Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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let's take a look at how we're going to remove the front overhead dome coversto get access to the old halogen bulbs. you'll be using the fork shape tool. and you'll be inserting between theplastic trim and the plastic housing here. now when you insert between, you'regoing to pry it lose to separate the plastic lens cover from the overhead dome. you should be able to release the cover. when you flip it around, you should beable to see about 6 to 8 plastic clips that are holding that cover in place.

you're gonna use the pointed wedge tool nowto remove the old halogen bulbs in order to replace them with the new leds. now in order to get access to the twofront overhead map lights, you'll need to remove the entire overhead assembly to get access from behind. you will need a t25 style torx ...torx wrench and you'll need to remove the screwfrom the sunglass holder. once you have that removed,use the blunt edge of the pointed wedge tool to gently pry and release the entire assembly. once you have the assembly removed,

from the back side you'll seetwo twist to lock t10 connectors. you'll be turning them counterclockwise to release them,and just pull them out. once you have them released, you'll be able to remove the t10 bulb as shown here just by pulling them out with your hands. you can then replace it with the new led. when you insert them again,turn them clockwise to secure it in place. go ahead and test those leds to make sure they work. if they don't, you can always of course reverse the polarity of those led bulbsand then reinsert them to test again.

to insert the overhead console back into the headliner, just push it back in place. screw the t25 torx screw back into place and make sure to replace the cover for the overhead dome lights from earlier in the installation. now, it's a little bit easier to get access to therear overhead dome lights because there's only one assembly. again you're gonna to use the blunt edge of the pointed wedge tool and you'll be using it to gently pry it loose, not from the headliner,but from the actual assembly

that's in the headliner. just run the tool around the edges until they pop out. there should be four connectors holding it in placeonce you flip that cover over to see. you can use your fingers to remove those t10 bulbs and replace them with the new leds. again, once you have the new leds in place,you'll wanna go ahead and test. if they don't work, it's ok. go ahead and flip them aroundto reverse polarity and try again. let's take a look at the courtesy door lights.

you'll be using the pointed wedge tool to remove the assembly from the door trim. insert the pointed end into the housingwhere there's an indentation and you'll be able to pry the housing loose. you'll wanna remove the plug to remove powerbefore working on this assembly. once you have the plug removed,you need to remove the black protective cover in order to gain access to that halogen bulb. you can use the pointed wedge to remove the t10 bulb easily from the housing. once you have it out, insert the new led.

and plug it back into the connectorjust to test to see if it works. again, if it does not work the first time, reverse the polarity of the led and try again. make sure to replace that black coverbefore inserting the housing back into the door. the audi a4 trunk light is essentiallythe same type as the courtesy door lights. you need to enter the tool into the indentation the assembly to remove the assembly from the aluminum lining. follow the same steps you did as thecourtesy door lights,

and you'll be able to install this one pretty quickly. now in order to gain access to the license plate lights,you'll actually be using two tools. the blunt edge of the pointed wedgeand when we consider the rounded wedge. there is a section of that license platehousing where you can insert the first tool and force it towards the outside. and you'll use the other tool's edgein order to remove it by prying down. once you have the assembly out, you'll need to get access to that festoon type bulb to remove the halogen and replace it with the new led.

now the leds that we use for the licenseplate light are canbus type leds that are required in order for the lightsnot to give warnings on your audi's dash. once you have these ones inserted, go ahead and test before reinserting the entire assembly to make sure they work. as always if you have additional questions or comments, you can reach us on the web at there's also a contact section availableon the web page where you can get a hold of us directly, the email or sales line.

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