Monday, January 23, 2017

kids play swimming pool

anna elsa hey over here. look i got a newglam boat. wow barbie you have everything. i didn't even know you knew how to drive aboat. yea i know how to handle a boat i can almost anything. its like a car but no you guys want a ride. i would love to be we have all the kids with us. is there enoughroom? yea totally there's enough room for everyone. i just have to lift up my sun shade.all aboard. alright kids we are going to get into barbies boat and i don't exactly trusther driving so you both have to wear a helmets. oh no i didn't even think about bringing ahelmet for krista. well then again i forgot kristoff jr. on this trip to, it's just aforgetful day. so guys what do you think of my lovely new boat? isn't it so glamorous.i love taking romantic night cruses on this

thing with hans. and yesterday i took hanson a little boat ride and we saw dolphins. whoa dolphins that's so cool. can we lookfor some now? absoltutly. mom i see a cute sea turtle in the water. a sea turtle. i amafraid of sea turtles. lets get out of here. help. somebody help. help. i can't swim. help.oh no a cap sized boat in the ocean i'll save you guys. alright, got to lift this up. alright,flip it over. come on. oh this boat is heavy. alright there you go ladies. you are no longerdrowning. alright now i will save the children. oh come on. come on little one. lets go. alright,and in you go. and come on little guy, lets get you in here. ah there you go. alrightthis little girl. alright your good. and there we go. come on man lets go. come on almost.ah no no. come here, come here, over here.

lets go. okay. oh no i will save you littleguy. come here, come here. follow me mike the merman. lets put you in here. nice andsafe, ah there you go. what oh no oh no there is a sea turtle in the boat. ahh i am gettingout of here. the toy featured in this video is the barbie glam boat! the boat comes withof coarse the glam boat, a barbie doll with here own life jacket. and even a card boardcut out of ken. the boat has a really nice sun shade feature, you just lift up the frontof the boat and it acts as a nice sun shade for barbie. but also gives you two more seatsand also some room on the floor too. since the boat floats it's a great pool or bathtubtoy. the barbie that comes with this set is super cute. she has eye rings sunglasses,a life jacket and even a cute polka-dot bikini

underneath. thank you all for watching ifyou liked this video please click like and don't forget to subscribe. and to list inthe comments who you think barbie should give her boat to because obviously she can't driveit. see ya later. click on a picture to watch another fun toy video. thanks for watchingand have a great day!

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