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- from the tissington trail,welcome to the gcn show. - from the top of the coll dels reis, also known as sa calobra,welcome to the gcn show. - from the top of mt.cheaha in oxford, alabama, - [both] welcome to the gcn show. (whooshing) (yelling) (breathing) (wind blowing)

(bird screeching) (cheering) (upbeat dance music) (cylcles whizzing) - welcome to the gcn show. - this week we are taking a look at some of the world's steepest climbs. we reflect on an amazinglyexciting milan-san remo and we've got a raft of tech, too.

- plus, all of your usual favourites, so caption, tweet, hacks and bodges, and of course, wattage bazooka. - think i might get that. i've got the second place on strava over the poggio. - in with a shout? (dubstep music) our recent stint, testingourselves over the steep

cobble climbs or hellingenin flanders, belgium and a recent article onthe bbc website entitled where are england'ssteepest climbs has again - got us thinking, presumably, is it? - it has got us thinking. it's got us thinking, this. which or where or what arethe world's steepest climbs? - you got there eventually. oh yeah, we've all gota climb close to home

which is so brutally steep in its grade that actually, we preferto ride the long way home than try to ride up it. one so scary that it fillsyour stomach with nerves when you reach the foot,and one so steep that you're actually more likely totopple over than get up it. - i must admit, dan. over the few decadesthat i've been riding, there's been quite a fewclimbs that are like that,

but back in the day all i had to moor-my-up those monsters was 42-23. devil's staircase in wales,for example, rosedale chimney in yorkshire; climbs so brutallysteep, they have actually reduced the finestprofessionals to walking. - yeah, not professionalsthere are of course some brutally steep climbs in the biggest races in the world. let's give you a couple of examples.

the muro di sormano overin the tour of lombardy, lombardia as it's called these days, that climb is 1.7km long with an average grain of 17%but a steepest grade in of 25. and then there's thekoppenberg which was used in the tour of flanders,again it was taken out of the race for some periodof time, a lot shorter; 620m long but the maximumgrain in there is 22%. what makes it even harderis that it is on cobbles.

- tell me about it, dan. - i tell you what though, just thinking about those climbs is making my legs and arms fill with lacticacid as i sit here. - but what about the angrilumade famous, of course, in the vuelta a espana; 24% maximum pitch on that climb, that's over 11km long. and then, the fearsome zonk around, that's nine k's long witha maximum pitch of 22%.

- yeah, i actually raced the zoncolan and it still brings nightmares. - i'm sorry, dan. - it was horrible, i'llget over it, don't worry. anyway, what you're probably wondering is what is the steepest roadclimb in the entire world? well, according to theguinness book of world records, that is baldwin streetover in new zealand; gradient,

35%. - 35%, that's more than one in three. - good maths. - thanks very much. i wonder if any of youguys have ridden that because i don't fancy that much at all. actually, this is where you guys come in because we'd love to knowabout the steepest climbs that you've have ever ridden and the best

and the steepest willfeature in next week's show. so, the kind of climbs that basically cycling nightmares are made of. - yeah, you can send themto us as a message on either facebook or instagramor just upload them to social media using the hashtag #gcnsteep which took us quite a long time to think about that.- we had a meeting, didn't we? - photos would be fantasticbut even better than that,

would be video of you riding up them and we would also feature some of them on our social media channelsover the forthcoming week. - and you'll never know, the best of which we might even send lasty up to. - yeah, yeah let's do that. - we haven't told him, yet. (gunting) - this is what i thought was the top.

