Monday, February 13, 2017

swim training without a pool

hey everyone, it's lunden, andthis week we're doing water aerobics! ok, we're going to be, obviously,in the shallow end of the pool. and, we're going to get our heart rate up and our bodies moving with this low-impact exercise: water aerobics. we'll start offwith running high-knees in the water... 20 on each side. and then open-close your legs... 20 times. then we're gonna go back to

running knee-highs, but this time you'llreach your hands up at the same time. so, every time... your right knee goes up, your hands go up.and you don't want your elbows... to go under the water. keep them above so you can keep your shoulders working. then you'll go back to to open-close with your legs anddo the same thing with your arms. but try not to drop your arms. then pick a side, any side,and start at one end of the pool. do arm circles forward whileside-stepping in one direction.

the key is to keep your armsabove the water the whole time... because they'll get really tired, really fast. then go back the other direction with forward arm circles. and then one more time,but with backward arm circles. and now we're gonna do sprintsacross the pool! up and back. last but not least we'll do push-outs out of the water using the edge. pool-edge push-outs! for those of you who are beginners: just put your hands on the edge here andpush yourself all the way up out of the pool...

and then drop right off. if you're more advanced you can addsome more - push yourself up, down, up,... and then also you can finish it off with... an ab exercise, by sitting on the edge of the pool here. okay, so here is an added ab exercisethat you can do on the edge of the pool. but you can also do this at a bench at the gym or another step as such. so, sit on the edge of the step,brace your core, belly button into spine, shoulders down and away from your ears,bring your knees into your chest and then extend

all the way out - and in. out, and in. so, now you have some water exercises that you can do at home in your pool or at a friend's pool!don't forget to leave comments and let me know what you think, and don't forget to like & subscribe to the runtastic fitness channel for more awesome workouts!

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