Thursday, January 19, 2017

indoor swimming pools in va

we are in rosen at the aquana indoor swimmingpool centre. what is used normally in germany in each city.weekends families are going into the afternoon play and wave system for swimming.the main energy consumption as regarding to keeping the water and temperatures.there are a lot of water surface where you lose a lot of energy and this needs nearlycontinuous heat consumption of around 280-290 kwhere is the installation of a c200 we deliver to enwor, for the energy supply for the systemhere. first, enwor built a (chp) combined heat andpower plant with reciprocating natural gas fired engines.with use, the pump like system was not so

well designed, that one engine broke afternearly eight years. we replaced it with a capstone c200 micro-turbine,it was the first c200 micro turbine in germany in a combined heat and power plant application.the energy regulation system is operating with the reciprocating engine and the turbine,so that the reciprocating engine is continuous full running if the heat consumption is bigenough, and if the engine is not strong enough the turbine will step the turbine will regulate rest of the needed of the energy to keep the energy consumptionlow and then regulate it. and if the consumption is too low for theengine to run in full load, the turbine will run as the turbine is running optimising the

total heat supply with the chp the next 3 years we plan to shut down the reciprocating engine inside and will replaceby a c200 micro turbine. this installation we have a two stage heatexchanger that increases the total efficiency of the turbine from the 82% to 89%, becauseof the second stage which use low water temperatures that we have an exhaust temperature of around50 degrees celsius with no condensing. so this is a big advantage of the high energyproduction as a system, so we reach thermal output 320 kw peak.after the disaster at fukushima, and the following discussion in germany concerning the energyterms, that means phasing out of nuclear energy and more use of alternative technologies.its quiet obvious that green technologies

with low emissions and high efficiencies takecentre stage very fast. and microturbines fulfil these requirements,especially in combined heat and power plant applications.

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