- caption competition time,now this is last week's photo and our winner is, stevehellaby with this caption, quick, step on it! i've got to floor it to catch the peloton. - you gotta admit, we seewhat he did, don't we? - i can't believe he onlygot two likes for that! - i know! - that deserves more likesdeserve more? - get in touch with us steveand we shall send you out

a gcn camelbak water bottle. - now, this week's caption is this. it's peter sagan in the finalstage of tirreno-adriatico, as you know, it was an individual t.t.; take a look at that andlets have your captions. dan, start us off! - what are you doing? this is a zebra crossingnot a dog crossing! (crickets chirping)

cue sound effects of windgoing past people's ears. - yeah, i hear like bells tolling if you can do your best in that, leave your captions in thecomment section down below and this time next weekwe'll announce a winner of yet another gcn bottle. - fair play, dan that wasactually pretty good, man. - cheers. ("the call to the post" playing)

- it's now time for cycling shorts. - the london cycle super highwayhit the headlines last week after a coroner requestedan urgent inquest into the surface of the super highway after a motorcyclist unfortunatelydied through losing grip whilst undertaking another motorist and colliding with a bollard. now, a lot of people aresuggesting that it's the type of paint being used to colour the surface

which is making it haveless grip than normal tarmac and we're always warningpeople about the general white and yellow lines on normal roads; how much less grip they have. and, if the surface ofthe cycle super highway is anything like that,then it definitely needs to be looked into soonerrather than later. - now, sad news from france is that the 1967 tour defrance winner roger pingeon

has died at the age of 76,just a few months shy in fact, of the 50th anniversary of that win. now, he was a rider that wasdogged with medical problems at the start of hiscareer, which actually led to him being one of the first riders to adopt a marginalgames type of philosophy. now, he was nicknamed "the big stalk" or "the heroine" dueto his long, thin legs. and also, took out a win inthe vuelta a espana in 1969.

- alã© cipollini rider, anesantesteban has thankfully left hospital last week after a mysterious incident whilst out training. she was found by a passingmotorist in a pool of blood but her bike was neatly propped up against the side of the road. now, she has no recollectionat all of the incident but it certainly seems like some kind of hit-and-run out there.

thankfully she's out of hospital as i said "get well soon, ane". - now, definitely. now, a completelydifferent bit of news here, toms skujiå†å¡ of cannondale-drapac is he the most versatilerider in the pro peloton? - why is that? - well, if you check histwitter feed whilst he's

in the breakaway in milansan remo over the weekend, you'll get why i asked that question. quite remarkable skills. - hasn't dan craven donethis before at the olympics? - he did, it was his partnercollyn who was tweeting on his behalf. - yeah. - and, it's a bit of a mysterythis one with toms skujiå†å¡. - sticking with milan sanremo, michal kwiatkowski

as you well know won therace but he also gave us the privilege of looking at his data for the entire distance, of 290km. most interestingprobably, is the poggio up which he averaged 443 watts (whistling) with a little under six minutes which gave an average speedof 37 k's per hour uphill. - whoa.

average heart rate for that was 181 but to follow peter sagan's attack, he had to average 612 watts and a maximum heart rate of 190 (breathing heavily) just to get on the world champion's wheel. pretty incredible stats. - and, you came second on thepoggio as well, didn't you? - i'm savvy, yeah, i gotsecond on segment for running.

- yeah! - up it and down the other side. - good lad. - second out of 45. (dubstep music) - the latest round of thewomen's world tour took place over the weekend, thetrofeo alfredo binda. now, it suited a rider of acompletely different style than the previous week'sevent in drenthe and in fact,

it was a surprisingly largegroup of around 25 riders that hit the finish as one despite incessant attacks onthe run into the line. - yeah, in the end the race was won by coryn rivera of team sun web. some sterling work fromteammate ellen van dijk who kept the attacksfrom going too far away on the final lap and thenstill had enough left to give a sterling lead out at the end.

and, you have to say matt,that the women's world tour has been fantasticallyentertaining so far this year. unlike 2016, which waspretty much dominated by boels-dolmans this year, we had three roundswon by three different teams. so, strade bianche, wiggle - high5 with elisa longo borghini. boels-dolmans did take a win at drenthe with world champion didericksenbut then team sunweb.

this is definitely one to watch for the remainder of the season. - yeah, really open racingand exciting racing as well. now,the opening monument of theyear,milan-sanremo took place at the weekend and byheck, what a race it was. an absolute stoned cold classic. now, it started out prettysteady, in fact, a bit steady. the build up as normal was a slow burn but then when they hit thefinal climb of the poggio

with 10 k's to go, thingsreally started to heat up. but, it was tom dumoulin of sunweb who set a ferocious pace three quarters of the way up the climb, trying to set things up forhis teammate michael matthews of australia but peter sagan,had other things on his mind and he lit things up with atremendously explosive attack about a km from the top of the poggio. - yeah, when he made his attack, sonny colbrelli!

