate? hold on... he's a squirrel. he's eating something.

looking around... he goes over there... he's eating something again. his cheeks are full! going! it's out of here! (fools in space) i've been waiting for this day. ouch! what was that?

- birthday hit. / - what? 'happy birthday to you' - how'd you know? / - 'happy birthday to you' gosh... what is this? i prepared this especially for you today, professor. birthday cake... tubes. thanks... what is this? don't be angry. - there's a gift underneath? / - a gift?

sounds good. - professor. / - yeah. this isn't available on earth. a limited edition tube. what is this? just trying to get in the mood! this doesn't feel real at all! can't i get the real thing? you know what i mean.

it's finally your birthday. but nobody calls you. you trod home and all the lights are off. you go in thinking nobody is home but inside... "he's here." you here cluttering. you try not to act excited and stomp in loudly on purpose.

hey. is nobody home? - surprise! / - surprise! what a surprise! - a cake! / - thank you. set off the firework! i'll spray some snow. why are you spraying bug spray? - geez... / - sorry. that's why your mom says,

"son, you should have seaweed soup." she adds sesame oil to soaked seaweed... you can't just stir-fry the seaweed. you have to add beef too. add some seasoned beef and two drops of sesame oil. then boil it in some rice water to finish it. that looks good! add some rice into the seaweed soup...

why are you adding cake in the soup? geez... why would you eat that? can't we get something like this? i ordered a cake from the space station. okay, okay. - good job. / - a cake! this is gamma. professor, i'm coming with your supplies.

- is it a cake? / - yes! alright! hurry! okay. great... thank you. let me make a wish. why won't these go out? what's with these? where'd he go?

he's going that way! why'd you blow away? gosh! why'd you blow so hard? - geez... / - darn... delta, delta. come in. come in. - this is the control center... / - yeah. what's wrong? the connection isn't good so it keeps cutting off.

control center, speak up. what is it? professor, happy birthday. - did you get the gift i sent? / - what? gift? yeah. this t-shirt. you're so thoughtless. what's wrong with it? fashion people like me can't wear this. something fancy like this. this is the kind of clothes i wear.

look how fancy it is. yes, it's very colorful. - like a rainbow... / - right? - like a rainbow... / - this is... - you look awful... / - i... - you look awful... / - people say... - you look awful... / - he's cursing at me. - awful, awful... / - it's a bad connection. hey, the professor will beat you up.

- you look awful... / - that's right... - good-bye. / - good-bye. you two planned that! - no! / - they were totally in-synch. - this is gamma. / - calm down. i'm coming with the cake again, professor. i took the candles out this time. - good. hurry over. / - yes. - let's eat it this time. / - professor.

since you worked so hard, you cut the cake. alright. thanks. you didn't have to get me this. thanks for remembering my birthday. - i'll remember yours. / - yes. - professor. / - yeah? - i didn't fall for it. / - you missed. oh, no! (stubborn)

- hello. / - where are you going? i'm going to the park to teach my girlfriend how to ride a bike. we'll be like... - hey, hey, hey! / - what? what? what? you can't teach your girlfriend how to ride a bike. yeah. you're no help at all. why not? you'll spoil her.

yeah. you don't lose weight. what is it to you if my girlfriend becomes spoiled? - i don't know about that! / - yeah. you can't. you acting all lovey dovey with your girlfriend teaching her is a terrible sight for others. yeah, yeah. your body is terrible and your life is a failure. i feel like hitting your face.

what are you saying? - you hooligan. / - geez! seongdong! you seem to be in a good mood. my grandson already learned to read and write korean. he wrote his name yesterday. he's a genius. he's in 9th grade this year.

at this rate he'll learn multiplication at 40. - he should study hard. / - right. anyway, where are you off to? to teach my wife how to ride a bike. she has arthritis. so i'm going to make her ride a bike. that's the right thing to do. - teach her well. / - thanks. 2, 3.

bye. - what? / - why is it okay for him but not for me? his wife has arthritis. you get your girlfriend to get arthritis and bring her here. why would she get arthritis at her age? - that's ridiculous! / - i don't know about that. - come on, mister! / - i don't know. stop it already!

do you think i lived to be 100 to see this? - why not? / - no way. - i said to stop. / - you always say no. i just can't talk to you! sir... my wrist... my wrist is killing me. no! my wrist is fine! my wrist is really strong.

i can twirl a wooden sword with my wrist. that's not all. i can... bite down on this shrimp chip. bite down on it? i can use this wooden sword to drop that shrimp chip. - it dropped! / - it dropped. no, no.

i can use this wooden sword... to put out 10 candles. you'll put out candles? for real. go! bye! how is he so good with a wooden sword? if he wasn't he would've died. - what does that mean? / - i don't know about that! - you can't teach her to ride a bike. / - yeah.

please, mister! let's not just be angry. - let's laugh and talk. / - what? i bet you're really stressed out these days. of course. young people dance at clubs to relieve stress. want me to teach you a club dance? - what? / - try learning this. watch. step in front and push it back.

then you do this... this is the popular shuffle dance. you mean this? so that's how it goes. - you can't teach her to ride the bike! / - yeah. please, mister! my girlfriend is waiting out front! i have to pull her for her to ride. - you have to pull the bike? / - yes.

