Tuesday, April 25, 2017

whitewater swimming pool

hey guys is dalton smith and we're doinganother how-to video with slyde hand boards and today we're gonna be talkingabout your fins and more particularly your fin leashes talking about how toput them on make sure you don't lose your fins andwe're gonna go over the technique of kicking and paddling so you can kind ofget an idea of what you need to be doing when it's time to catch a wave so i gotmy boy same dog here help me again we're going to jump into the pool righthere in indy atlantic beach and we're going to show you some clearwaterflorida is not exactly where now for clearwater when it comes to surfing sowe're gonna put you guys in the pool

show you exactly what it looks likewe're diving under the waves show you what it looks like we're kicking and allthe different techniques to make sure that you're getting as much time in thewater as you can so you guys are ready we got our fins we are the leashes gotthe wedge by slyde handboards we're gonna jump in the pool alright so now we're going to go aheadand have sam show you the improper way to walk and see he's got the wideduck stance and if you trip one time it's over so the proper way to walk withyour fins on is to slide backwards and drag your feet across the ground

this is going to ensure that you're notgonna trip and fall and hurt yourself or anyone around you so duck man here to show you the properway to walk with your fins it sounds silly but it's really you will fall if you walk forward you'regoing to trip and go down so next thing we're going to do is get into the waterand show you guys some proper swimming the proper kicking and some properdiving techniques is when you're the water you need to duck dive under thewaves to get out so if you guys are ready toget the water and get it started

we got sam walking backwards anchors onfins on he's ready to go it is really shallow here only about twofeet so we're going to take our time in the water be careful make sure no one is gonna get hurt nevermind so now that sam's in thewater i'm going to get in and we're gonna go over some basic kickingtechniques jump into more complicated stuff like duck diving but by the end ofthis video you guys be ready to get the water and catch some waves so i guess so i haveto follow him alright guys so we're in the pool andthe sam is going to show you the proper

kicking technique pretty simple sojust do like a regular swimming pool on up and down but your feet will be a little more loose would havethis fluid moving like this your feet are naturally kind of going to like a wavealmost back to fourth left and right and we have the gopro so we're going to get in thewater show you exactly what it looks like underwater ok guys so sam just kicked withoutpaddling so you guys can really focus on the kick next we're having paddle because that'syou know equally important to catch the

wave we're both right-handed i put theboard of my left hand and puts it on the right hand and that's totally preferenceso for me my right arm is my stronger paddle arm so that's why i put on theleft sam like to have his right arm that's astronger you know body surfing on so try both and see what works for you on thisnext one pay attention we're having a kick but we're going to focus on thatstrokes to paddle really hard kick really hard and we'll show you somefootage there's that moment where the wave picks you look for you haveliterally caught the wave and you are moving forward so you need a kick andpaddle as hard as you can until you feel

that moment bottom line is you need to stroke hardand make sure that you're following through some people you like hit thewater and half way pull and just think about the next row with the water pullthe way through pull all the way through kick at the same time and once you catchthe wave don't stop kicking some people catch the wave and they give up on thekicking your hit flat spots to hit parts of the way kind of dies out if youkeep kicking you'll make it can keep going through now that we've talkedabout kicking with your fins on along with paddling to get into the ways we'regoing to talk about going underneath of

the ways or duck diving you the line when you're making your wayfrom the beach to where the waves are breaking you're gonna have to go througha lot of white water or breaking waves this is just going to slow you down andmake you tired so the best thing to do is a duck dive you're simply going tohold your breath dive to the bottom and swim towards the rear of the wave whenyou come up the way with past and you're going to be able to go through all ofthat energy without being slowed down and do the back towards the beach i think that's a wrap for todayappreciate you guys watching be sure to

subscribe to our channel and check backgot a lot of new video slyde handboards and look forward to see you guysnext time

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