(smacking) bang!- boost! john degenkolb, bang!- the walk! - the only two riderswho were just about able to keep up with the world champion. well, former worldchampion michal kwiatkowski as well as young up-and-comer julian alaphilppe of quick-step floors.

the usual manic descentof the poggio ensued (scraping) and soon after they hit thefoot and onto the via roma, it became clear that it would be those three fighting out for victory. now, two of them, knew there'd only be one result if they let peter sagan ride with them to the finish. so, they were forced to kind

of leave him on thefront inside the last k. sagan was therefore forced todo the lead out at the end. it looked like he was going to get it but kwiatkowski got justenough left in the tank to pip the world champion at the line. closest race, i think,we've seen there since 2009 with cav and heinrichhaussler; so exciting. - oh and we can't forget,nairo quintana's victory, overall victory in tirrenoadriatico which finished

- oh, yeah. - just before milan san remo. of course, it's justbeen such busy period. - it already feels likea longtime ago, isn't it? - and, lots to come this weekas well; e3, gent-wevelgem - dwars door vlaanderen. - and, catalunya. - yeah, loads going on still. season is in full swing.

- it certainly is. (bird chirping) - time now for dom's tweet of the week. this week there is actually a tweet and there's also an insta-tweet as well; like a tweet fusion. - yeah, it's coming to you first from michaå‚ kwiatkowski on instagram. he put up this post saying,

@ peter sagan, remember this? and, it's a podium from many years ago when they were juniors, notimmediately obvious who's won. you'd think it was petersagan there in the middle but when you look at thenumbers on the bottom, perhaps kwiatkowski won. and, who would'vethought a few years later they'd both have been world champions. - and, monument winners.

- that must've been a hard,hard junior race i'd imagine. - i think that one of themost important hashtags of this photograph asput by michal himself is hashtag slightly hashtagfashion because look! (chuckling) first, you have the wonderful tracksuits but then look at those plus fours as worn - plus fours otherwiseknown as long shorts. - by peter sagan, absolutely amazing!

it looks like they're euskadi- euskaltel plus fours or maybe ccc sprandi polkowice team issue. who knows? anyway, moving on, we havethis tweet form michael or michal kapusta; hashtag #gcntweet, has @realstephens ever been to poland? - i can see a similarity. - it's remarkable, isn't it? - can we get that trophyframed around your face?

(dinging) - blimey. - oh yeah, there is a similarity. - it's weird, isn't it? competition time now, and the results. firstly, of last week'sfizik competition where four, yes four saddles were up for grabs. drumroll, please daniel. (dumming)

the winners are: of the lucesaddle, it was maris paju of estonia, the arione saddlewas won by dan hutchingson of the u.k., the aliante saddlewas won by robert stinson of the u.s., and finally,the antares saddle was won by michael andreassen of denmark. well done, guys! - yeah, well done toall of you, we will be in touch very shortly to get your address and get those thingsout as soon as possible.

this week, we've got avery different competition. you may remember that mattwent to visit richie porte, at the start of 2017 to findout how he uses training in a swimming pool to complimenthis on-the-bike training. well, the good news is that a few of you now have theopportunity to get a kitted up with everything you'llneed for pool training courtesy of speedo. so, simply head to the linkwhich is in the description

below this video to find outthe details of how to enter. - i can confirm, theseflippers work perfectly. - flip, flippers. - flippers. (dubstep music ) - it's tech special onthis week's gcn show but we're gonna start with powermeters. powermeters, which areincreasingly becoming accessible to the masses as theprices gradually lower.