- you should've said so sooner. / - what? okay, okay. go teach her to ride a bike. but! pull without using your hands. - how can i pull a bike with no hands? / - wooil! wooil! what's going on? what are you doing? pulling a bike. pulling my wife's bike.

this is the least i should do. that's right. but why are you crying? i'm just so happy. see? you pull with your nose too. - why would i? / - do it! - stop it already. / - stop being ridiculous. what are you doing in front of your elders?

i can't stand you guys! forget you guys. let's go somewhere else. i'm not going. how could you do that? we're so out of synch i could die. no, no! we're in synch! we have great teamwork. - test us. / - okay. black bean noodles or spicy seafood noodles.

1, 2, 3. - spicy seafood noodles. / - noodles. what? we said the same food. come in. - what? / - what are you going to do? i can hit the platform out under him when he jumps quickly so that he can land again. go up there. - sir. / - yeah?

i'll die if i fall off. if you don't go up, i'll die. get up there. gosh... sir. - sir. / - yeah. i think you'll only have one chance to do this. this is... alright.

1... 2... 3! there! they did it! one more? - more? / - one more! one more. why are you all so stubborn?

(nobody listens) hey, nahee. sorry for being late. jungeun, i have a date with my boyfriend here. how can you just show up? sorry. i love you. what? let's get married.

i'm marrying my boyfriend next month. let's enjoy newlywed life and have a baby later. no, jungeun... bet you're hungry. i have no appetite. good, let's eat first then. excuse me. yes, sir. what's good here?

the chef recommends the tenderloin steak. two sirloin steaks. - so you want the tenderloin. / - yes. - nahee? / - i have no appetite. two of the same thing. so a tenderloin steak and a t-bone steak. - i'll get that for you. / - okay. should we go meet your parents next week? why would you go meet my parents?

hello. you're santa lucia from germany, right? hello. nice to meet you. i'm your blind date kim suyeong. you look so much prettier than your photo. that's a totally different person. are you nahee's older brother? santa lucia's father? - hello! / - hello!

i heard you were twins. - you look just like nahee. / - what? sir, your german accent is great. thank you for allowing us to get married. - guten tag. / - konnichiwa. why would i marry you two? here's the chicken chopped noodles you ordered. what? that's totally different from our order! - excuse me! / - yes.

there's a hair in here! it's an ingredient our chef loves to use. sure looks tasty. let me try some too. i'll wrap it up for you. - thank you. / - thank you. nahee. honey, what took you so long? you should've told me your family is here.

- what? / - hold on. hello! i'm nahee's boyfriend. i'm the man that will marry nahee. hello! i'm santa lucia's new husband. i plan on having the wedding at a church. yes, the head monk at my temple will officiate. yes, i'm catholic too. - nice to meet you. / - nice to meet you.

here are the braised sea squirts you wanted to go. that's something different again! - excuse me. / - yes, sir. - add some more hairs. / - yes. forget that! get us our bill. i paid the bill. thank you. thank you! - congratulations. / - thank you. why won't anyone listen?

(comedy idols) hello! we're the idol comedy team... like... or... dislike! hello, everyone. we're the idol comedy team lod. why is it that only handsome actors and handsome singers have fan clubs?

comedians can have that too! again, we'll tell you reasons why you have to like us today. if this relates to you, join the fan club. if you've ever used any of my comedy or catchphrases without my permission... join the fan club, join the fan club! what is that? okay, okay. my comedy and catchphrases

belong to the people. you can use them. for a talent show like this... it's okay to use them. but some people used my material to promote themselves. listen up. party member lee junseok and former congressman gu sangchan... he's a former congressman.

remember my skit mantis kindergarten? "it's not hard!" they parodied that and made the saenuri kindergarten. i wasn't going to let them join. but their acting was terrible. why? 49 likes and 106 dislikes. they were terrible!

so join our fan club and learn how to act. join the fan club! next... professor kim jinmok in the medical field.... - what? / - who is that? i have no idea. it's him. he parodied the men's club concept to promote his lectures.

