Thursday, December 29, 2016

closing swimming pool permanently

dima: what's up everybody! welcome to slowmo laboratory taras: today we are going to do a dry iceexplosion with a bottle we got here dry ice over here, you know... super cold, minus 78 we are going to put in a small plastic bottle tie it up, and boom, and we are going to filmit in super slow motion dima: you think it will explode though?taras: yeah, it will...let's do it? dima: let's check it out taras: so we are going to chop out the dryice. so it will fit into the bottle.

we just need a couple pieces. we are throwing a couple pieces in there. dima: what the hack?! taras: no, no, no, ph it's about to pop, yousee. dima: oh my gosh... taras: look at that expand boom, aaaahhhhh, dima: guguguguh, wow, let's check it outtaras: oh my goodness, look at this. it's melted. look. it's melted. isn't it insane?!do not try this at home. let's check it out in slow motion. science!!! dima: they tore you out (finishing together)into pieceses!!!

alright guys, safety first. ok, we got goodsmoke there.then we are going to do the same. close this.set it down right here. dima: ooo, taras: oh my goodness, look atthat. dima: the label is tearing out. taras: wow, taras: this is insane look how thick it is. dima: this is a tough bottle. taras: oh mygoodness. cameraman: i am a tough bottle (lolz). taras: wow, this is so thick. dima: i am sonot going to scream... auuahahah (screams likea little girl) gaga taras. this is so awesome. do not try thisat home.

dima: this was insane, i have never seen anythinglike that. taras: look, it's pretty much melted out. it's not even a cut it looks like it'smelted. dima: how is it even possible, that is crazy!that is just insane... taras: well, you know like, too much pressureinside = boom! dima: i mean it's just water and ice can tearout this plastic. it's pretty durable. taras: but it builds the pressure inside,common.. dima: that's, that is amazing. taras: awesome,well let us know what do you think and give us suggestions what we should do next ...and maybe will do a video of your suggestion.dima: just maybe. taras: pretty sure we will.

dima and we'll see you next time! taras: nexttime...

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