but, matt have you ever thought about making your own powermeter? - i'll be perfectlyhonest with you and frank, no i haven't but somebodycalled stoppy71 has. now, check out this onthe instructables website. fascinating stuff. - but, how exactly didhe come to this product? well, thankfully, he's leftsome very detailed instructions on that website so that we can all

make the exactly same thing. so, let's have a look at step one. (buzzing) - right, perhaps noteverybody will be able to make their own powermeter, dan. - no, beyond us then. - but, stoppy do claim tomake a fully functional, accurate powermeter for under $55 which is mostly impressive.

and, if you want some more details on how to do exactly that, thereare details on the website. - yeah, on instructables. hopefully, you're farmore clever than we are because that was straight over my head. well, from niche powermetersto poossibly the most mainstream powermeterthat we have ever seen. it looks, from some patent applications, that apple are lookingto integrate some kind

of powermeter into their muchanticipated apple iwatch. is it an iwatch - iwatch. or just a watch? - iwatch three. it was going to usevariables such as your speed on the bike, wind speed,gradient and road service, a whole host of other variables as well to give you a powermeter reading.

- it's all about algorithms, isn't it? and, working stuff out. now, we have said something in the past similarthat was done by ibike. nothing to do with apple, butlet's not get too excited now because we know that applefile thousands of patents - yeah, true. - every year, and onlya very small minority of those actually make itthrough to final production.

bmc riders have received some new clothing for the upcoming classicsfrom their sponsor assos, including this, the liberty clima which is a short-sleeved rain jacket. it uses the stratagon light fabric which is both waterproofand extremely breathable. now, unlike some of its competitors, it doesn't have rear pockets but instead you accessthe pockets in your jersey

through some cuts in the back there but that does make it quite a bit lighter. not sure when it's going to be available to the public, but hopefully soon. - now, sticking with bmc,olympic road champion greg van avermaet has gothimself a shiny new bike or at least, a different colour scheme. now, van avermaet's teammachine has received advanced surface treatmentgiving it a chrome effect

as opposed to the gold hereceived after his olympic win. - well, i think it's time toget the verdict hot or not! - it's a hot for me! - not from you, - oh. from our head of fashion, adam blythe. - oh, blythey, sorry! - your opinion doesn'tcount man, i'm sorry. - that is the ultimate bling,i'd definitely use that.

- well, further to that, adam added that he likes the idea ofgiving greg a custom bike but he was the gold medalwinner at the olympics not the silver medal winner.- it's a valid point, i do see where it's coming from. - incidentally actually, beforewe finish tech of the week, adam himself has gothimself a new custom bike from ridley as british national champion; have a look at this.

- got to be hot, hasn't it? - that's a hot - can't be anything but hot! - nightmare to clean, but still hot. - i thought you were saysomething that rhymed then. - no, i can't think of anything - nightmare to clean, - in that short time. - it's all about the gleam.

- you just made that upon the spot, didn't you? just freestyling right there,tech of the week freestyle. (drilling) it's time now for hack (zipping) forward slash bodge of the week. straight off the bat we have this from laurence hunter over on instagram. when you forgot your gloves and have

to use toe thingies,perhaps had you seen hack. - so, did it actually keep his hands warm? i'm still gonna say bodge that, sorry. - it's definitely a bodge. - luka cordedda put thiscustom 3d printed gopro mount that he's fitted to his stem which looks pretty cool, i have to say. - next time you take thephoto, make it a bit more in focus please, but it's great otherwise!

apart from that. - hack. - next, wow, this is astonishing. this is from tim's at timothy calva; this is a chain ringwelded onto the largest cog with a custom rear mech extension hanger. whoa, look at the jump! - handy for baldwin street innew zealand, i would imagine. - you'd definitely need that.

