Friday, January 20, 2017

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hello everybody. i'm miranda and today we're going to be reading topsy and tim learn to swim by jean and gareth adamson and illustrated by belinda worsley. topsy and tim were learning to swim. mummytook them to the swimming pool nearly every day. mummy helped them to put on their swimmingthings and blow up their armbands. she put their clothes safely in a locker. on the way to the pool there were showers,to make sure they were nice and clean. there was a small pool for beginners liketopsy and tim. it was full of noisy children. “race you to the water!” shouted topsy.topsy’s feet skidded. mr pollack the swimming

instructor rushed to save her. “never run near the pool,” he said.“the floor is wet and slippery ad its very hard if you fall and bang your head.” topsy and tim went doen the steps into thepool. mummy went in with them. the water came upto topsy and tim's middles. they held on to the rail and kicked as hardas they could. mummy did get splashed. “stretch your legs out,” she said. “now let me see you swim dog-paddle,”said mummy. topsy paddled like a puppy. her armbands helped her to float.

tim paddled hard. he splashed more than topsy,but his legs kept sinking. “do you think you could swim without yourarmbands?” asked mummy. “of course,” shouted tim.“im a champion swimmer.” first topsy stood in the water a few stepsfrom the side. then she pushed forward in the water and dog-paddled to the hand rail.“well done, topsy,” said mummy “you can really swim now.” then it was tims turn. he tried hard…buthis feet would not float. “never mind,” said mummy.“you must put your armbands back on.” “can i help?” said a kind was mr pollack the swimming instructor.

he told tim to bob right down until the waterwas up to his chin. “now walk along and pull the water backwith your hands,” he said. tim paddled hard with his hands, then he kickedup and down with his legs. “look at me,” he gasped. “ im swimming!”and he really was. mummy helped them to get dressed and dry theirhair. “wont dad be surprised when we tell himwe can swim without our armbands,” said tim. dad was waiting for them in the snack bar.“dad, we can swim!” cried topsy. dad was pleased.

he pointed to a poster on the wall.“there’s going to be a swimming competition,” he said. “ you can swim in the beginners’race, topsy and tim.” the next week dad and mummy and topsy andtim went to the big pool for the swimming competition.there were short races. there were long races. there was a race for children swimming ontheir backs. last of all there was the beginners’ racein the beginners’ pool. mr pollack blew his whistle to start the race.topsy swam dog-paddle as fast as she could. tim was left behind – but he knew what todo.

he bobbed right down in the water until itreached his chin, then he paddled hard with his hands and feet.everyone cheered as the children swam slowly across the pool. topsy and tim didn’t win the race, but everyonegot a beginners’ badge because they had all reached the other side. another great adventure with topsy and tim.can you swim as well as they can? maybe you should see if your local swimming pool hasa competition that you can be a part of. thanks very much for watching. see you soon for morestory time. bye!

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