i wasn't going to let him join either. but... professor! - pay the modeling fee! / - what do you mean? why would he pay a modeling fee? - look. it's his face, right? / - yeah. that's my body. - really? / - he stuck his face on me. this is my watch! professor!

join the fan club and pay the modeling fee! great. that was weak! - why? / - it was? i'm next. there's someone that has to join today. i'm the pitcher of the gag concert baseball team. the celebrities that humiliated me... what do you mean?

first.... i'm the ryu hyunjin of our team but one person hit a home run off me. who? don't be surprised. him! - lee yunseok? / - lee yunseok! wait. lee yunseok? can he even lift a bat? barely. but he hit a home run.

he got into baseball after hitting a home run off me. so any time there's a game he always texts me like this. "are you playing baseball today?" "yes, yunseok." "alright. i'll be there then. help me out." wait... help him out in what? throw him another home run pitch?

join the fan club, yunseok. and there's someone else that has to join. lee bongwon... our senior comedian. - why? / - i played as the pitcher on our team... - in the celebrity league. / - right. i was about to pitch when lee bongwon suddenly says, "wait! wait!

only celebrities should play in the celebrity league! this is cheating!" he didn't recognize me. i'm a celebrity! your junior comedian! bongwon, join the fan club, join the fan club! - your junior is begging you on stage! / - yeah! wait! move it. it's my turn. you're going to use your head again.

- that's right. / - so shameless! - so shameless! / - i'm going to. know why? - my fan wrote this on my sns. / - what? i took a look. a foreigner stuck a can on his head... - to pour out what's inside. / - is that possible? the fan han jeongho wrote, "wongu, do this on comedy idols."

this is good! keep posting things! i'll do anything a fan asks me to! - great! / - give me that. let me try. wait... let's show reverence. - like that. / - am i a bowling ball? - a can. / - yes.

- a can. / - is this possible? - nothing there. / - if i make a crease... it will stick. it doesn't hurt? - i'll do anything a fan asks! / - that's so cool. it's working! it's working? - he did it! / - he did it! people that can do this...

it worked. if you search for lod our homepage shows up so please join our fan club. until the 50 million people of korea all join our fan club... we're the idol comedy team... (i'm a killer) - mr. song. / - yes, sir.

i want to learn all sorts of things at a culture center. i'm sure no killers would come all the way here. don't worry, sir. i'll protect you. - i trust you, mr. song. / - yes. we're... brothers... and killers. red, yellow and blue. we have...

the best... teamwork. we'll use this special poison powder... we got from russia... - and when he's distracted... / - hey! it's stuck on the tape. oh, no... - geez... / - peel it off. - slowly. / - a little at a time.

- just little at a time. / - okay. it's going well... i said to be careful. we failed. - geez! / - mr. song! look! a dead person! it's just your imagination. so he's gone now. - i guess it was my imagination. / - yes.

i'm a killer. my mission today is to pretend to show him paper folding and finish him off. here i go. - sir. / - yes. i'm a paper folding instructor. would you like to see what i made? - sure. / - i got him.

first... - paper folding... / - here's a paper sword. how cute. a sword. - how about having a sword fight? / - sure. here i go... wait! i feel like my sword is no match for yours. for now, take this... if i take that i'll be taken to heaven too.

get rid of that! i failed. i'll pretend to teach a painting class and finish him while he's distracted. - mr. yu minsang. / - yes. would you like to take a painting class? sure. i want to learn to paint. - alright... / - do you have a brush?

- here. / - thank you. - but... / - yes? i'm going to paint my future wife. go ahead. - alright... / - okay... - do what i do. / - okay. - easy, right? / - yes. simple. now's my chance. - excuse me... / - very simple.

- yes? / - hey! goodness! why'd you do that? i'm sorry! i'll wipe you off. is that a belly or a butt? how is this a butt? gosh, that smells strange. ouch... mr. song.

my stomach really hurts. you're just hungry. thought so. this time i'll pretend to show him a reformed hat and finish him off for real. want to see a reformed hat? reforming is all the rage these days. a reformed hat. - you put these studs in? / - yes.

this looks nice. - i'll try it on. / - yes. wait. these studs should only be on the outside. they're inside too... a lot of them. these inside ones are bigger and pointier. - looks cool, right? / - what? - now try it on. / - what?

