Friday, December 30, 2016

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how to remove hayward super pump motor bearingshey what’s up everyone, it’s joe tamargo from wethead pump repair. i’m here withanother pool pump rebuilding tip. today we’re going to show you how to access the ball bearingsinside your electric motor. the first thing you always want to do beforeyou take apart the armature and remove the end bell of your pump is mark the motor casing.this is very important because the end bell on the motor are made of aluminum; this mainpart is made of steel. what happens sometimes is the aluminum warps,and if you put it together in a different direction that it was disassembled in, whatwill happen is sometimes the motor might bind. so what you want to do is give a whole punchand a hammer and you want to mark the motor.

so, you want to put one mark, just like that,on the motor casting, and another mark in the end bell. you want to do one punch onthe end bell, and on the back you want to do two, that way it’s the same as the back,one two, one two, one two, okay. now what that’s going to do is you’regoing to know exactly where to put the end bell together. once you do the markings, whatyou want to do is give it a firm tap on the end bell, just like that, because that nicefirm tap will take this out, and you will just slide your motor out on the trout, andyou will see that you have a bering retainer spacer clip in the back, which is important,and we will show you how to put that back later.see you have a 6203 bering in the back. now,

there is a bering in the front, but you willnot be able to access that until you remove this little screw. so what you’re goingto do is take this little screw out like this, right in front and there is a little clipbehind here. so you’re just going to screw this all the way out, and put it on the benchlike this, spin it out, take the retainer clips, and what we are going to do is spinit while rotating it. now as you are doing this, you will see thebering will just pop out. now you can see this motor, which the hayward super pump hasa lot of horsepower, has another 6203 bearing in the front. now it’s very important beforeyou remove this bearing, okay, you will see here, that there is what they call a bearingretainer clip, and you will need a bearing

retainer clip tool to remove that, were going to show you later in the video how to remove that bearing retainer clip,but that’s how you remove the armature out of your hayward super pump. so, if you haveany questions, you can send us an email, if not, that’s how you remove your armature,6203 bearing, 6203 bearing. we will see you in our next video. peace.

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