Thursday, February 16, 2017

swimming pool debris cover

so i got my pool here, and the pressure isreally weak. you can see the psi is down to like 3 pounds. we'll have to see how low thewater is. so i'm going to open the filter pump basket and take a look at what we gotgoing on here. first, i'm going to come over here and turn the water off. there we, i can actually hear it down there. it didn't sound too good. just going to take a look inside the pumpbasket right here and see what we got. i use my billy club screwdriver. oh yeah,it's packed. it could be worse. got this stuff, clear all this out. now what we want to dois feel down there in the pump basket. check the impeller back here. oh yeah, i can feelall kinds of debris inside there. so i think

that's what's keeping our pump from pushingwater through like it should. pull all this little stuff out of the impeller itself. itjust gets so built-up. all that stuff. it's keeping the impeller from being able to movethe water. see all that there. you can't really see insidethere, you’re just going to do it by feel. now if i need to… this one, i don't thinki need to, but what i can do is if there's briefly. and then flip it back off right away.we don't want to run it dry and just enough to free up the stuff. i'll do that now. sothat way, i can free everything up. now that it's stopped, we can get the rest out of there. see, if our filter was clogged, the pressurewould've been a lot higher. this one is just…

the impeller wasn't able to move the water.there was just too much debris inside, right there. ok, now we got the majority of it outof there. had some major wind storms yesterday; major wind storm today. palm springs. it'sjust blowing the dirt right across the highway. i have to drive right through it. i saw apretty major windstorm last year, might have seen some of the footage on that. this is just what happens after a wind storm.the pump filter baskets get filled up, and then a little bit of debris gets by. ok. sonow, i'll put our lid back on. tighten it down there, about ready to fire it up. youcan hear the sound difference already. go ahead and purge the air out from here. nowthe pressure is... it's showing 8 pounds.

now, that's much better. nice. so that's allit was, it was just the debris down there. we're good to go. now, our pressure is showingmore where it should be. good to go. the impeller was just clogged. all fixed.

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