- with 35% gradient, thatis exactly what you want! - definitely. - wow. we'll finish with this from david r. mckenna, he put on twitter. hey, daniel lloyd i decided to design and 3d print a quick release chain keeper,i thought you'd appreciate it; sorry @ si richardson.

i very much do appreciate it,si wrote back though saying, full marks for execution butwhy a flipping chain keeper? well si, because they're very, very cool. i tend to agree with si can't get through lifewithout a chain keeper. i tend to agree with simon really hack, definite hack. (old hack) keep the hacks and bodgescoming in on the social,

so mainly twitter and instagramusing the hashtag #gcnhack. - keep it coming. what's the time, dan? - wattage bazooka time? - it's time for gcn's wattage bazooka! (echoing) (drumming) (booming)

(hard rock music) - it's time to find the wattage bazooka! (spitting) (clanking) this week's pro wattagebazooka goes to none other than the world road champion, peter sagan. now, he may not have won milan san remo, but that attack was anexplosion of raw strength that really was something to behold.

he's so fantastic forthe sport, what a finale! what a finale, what an attack! - yeah, it was absolutelybrilliant, wasn't it? thoroughly deserved. especially, since hefinished second at the end. this week's viewer wattage bazooka on the other hand, goes to jose javi otero. he's been on the island oftenerife doing some riding

and recently, he went up mount teide, the famous mountain usedby so many professionals. and, towards the top, he was forced to make a wattage bazooka after being chased by threewild dogs; average power for that point was 383 watts,his heart rate went to over 190 and he gotsecond on that segment. - well, to be honest with you danny, he should've really known what to expect

because the segment itself is called watch the wild dogs for crying out loud. - i've got a feeling he's created his own segment after the ride, possibly. (wood knocking) - alright. - anyway, if you would liketo nominate of yourself or one of your friends or anyone that's impressed you over the next week.

please, nominate them usingthe hashtag #wattagebbazooka on various forms of social media. comment of the week, now and this one came underneath last week's gcnshow from lee hollings, a bit cruel lads, you satthere with a beer presenting and lasty has to sit ona table with a bidon! that, of course, areference to the early days of gcn where someone said that lasty had the personality of a brick.

a nickname which, of course, has stuck because we keep referencing it. (rocks shuffling) (clinking) - think you're funny! ow! - anyway, underneath how to train for a short gran fondo isthis from james nickless, at the risk of being a pedant, would it

be a "gran" fondo if it was short? if only there wereother words like "medio" or "corto" that could be used instead? and, there's a reply from cwsk that goes, james nickless medio fondos are a thing, often describing 80km races. medio fondos, don'tthey sound like a thing? they sound like my thing. - they do, don't they?

- yeah, i would wanna do medio fondos. - i've got like corto fondos, as well. like prologues. on the channel this week onwednesday, it's descending (air compressing) made easy. - it's simple but it's amazing! how many people only look atthe patch of road immediately in front of their front wheel

or if they know the road already, they just flick the switch to autopilot. - doing either of those things is going to mean you can'tanticipate what's coming up. - on thursday, it's fivelife-changing gadgets and on friday, it's aspecial ask gcnything. - it is a very specialone with special guests, so keep your eye out for that. saturday's pro bike is rory sutherland's

canyon ultimate cf slxwhich he uses at his movistar team and then on sunday, we'vegot another unboxing for you. this time, it is the wahoo element bolt which has just been released so make sure you keep your eye on that, too. and as ever, on monday we'llhave a mechanical video for you. - and

- on tuesday - another show - is it show 221? - it is. - no, 220. - 220. (snow crunching) - from the coom-di-gray-dinin the french alps on snow

on a fat bike. welcome to the gcn show. (upbeat rock music) - it's time now, for extreme corner. - which this week, comes fromthe mountain bike fraternity again but it's very close to home. this is the new presenter at the global mountain bikenetwork, blake samson. - in action.

(upbeat electronic rock music) (dirt crunching) (leaves shifting) (tyres tapping) - rather him than me. - i could see why we arepresenters on the road channel. - yeah, i'm safer sat down. - i mean this is extreme fore me. (chair bumping)

- very good. right! if you haven't yet subscribed to global cycle network please do so by clicking on the globe. if you'd like to buy any of our merchandise including hoodies, tee shirts, bottles and awhole host of other things - beer glasses.

there's a link in the cornerof the screen, right now. - now, for graham watson's top 10 photos of all time click just downhere, that is a cool video. - yeah, or in the othercorner you can find our video on climbing made easy. - it's never easy really, is it? but, it's kind of easier, is it? did our best.

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