Wednesday, January 25, 2017

little tikes swimming pool slide

hey, everyone! it’s sandra from the disneycartoy channel! and spidey awesome! and today, we’re going to play save the penguin, whichis brand new. he’s really cute, and has like little blocks of ice, so i think it’skind of like don’t break the ice, too? yeah. it looks. huhuh. yeah. very like a mixtureof games to me. yeah. yes. yeah. a mixture of games. anyway, it’s funny. up here, itsays “help! poor penguin is stuck in the freezing ice!” heheheh! in the f-freezing.heheheh. f-freezing. “can you help dig him out?” so i think whoever pops the penguinwins. ah! cool! and then of course, i’ve got some surprise toys over here. yay! surprisetoys! yeah, it looks really cool! oh, i’m excited. yeah, let’s open it up and let’ssee that penguin! yeah! okay. here’s our

little penguin. his name is percy, by theway. percy the penguin. kind of like thomas the tank engine train percy. hahahah. um,so for setup, you put all these ice blocks inside. yep, so they’re locked in. we dropin percy. “help me! help me! i’m stuck in the ice!” “stuck in the igloo!” heheheh.this is like ice age seven. yeah. hahahah. that’s our idea. seriously. um, as we figureout a little trowel. yeah. you go look that. yeah. push it down and then spin it a little.i’ve got to like turn it around. he kind of like sits in it. yeah. he wobbles. okay.he’s freezing! okay. which color do you want? um, i want red. okay. i’ll do’s such a happy color. yeah. heheheh. it matches him. okay. so basically what youdo is you stick your little trowel inside

really far like. like you got to really. usemuscle. get in there and then. pulls it out. eh, there we go. like that. tadah!! and itsticks in there, yeah, and then you have to pull it out like that. okay. so, i didn’tpop percy there. didn’t pop percy? okay. err! okay. oh good! okay. there we go. okay.i’m going to look over here. you do like. you’ve got to be like strong. heheheh. we go. there you go. okay. i’ve got it. got it. oop. whoo! okay. so probably likefive enough at least i’d figure for this game. yes. um, okay, come on. oh there yougo. i’m getting better at it actually as i. i know. do it more. um, okay now? yep.and i’ve got this. oh! i heard a click. i think he kind of moved a little bit, somaybe the next one. or i should wait. where

did you pull that from? from here. okay. i’mgoing to try to go over there, then. somewhere. i don’t know. ooh. nope. okay. let’s seethis one. nope. heheheh. here we go. well. we’ll get close. ridiculous! what if wego all the way to the very last one? i know, then he says we never save him. what happensif we don’t save percy? uh-oh! he’s like frozen in there. oh!! yay!! you saved him!okay. whoo! i’ve saved percy! hahahah. i guess so i get the first choice. oh! a prize!so, i’ll do palace pets. oh wow!! that’s cool! all right. let’s get a full one. um,let me get this open. let’s see. oh, this is cool. i don’t know that we have it. oh,we do. never mind, just kidding. um, this is gleam. oh yeah, gleam. gleam is aurora’slittle deer. oh yeah! it’s very cute. oh,

wait! rapunzel! oh, rapunzel! yeah. ’causeshe has her crown on. oh, yeah. she’s got rapunzel’s crown. very cute. that’s cute.yeah. uh-oh! look what happened! stuck in the ice again! aah! “help me! help me!”we have to free him again! i know! we turn around for a second and he gets stuck in theice! so, actually, spidey, you go. so here, i’ll help him out. oh! hahahahah! wait!how in the world did you win that fast? okay, well. like literally, what is the chance ofthat? i just said “all right, i’ll pick a random, and then “pshew!” okay. well,spidey wins. here you go. open your pet shells. that was the quickest round of sympatheticthat you could possibly do. i know. the other one was longer, but okay. all right. well,i’ll take it. heheheh. i’ll take a mash’ems

pop pal. yes. yes. that’s cool. please don’tget marshmallow. no! hahahah! oh no! that was our luck! yeah. we have, we’ve got inrocky though, i believe too. yes. yes. rocky marshmallow. okay. we should have like anarmy of marshmallows. yeah. we should. that’d be funny. well, i can’t believe you savedpercy on one try. so quick! like oop! saved you. heheheh. i mean, you are a true superhero now. i know. ah, i’d still like to try. yes. huhuhuh. please make sure to likethis video. hmmm. so, should you want more games, subscribe to the disney cartoys the comments, let us know if you like cold weather. ooh, i don’t. i don’t cold for me. hahahah. yeah, no. me neither. huhuhuh. click on a picture to watch anotherfun toy video, and click on the question mark

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