- here! / - i don't think so! i'm not putting that on! you'll become a fashion person if you put this on. i think my head will bleed. no! mr. song, did you see those spikes? he said that was a hat. - gosh... / - this belt isn't long enough. - you're right. / - yes.

i won't fail twice. i'll make bread with this poisoned dough and feed it to him to finish him. do you want to learn to bake? you got paint on your face... i'm just an idiot. i see. sorry about that. - take the class. / - yes. this is an egg-based dough. try stirring it.

i don't know how to do this... you're already sweating. this is hard. wipe yourself with this and take a break. - thank you. / - i'll do this. that's hard. - right? / - yes. this really does make you sweat. i got sweat in my eye....

sorry but can you give me my handkerchief? where is it? stop messing around! the eggs must be rotten. - give me my sock back. / - what? my sock. it's rotten! it's rotten! it's rotten! - it's not rotten! / - it's rotten...

it's not that bad. you smell it. no for real. this isn't acting. just once. - sorry! / - smell it once! (veteran) the sound director can't come because of an accident. - newbie. / - yes? - you play the sounds. / - i've never done that.

we're all veterans. we'll work around you so play the sounds. the performance will start. geez! oh, whatever! max. cute little guy. - it's me. / - come in. where's congressman kim? - he'll arrive here soon. / - okay.

- the redevelopment agreement. / - right. this is all there is? well... i'm sorry. it's the same for people and animals... they need to be beaten to get it together! - spray some bug spray. / - yes. why aren't you spraying it? i'll catch it with my hand... got it.

come on in. hello... yes. come in. it's a revolving door. - oops! / - max! - congressman, have a seat. / - yes. so why did you want to see me? when will the redevelopment be permitted? it's not that easy.

i got this for you. i know you like golf, congressman. this is the best. this expensive gift... i quit golf. i'll never play golf again. i see. then... mr. sim, get what's in the safe.

dang it... so are the plans for the redevelopment going well? this is the project plan. first, the business outline is... the date of completion will be... the total cost is around $300 million... the investors are... if you look at the graph... if you take a look...

take your time reading it at home! - i will. / - yes. mr. sim, are you almost ready? use this for whatever you like, congressman. hey, hey! you should take this... here! that's $500,000 in cash. - please check. / - alright.

your arms must be really weak. goodness... $500,000. i don't want a $500,000 dog. yes... if you keep acting like this the redevelopment is off. i gave you so much in bribes! so what? driver jeong, give congressman kim's slush fund list to the police.

no... no! once this blows up in the press... the car blew up instead. i planted that bomb. i guess we'll never see each other now. you have a daughter, congressman kim. she's really pretty. you jerk! arrogant punk.

how dare you threaten my daughter? i'll be going now. my arthritis... it's a chronic illness... mr. sim! yes, sir? - get him! / - yes. dang it... i have to go... oops...

i keep hitting you... max! i'll call emergency services! (welcome to korea) hello, foreigner friends. i live in a country called korea. i'm jungeun. i'm haecheol. i heard there are many foreigners that want to

visit korea because of k-pop and korean wave dramas. so we'll give you tips for you to get used to korean when you visit. come to korea! first, people think costs are expensive in korea. but that's not the case. sweet and delicious apples. 2 for $1! - give me $1 worth. / - thank you.

that's sweet! one more on the house. she bought 4 for $1! see? isn't that really cheap? you try experiencing this too. these people have special abilities so they can make biblical miracles happen where ever they go. first, in a crowded subway... coming through! moses' parting miracle.

and... a young man should give his seat up. jesus̢۪ miracle of making you stand. people in israel, come visit! this isn't the voice of the father. it's the voice of the mother. miracles happen here every day. korea is also one of the safest countries in the world.

even when there's a fight on the street they don't hit each other. they take time to get to know each other first. how old are you? introducing their age. do you know who my father is? introducing their family. they even check your health! after the q&a they start the fight.

but don't worry. nobody gets hurt. russians in fedor's country, come visit. there are no street fighters. there are mouth fighters here. after the fight is over they don't part ways cursing at each other. they wish each other luck. consider yourself lucky!

in english, "good luck." watch your back! be careful. you can become closer through fighting here. this is for the many people that want to work in korea. if you work in korea you can experience the best working conditions. so you don't get stressed out from the traffic

when going home from work, they let you go home at 11 p.m. and there are various events for employees tired from work. how about a work party after work? throwing a party. does eating a banana make me a-peel-ing? gag concert. what are you all doing this weekend?

hosting a hiking contest. but you think hiking to the peak would be too hard? don't worry. you'll go up for 10 minutes and the rice wine party will start. drink up! nepalese in the country of everest, come visit. bet you've never blacked out halfway up a mountain. we have the best working conditions.

next, we'll give you great tips on our language korean. when you respond to a text in your country about going to a movie with friends.... okay, let's go together. that's how you respond. but it's really simple to respond in korean. if you're going to go... go, go. if you don't want to go, just flip this over.

