Tuesday, January 24, 2017

lava swimming pool

researchers have discovered a way to eliminatecavity causing bacteria in candy by covering it in more bacteria. and in order to prove that chemical signalscan transfer messages - york university researchers used vodka to send the world's first chemicaltext message. vsauce, kevin here.... this is mind blow. this swiss bank safe full of money is availableto be purchased and then moved and rebuilt anywhere in the world. it's the original banksafe from the schweizer volksbank built in the 1912. there are 1619 deposit boxes withoriginal keys and 8 million pieces of swiss 5 cent coins which is 15 tons of liquid money.

a 75 year old french man was given a revolutionaryheart transplant using a new artificial heart. the carmat artificial heart is expected tooperate for as long as five years and hopes to give the patient the ability to live anormal life until a real heart can be donated. unlike artificial hearts used in the pastit was developed to fully replicate the self-regulated contractions of a real heart by using an intricatesystem of sensors and microprocessors that monitors the body's internal changes and altersthe blood flow accordingly. brothers simon and chris parke are launchingtheir underwater jet pack. the arm worn propulsion system uses digital motors and wireless controlsto operate. giving people a new way to explore underwater.

poe is an interactive urinal concept thatmeasures your pee... so yeah. metapro is an augmented reality headset designedto give you 15 times the screen area of google glass in a pair of aviator glasses. it mirrorsdevices such as smart phones and laptops so users have them on the go at the touch ofa hologram. for now there will be a cord attached to a small computer you can fit in your pocketand they're ready for pre order at $3,000 and plan to ship in july 2014. the temperperfect mug is a smart mug thatallows the user to drink hot beverages at the perfect temperature all of the time. whenthe liquid inside is too hot the wall of the mug takes out the excess heat and then slowlyreleases it back into the liquid as it cools

keeping it at the ideal drinking temperature.check out their kickstarter for more. engineers at pacific northwest national laboratoryhave created a way to turn algae into bio crude oil in less than 60 minutes. â wet algaeis pumped into the front end of a chemical reactor where the oil is produced in underan hour. the only byproducts are water and material containing phosphorus, which canthen be recycled to grow more algae. after production the oil can be converted to beused as aviation fuel, gasoline, and diesel fuel. the schaft robot is the winner of the â darparobotics challenge of 2013. they were given eight tasks to demonstrate mobility, dexterity,manipulation, perception, and operator control

and they were created to simulate acts neededin a natural disaster. these include operating a vehicle, navigating difficult terrain, climbinga ladder, clearing debris, door manipulation, removing an object from a wall, manipulatingvalves, and operating a hose. researchers have developed a 3d modeling systemfor babies with congenital heart conditions. since babies are unable to be put into conventional3d scanners like mri's doctors have relied on echo imaging. but now within five minutesthey're able to create a 3d image they're able to share and use to explain to parentsand other health workers. finally "pleiades" by japan's enra combinesprojected light, animation choreography and music...

i'm going to leave you with an autonomousrobotic dragonfly. and as always - thanks for watching.

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