Thursday, April 13, 2017

toys for swimming pools

welcome back to expert village my name isalisha. let's continue and talk about child proofing a pool. another thing with pool safetyis you want to keep the area free from debris and other toys. a child my see these goggleson the pool deck and just think if i just throw them in i can go in and get them. whenreally they are unable to swim and retrieve them properly. another thing you want to keepyour mind is watch for your pool cleaning items. this does not seem like anything bigbut it easily can be tripped over and someone could fall into the pool. another key itemto keep out of the pool at all times are floating things. kids would see this lobster and sayhey i want to go in and get that out not realizing that they are actually that far away fromthe lobster and they really can't physically

reach it. the kid then ends up falling intothe pool and could have a potential harm of drowning. so always keep your tools up andout of the way this i can just hand on the fence and the kid can always look at it butyet it is not in the pool for hazards.

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