it's also very easy to express your emotions. if you're really sad... boo-hoo. and if you really hate someone just flip this over... if we flip this over, this skit can't air on tv. it's your country's curse so you should know this better. what do you think?

don't these tips make you want to visit? it's so fun and amazing here. (real sound) we will change the onomatopoeia you use in everyday life to be more detailed and precise. we are real sound or rs. now let's look at today's sentence! "the stew boiled bubble, bubble." a stew goes bubble, bubble when it boils.

isn't this a bit strange? have you ever heard this when stew boiled in your entire life? bubble, bubble. is this a video game? have you ever heard stew boil like that? let's ask professor im jaebaek if stew goes bubble, bubble when it boils. to find out if stews go bubble, bubble when they boil i visited sugar boy baek jongwon and asked him.

this is what he said. are you nuts? that is all. so a stew does not boil bubble, bubble. then what sound does it make? this sound. you don't think so? let's hear the precise pronunciation. real sound!

then you close the lid. when you open it the stew overflows. soup being boiled in a big pot to feed a lot of people sounds different. this is how it sounds. one more time. wasn't that realistic? let's move on to chapter 2! "he slept while snoring zzz."

snoring sounds like zzz. have you ever heard someone snore zzz in your entire life? is that an exo song? have you ever heard someone snore like that? let's ask professor im jaebaek if people really go zzz when they snore. to find out if you can go zzz when you snore i visited snow white who has been

sleeping in the woods a long time... get out. - snow white... / - go. you go to sleep. so... snoring does not sounds like zzz. then how does it sound? it's a bit different according to the situation. snoring while dreaming and

snoring while drunk sound totally different. how does it sound to snore while dreaming? like this. so how about snoring while drunk? it's this. those with sleep apnea sound different when they snore. this is how they snore. let's review what we learned today.

snoring while dreaming. stew boiling. drunk snoring. a big pot! sleep apnea! this has been real sound! thank you! (torch together) - hey. / - hey.

- let's get ripped. / - yeah! - hey. / - yeah? i drink a whole jug of protein shake every day but i don't know why i don't lose weight. i know why. - i know too... / - hey. doesn't something stink? - what is this? / - what is it? - what is this? / - what is this?

ma'am! the clothes stink. it'll smell like sweat when you start sweating. just wear them just wear stinky clothes? everyone, get up! put your barbells down and get up! with our strength... - we'll get back fragrant clothes. / - right!

with our longing spirits we'll sing the clean clothes song! (clean clothes song) 'how can they give us stinky workout clothes?' 'this is nonsense' 'if i knew they would stink' 'i would've caught a sinus cold' 'detergent' 'fabric softener'

'or at least bring lee sunjae' yeah! stop being ridiculous! everyone! when did workout clothes become like this? everyone... have you ever thought of the stinky workout clothes? have you? what does it say on your clothes behind your neck?

- s, m, l. things like that, right? / - yes. - right? / - yes! those aren't sizes. s, m, l. the clothes are sad from the sml or smell! smell! they stink, they stink! that's why the workout clothes are crying! how are they crying?

don't cry. it's okay. stop crying. when you exercise at the gym on this bike... you've seen the seat disappear, right? when you can't see the seat... so when you get on... the seat digs into your fat... i guess this is only for me!

crying like that is no use! goodness.. i believe that words aren't enough! when words aren't enough i believe that we should get back our workout clothes with action! what will you do? this sign! welcome to gag concert health club! i'll take these off!

welcome to hell! want people to pay to experience hell? then this 4-week miracle! before and after! i'll change the arrow! i'll turn it into a 4-week nightmare! okay, okay! i'll give you new clothes! happy? - she had them. / - why didn't she give them out? let's work out now!

- yeah. / - alright! this music is really wrecking the mood. - i can't take this. / - why this song? ma'am, can you change the song? why? it's exciting. just exercise. work out to music like this? - we'll get back our exciting songs! / - right! we'll sing the exciting music song!

(exciting music song) 'how can they play ballads at a gym?' 'if i knew they'd play ballads' 'i would've went to a sung sikyung concert' 'dance' 'house' 'at least give us leggings to wear' stop being ridiculous! no! everyone!

i have something to say. ma'am, play some exciting songs. come on. acting cute is no use! then i'm going to wear long sleeves and long pants at the gym starting tomorrow. - no! / - no! i come to this gym all the way from cheonan! this is why i got new glasses!

wailing like that is no use! then i'll join a women's only gym. we can't go in there! no! what will you do now? this treadmill! i'll put an acupressure mat on top! it won't help you lose weight! it'll drain your soul! and this scale! when people weigh themselves...

i'll secretly put my foot on it from behind! they'll weigh a ton! i'll make it into a 4-week nightmare! okay, okay! i'll play some fast songs! happy? - she had them. / - yeah. i'll just use one more towel. one towel per person. you'll only let me use one towel?

