Friday, February 10, 2017

summit swimming pool

look at where hendel is. hendel's in bed. ben, come on back in bed. hobart: does everybody sleep naked? what do you wear? i think hendel sleeps naked. yeah, i'm pretty close. i sleep free-ballin' with sweat pants on. ben, how do you sleep? (music) my name is austin malleolo, i'm 28 years old right now, and i have a couple gyms that i'm a part of,

reebok crossfit one, crossfit one nation, in needham and waltham. we are at the albany club in nassau in the bahamas. it's the reebok athlete summit, where most of the reebok athletes were able to make it down and we're just training, we're throwing down. i hate your hashtags. i want you to ask the social media team what they think of your 400 hashtags after every social media post.

my name is spencer hendel, i'm 27, and i am co-owner and head coach at reebok crossfit medfield. if it's a suffer on saturday, i hashtag suffer on saturday, if it's a sunday funday, i hashtag sunday funday, fittest plane ever. hashtag just saw jesus, hashtag, i couldn't hendel it. learning about the reebok brand from a direction perspective, how they're going to leverage the athletes and also the product, the footwear, the apparel, and then a lot of training,

a lot of good times but also, it's a nice little get together. it's very rare for all of us to get together. hendel! are you on our team? no. then get off, ok. this is lane 1. hey, katrin! this is lane 1, please leave our lane. pretty much when you get home after this it's travel and events and training, not a lot of us will see each other until we're competing. and when we compete against each other, it's like yeah, we hang out and what not, but

you have a goal, you have a job, so it's nice to be outside of that competitive environment and just be friends. ah, look at craig kent behind us. you look like a character from super troopers. pull over! yeah, i'd listen to you. i'd be afraid of you. what's it like working out with rich froning jr.? simply put, it's awesome.

i'm a true believer in playing and practicing with people that are better than you. and rich is better than me at crossfit. newsflash. i do things that i would not do alone when i train with rich. it's fun, it's usually miserable. ah, ok, one's good. how much is that? that's how you get better and that's something i've learned from you, rich, is to always make sure to train with other people. and that training with other people

is way more important than what you're doing, it's who you're doing it with and how you're doing it, and i've taken that to my training and my gyms and my friends, and it's changed the way i train and i think it's helped me out a lot. what are we doing next? work out? yeah, let's work out. we are going to go get the big grumpy eeyore a.k.a spencer hendel, oh bother, i don't want to work out.

i want to check out the mega bed. mega bed, mega bed. housekeeping pushed it apart. gotta get the full effect here. something just happened there. hey, rich! something happened. you break the bed? you screwed the mega bed. the mega bed is now just a little crooked. that's the mega bed.

then we just shove pillows down the middle so you can't fall into it. rich slept in the middle. videographer: did you choose to be in the middle? where is spencer? did he change? we can see if his chubbys are still here. he took his chubbys off, which means he's doing something. whoa, hit that one sideways. you know what that means—it's going to be a good day.

this one we're going to hit fast, ok? hang on. rollin' in. rollin' out, too. see if hendel's here. want to leave your bag here? he's always so hard to find. i just follow the flow with a lot of things so if i see some things going on over here, i'm going to go do those things over there, if i see some things going on over there, i'm gonna do some things over here, i really have no care, i just

go with the flow. spencer is not go with the flow. like, i remember one time, vividly, he came over to work out and i said we're going to do ski erg to warm up, and he left. i've been trying to get you to work out for a day. well, i just got done with swimming so we're in the same boat. i'd much rather sled push than swim. my relationship with spencer is—gosh ...

he's gigantic, number 1, and i'm very little. our arms are actually the same length. i'm not as tough as my exterior makes me look. but he's such a pansy. why are you putting knee sleeves on, grandma? hendel: because i'm going to back squat! it's 205, you weigh 205. my knees are fragile. handle with care. that's the problem, you look at him and you're like wow, this dude's really big,

really strong, really tough, but then like, he wants to go get a pedicure and a manicure and like he's listening to john legend and crying. there's not a time or a moment that austin malleolo doesn't give me shit. austin is the biggest, number 1 workout bully in the entire world. i just use my persuasive skills to get people to work out with me. that's true.

i don't want to do anything. or at least anything that austin wants to do. i'm very easily pushed in one direction or another, and because austin is the exact opposite of me, ipso facto, i'm pushed to be the workout bitch. (groaning) i don't mind watching austin get his butt kicked. oh, yeah, definitely. that's the only reason he's doing this.

if he was at home by himself, there's no way. he's like a little schoolgirl when it comes to these things. he gets all giddy. he's got like a half chub right now. so we're going to keep up with the number of soapbox, that was one for today. keep up my soapboxes, can you handle that? i have an opinion that's strong but the first thing you have to know about me is it's just an opinion but i state my opinions as fact, but that's just sort of who i am.

so it is an opinion but it sometimes comes across as fact. and if you don't know me, you probably don't like me because you think, wow, this is an opinionated jerk that thinks everything's true. well i just like to get fired up and you know, it's fun to kind of get the wheels turning. (laughter) that hard for you, to get up? it's not easy. let's go to the secret gym. i can't believe how sore i am. this is going to be a bad day.

i don't normally do a squat program based off of someone else's numbers. videographer: you mean rich froning's numbers? get my face. i think you need a little more on the face. i'm gonna keep my foot on the gas. we're going to run out of battery. we're never going to make it. no, don't put it in neutral, keep it going. thank, god.

i don't have to warm up, that's good. speed bump. i still contend that when it's all said and done, segmented training will yield segmented results. what is this, three or four today? soapbox, that was a soapbox. four, i think. yeah, we're at four, that was four right there. soapbox malleolo.

if looking good while you're working out was something that counted for something, i think i'd be pretty close. so much power. ready, 1, 2, 3. notice how he sat back down, that was weird. it looks like it's shark feeding time. it looks like it's cold and dave castro isn't telling me to get in the ocean. ben really enjoys being touched.

that's a really weird statement. did you hear that noise?! that was my back! if you have a wet back, you'll make it. hey rich, let's go shower together. ok. whoa, whoa! you just said i'm going to shower first, you never offered for me— ok ... if you'd offered, i'd been in there, it's a big shower, lot of room for activity. i'm so upset right now.

ben, you want to shower? i'm handing out invitations. ben! ben! videographer: spencer, you a little bit jealous? i'm very jealous. videographer: i feel like you've been replaced on this whole trip. i may have been. why do you got a belly right now? what are you talking about? hendel and i are literally oil and water, we're very different. he's tall, good looking, handsome,

long torso, always tan. he makes everything look good, he's athletic, and i'm just like a runt. he's going to do his best right now, his absolute best. what'd you just say? i didn't say anything. austin does complete me. i'd like to think sometimes that i get really mad at him and i don't want to do a lot of the stuff that he's asking me to do, but, he really is a good friend and he really does complete me.

hey, do you know about the mega bed? ooo, the mega bed. let me show you something, you'd like this. the thing about rolling with the squad, is that it's like a family, you're going to get in arguments, you're going to get in fights, that's the thing. is that your hand on him? like a good healthy relationship often has a good amount of quarrels. sometimes you want to kill each other and that's ok. completely legitimate. videographer: night. goodnight.

mega bed!

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