Friday, January 6, 2017

exercises in a swimming pool

cannon ball! hey everybody, it's doctor jo!it's a beautiful day to do some aquatic therapy. a big thank you to my uncle for letting usborrow his pool for the day. today, i am going to show you some aquatic therapy gait exercises.this is just to get you warmed up, get everything stretched, get everything moving, and theni'll show you some other videos for the exercises, and everything. in the pool, it's very easyto not have proper technique. it 's very easy to just swing your body, be all over the place,but it's really important to work on your technique because you don't have to worryabout falling. so it's all about exaggerating your techniques and getting the stretchesyou need. so starting off it's going to be simple walking forwards and backwards, andsideways, and some marching. but it's really

important to do the proper technique. whenwe are walking, naturally we hit our heel first, and then roll off onto our toes. ifwe have an injury, then we don't necessarily do that all the time. so just exaggeratedthe movement. try and keep your body upright while you are walking. hitting your heel first,and rolling off onto your toes. heel first rolling onto your toe, keeping your body upright.again, heel first, push off on your toes. see, i'm still keeping my upper body niceand straight. i'm not leaning forward, i'm not leaning back. i'm keeping my body that about 3 or 4 laps. then you are going to go backwards. now your toes are going tohit first. so toe, roll back on your heel. toe, roll back on your heel. it's really easyto start leaning back. try not to lean back.

if you leaning back, you're going too fast.toe, heel. toe, heel. after you do that about 3 or 4 times, the next one is going sideways.sidestepping. with sidestepping, it really for people to end up turning their foot want to keep your toes pointed straight the whole time. because if you turn your footout, you are using different muscles. we want to work the outside of our muscles right keep those toes pointing forward, not out, but stepping with those toes forward the wholetime. sidestepping, keeping that upright posture. tuck those tummy muscles in, and then comeback. then the next one is going to be marching. bringing the knee up, alternating sides. sopulling that knee up as close to the surface as you can get. again, not leaning back, notleaning forward, keeping that body upright.

really driving that knee up. so those werethe basic gait exercises in the pool. those were your aquatic therapy exercises. if youhave any questions, leave them in the comments section, and if you would like to check outsome other videos, go to don't forget to follow me on facebook andtwitter. remember, be safe, have fun, and i hope you feel better soon!

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