- with our strength... / - take this! - take all the towels! / - thank you! - go! / - i hope you're successful! (wiggle wiggle) wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. yeonggil. - i went for a walk in the park yesterday. / - yeah. then a dog suddenly ran at me and started licking me and rubbing up on me.

the dog thought i was the owner. so i took him back to his owner. who's the owner? kim woobin. oh, right. yeonggil. spotting the difference in two pictures is a popular game these days. i'll give you a really tough one. there's only one thing that's different.

try to find it. this is way too easy. they're both the same but this is different. this one has 3 buttons and this one has 4. nice! wow, wow! i want to sing a song. - all of a sudden? / - get ready.

are you ready? cue the music. 'the moon is up so let's do this' let's do this? let's do this. wow, wow. you try controlling the women here today. i'll make the women here scream in exactly 10 seconds.

today i prepared candy that's sweeter than my lips. take this candy instead of my lips. that'll make you feel better. i'm getting a call. you. get my phone. it could be an emergency. hurry! you have to get the phone for the skit to end!

not there! here! see? they all screamed. you're all my puppets. (say it! yes or no) say it! yes or no! say it! yes or no! say it! yes or no! hurray, korea! as you can see, we're all one. now we will prove here that we are all one.

if you feel what we say is... - oh, that's true. / - then it's "yes." - come on. no way. / - then it's "no." say it. yes or no! we can be united through art class when we were students. during art class there were tools you always used. first, there's glue.

you've all used this clear glue stick. - yes. / - haven't seen it in a while, right? so you put some glue on your finger... - you already know. / - you should know. this... have you ever made spider webs and pretended you were spider-man? - yes or no? / - you have. - a lot of girls did this too. / - yes.

you'd wrap it around your finger. - a lot of people did this. / - like a mummy. we used water containers. but not just any kind... this kind. right. - back in the day. / - remember? this can contract like this. but you didn't just walk with this after filling it.

you always walked like this. have you done this? yes or no? yes or no? you just want to keep spinning it. but the water doesn't spill out. - it's really cool. / - and... you used to play around with your friends with this. - stop it! / - what are you doing? - you're getting water on me! / - you did this.

- this happened. / - yes. you drew a lot during art class. if you have drawing paper like this... and you draw a sun first... you always draw it in the corner like this. - yes or no? / - always here. always. and if you drew mountains... the peaks are always overlapping...

you always drew them like this. if you drew mountains, you didn't draw a sun here. you always drew it between the mountains. always here. - you did that. / - you did. and when you draw a house it's a triangle roof and a square... a door and a window on the side.

here's the important key point. the chimney... you don't know why you draw this? it's funny because i never lived in a house with a chimney but i always draw one... with smoke coming out. this happens. i lived in an apartment and i drew houses like this. - yes. / - and when art class ends...

you go to wash the brush you painted with. let's go. hold on. no matter how much you wash it... - paint keeps coming out. / - this happens. you think you're done but there's more paint. so as you wash your brush... - hey! / - stop it! - hey! / - stop that!

- hey! / - stop! - does this happen? / - i'm sorry. does this happen? it does! this time we'll unite you all through fighting. when you fought with your friend in school. - hey! / - i said to stop it. you went overboard first. - what? / - hey, hey...

- what? / - what? - what? / - why are you fighting? - let me go! / - what is it? - what? / - let me go! you started it! get over here! they get angrier if you try to hold them back. but if you let them go... - what? / - they'll never fight.

no need to stop them. more on fighting... - apologize. / - why'd you hit me? - apologize. / - why are you fighting? - get off me! / - what did you just say? - what is it? / - stay out of this. - don't fight. / - get off me! - stay out of this. / - why'd you hit me? - why'd you hit me? / - you hit me first!

- break it up. / - get off me. i said stop it. everyone around them gets into a fight. - everyone fights. / - this happens. now we'll unite you all through what happens after a fight. this is after guys fight. after 5 minutes... sorry, man.

yeah, me too. it's so mushy. - cringe-worthy... / - but... - they really do this. / - girls are different. this is after girls fight. 5 minutes after a fight. 5 days after a fight. this time, 5 years after a fight. their fighting never ends!

they fight forever! they'll never make up. - this happens. / - this happens. lastly, we'll show you a couple fighting in front of sinchon station exit 2. don't shoot us. have you seen something like this? - have you? / - you all have. alright, until all of korea is united... (serious kingdom)

according to the joseon era records, during the rule of king serious it was said laughter made the heart light so the era became serious. despite laughter being banned in this country, you dare make people laugh? i'll find the one and punish him! - we're innocent! / - shut it! i know the mastermind is among you.

who is it? your highness, he made people laugh with a korean poem on the streets. - a korean poem? / - yes. okay. recite a korean poem. but! it must not be funny. make it serious. the topic is words related to baseball. how can we make an unfunny korean poem? i refuse to be unfunny.

