Tuesday, April 11, 2017

swimming pools with heaters

these are the components i put together to automate the heating of my pool without intervention from anyone but the sun:) component list:renogy 50 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panelrule 25d submersible bilge pump, 500 gallon per hour, 12 volt dcexpertpower 12v 33ah rechargeable deep cycle battery [exp12330]allpowers 20a solar charge controller solar panel battery intelligent regulator with usb port display 12v/24vbayite dc 12v fahrenheit digital temperature controller 10a 1 relay with sensor this is 1 of 2 4x4 panels i will be putting together. it currently has close to 300' of rain bird t63-500 drip irrigation 1/2" distribution tubing. i will cover it with a 1/4" acrylic panel to retain the heat. under the tubing is 3/4" foil faced rigid foam to help maintain heat. everything painted flat black. these are all of my components wired together for testing before putting into the box. here i put 1/4 bolts through the box to be used to connect the solar panel and the connections to the bilge pump. the temperature sensor is also coming out this side. it will be placed inside the collector with the tubing. here another picture of the connections with old wine corks drilled out to go over the connection polls. this is the dewalt tool box i picked up at home depot. it has a 3/4 tray that worked out perfectly for battery access. the removable tray fit all the components perfectly. just another view. if you look at the lower left of the box, you will see a tube coming out. this is and air inlet tube to provide ventilation for the battery. there is another one over the battery to exhaust battery gases.

another side view. here on the back of the box you can see the ventilation tubes. one on the lower right, and one on the upper left. on the inside of the box the tubes are covered with fiberglass bug screen. another side back view. you can see the temperature sensing probe. this will be placed in the solar collector. turning on the pool pump when the temp inside the collector reaches a preset temperature. this is a top down view of all the components mounted to the tray. i also added and on/off toggle switch so i don't have to remove the battery terminals. closer top down view. all the wiring for the solar charge controller went nicely down through the tray handle. there is also enough room to add another battery if you wanted to add more capacity ie(deck lighting, charging devices in the gazebo). this current battery is a 34ah. will run the pump a good 6 hours without the solar panel.

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