- i can't! / - i can't either. it's the baseball season. if we use words related to... - baseball, they'll all laugh. / - shut it. - prime minister. / - yes. can you show them? - i'll use foul. / - foul. good. foul. i got a perm. like my mom!

see that? i'll let you live if you're this unfunny. - gosh... / - how is that possible? that's a skill. you go first. you'll use defense. - defense. alright. / - are you ready? defense. the operation was a success.

good-bye. i'm sorry. so he's the unfunny one. i'll let him live. - gosh... / - why are you laughing? i got on the elevator this morning and... - it made the same noise. / - what? that was relatable! you'll be punished if even one person laughs.

you in the middle, go. - you'll use cheer. / - yes. cheer. 1, 2, 3, 4... you're next. i can't do it now. it might be hard but i'll believe in you. - you'll use home run. / - home run? home run.

i bought it on the shopping network. lingerie. he's the unfunny one. i'll let you live. - you can go. / - your highness. i'll go again. you prepared something else? i'll do stolen base. stolen base.

being provocative! he's the funny one! beat him! i know the mastermind is here. your highness, the mastermind was funny by changing the lyrics in a song. - changing the lyrics? / - yes. okay. you will change the lyrics in a song. but! you'll make it serious and use super heroes. adding super heroes will definitely make it funny!

you seem very confident. you in the middle, go first. me first? you may feel pressured but you go first. i'll sing a 10cm song. a 10cm song. alright. 'ame, ame, ame...' 'captain americano' 'i like it...' i like it so much.

- i did it. / - good work. - that was good enough. / - yes. they seem satisfied. it's your turn now. i feel very pressured but here i go. i'll sing a yada song. 'my girl leaving me, don't cry' 'super mario' don't cry, mario.

just go. go. it's definitely not him. - right? / - i'm sure of it. you go now. i prepared a lot. many people have their eyes on you. i'll do a carol first. - alright. / - with a hero's name.

'better not wolverine, better not wolverine' 'wolverine, you fool' - a different one... / - alright. a different one. 'hulk, don't frown' - 'it's hard for everyone' / - let him live... he's the mastermind! beat him! i'm the mastermind! (stockholm syndrome)

yunho, i have a fever. i'm so sick today. i'm sick of looking at you. just quit then! get to work, you freeloaders! - freeze! / - get to work! freeze! on your knees! - save us! / - hands up!

- money in the bag! / - okay, we will. she'll be suspicious if i don't pick up. - keep quiet! / - okay. where am i? i'm at the hospital to see my younger cousin. next patient, come in. you don't believe me? a mother brought her child to a doctor to get examined.

so what's wrong with you? - my nose... / - his nose started running... and his head started to hurt. tell the doctor where it hurts. when did it start? - 2 days... / - 2 days ago he went to the pool... and his nose started running. - tell the doctor where it hurts. / - alright. what's the last thing you ate?

- lotus root... / - lotus root, seaweed soup... and anchovies. he ate it up. i said to tell the doctor everything! - alright. say ah. / - ah. not you, ma'am! got to go. hey! great acting! how were you so good at acting out a hospital? acting like it's a urine sample...

hey! you got urine on me! it's pee! - it's water. i was just acting. / - down on all fours. why would you act that out? i was just acting... - quiet. / - keep quiet. she'll go nuts if i don't pick up. hey, mom.

yeah. what? i'm no causing trouble. i'm at a chinese restaurant to eat. - chinese place? / - one bowl of noodles please. yes, this is golden palace. yes, the order went out. don't you have deliveries? see? it's a chinese restaurant. they always say the order is on the way.

they're really popular for handmade noodles. - where's the flour? / - can't you do something? i'll just use this. look at this dough! why is it so dry? give me water. - that hurts! / - water. that's the right texture! got to go. your acting was great!

very good. that was great. - a video call from my girlfriend! / - video call. - i'm at a hospital! / - hospital? - i said i was at a hospital. / - what do we do? i'm at the hospital. - i'll take your temperature. / - yes. why isn't this working? let's see...

there. say ah. - you're fine. / - why? - hey! / - bed. bed. - a patient is... / - lie down. lying down on a bed. i'm a bed? - lie down. / - why me?

goodness... raise it a bit. looks like the patient is uncomfortable. - it's going up. / - a little more. put it down now. that's just right. why is the bed trembling? no, the patient has chills. she must be cold.

you don't think she's a patient? she doesn't buy it. it's an emergency! 200 volts! 300 volts! 500 volts! - 500 volts... / - oh, no! got to go! get down.

i think something burst! - hey! / - what was that? something burst. - are you okay? / - are you okay? - come here. / - wait... be gentle... - hey. / - hurry and end this! - great acting! / - really? how are you so good at acting out a hospital? - hey. / - good job.

can i see this hospital act again? - again! / - nice! - let me see it again. / - again. - no! / - then you're with me until the end! save me. (minsang debate) i'm park yeongjin of minsang debate. with me are comedians yu minsang and kim daesung.

the topic of today's debate is... the topic... hold on... where'd i leave that file? - you didn't bring it? / - gosh... you're ruined today! - you want to talk about the nominations? / - what? so you can talk about that freely without any files? me? alright, minsang.

with the elections next year the saenuri party and npad are disagreeing on how to nominate candidates. minsang, how should the parties nominate the candidates for the election? this is nuts... wait. just give me 5 minutes. open? an open primary?

so the people should pick the candidates? a public nomination system? i give up. i surrender. - hurray? / - no! viewers, said hurray to having a public nomination system. alright. i knew you'd do this so i prepared many questions. just ask them all at once to save time.

strategic nominations? so you're saying strategic nominations are needed too. but minsang, shouldn't there be a clear standard for nominations. - nominate someone like you? / - no. someone fat? - or someone ugly? / - what? just move on. half-heartedly?

so no matter who becomes a congressman it'll be the same so pick half-heartedly? - no... / - i see. - i'll ask daesung now. / - yes. a public nomination system agreed upon by both party heads. an open primary. what do you think? well... i don't know about an open primary but... - i know the singer primary. / - what?

i know him too. why do you always get out of things? what, you pig? what? we should fight. that's right, minsang. what now? in politics kim moosung of the saenuri party and moon jaein of the npad will be running in the same election district

so people are saying they should go head to head. so you two will heatedly debate on whether kim moosung and moon jaein should have their big match or not. start! minsang, say something to yeongjin. there's no point. it's obvious who the winner will be? who will win, minsang?

- the left? / - no... so kim moosung will win? i didn't mean that! i'm not going to take part in this. glasses? the guy in glasses? you're saying moon jaein will win? keep going. stop instigating.

don't instigate the battle? this isn't the time for that? then what should we be doing now, minsang? say something. cat got your tongue? they should handle the discord within the parties? no, not that... why do you say whatever you want? moosung?

why is kim moosung deciding things on his own? minsang, are you pro-park? - goodness! / - i see. what do you think, daesung? i wasn't going to do this... the innovation! you mean the innovation of the npad? what's with the innovation? it only made the discord within the party worse?

i guess you're anti-roh, daesung. - i see. / - help me. you'll rip it! split up? so people on the same page should split up and make the pro-park party, pro-roh party, this, that and create all sorts of new parties? - goodness... / - viewers... minsang's complaints about parties is totally

unrelated to gag concert's director jo junhui. i just want to emphasize that these are minsang's personal opinions. this is a filmed broadcast so this will be aired. please be understanding. you and i should get it on. - i ought to... / - moving on... - the open primary... / - stop. let's drop this and talk about something fun.

for minsang who wants to only eat, sleep and play we'll play a fun hand guessing game. there's a gift if you guess right. try to guess. lean forward. which hand? - index finger. / - wrong! that was wrong. try to guess, daesung.

- your right hand. / - correct! - what? wait. / - correct. right hand? that was my right hand. - no... / - is this my right leg? - no... / - my right shoulder? that was my right hand. you get a gift. gift? i want the gift. give it to me. fine.

i'll give it to you since you're so obsessed with gifts. i'll give you an eco-friendly recycled eco-bag. these are really pretty. here you go. they were made through recycling. these were made with something very familiar. they're eco-bags made with the party flags. why would you recycle these? minsang.

carry the bag you like and leave the bag you hate in your closet and never take it out again. - which one? / - how can i carry these? i don't want it. i'm good. alright. let's wrap things up. minsang, please give some advice to the party representatives that are experiencing discord in their parties with the elections coming up.

why would i give them advice? enough... my head hurts... call you? viewers, has told the two party representatives to call him if they want to win the election. i've had enough of you. - get over here. / - 2848? he just revealed his phone number. please write it down.

in the next episode we'll have minsang who got 480 mobile game invites for revealing his phone number and keep talking with him. - thank you. / - geez!

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