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swimming pool langley

on how it's made underwater robots terms band saws ski and trekking poles huh hai robots perform many underwater taskswhich are impossible or are too risky for scuba divers to carry out

like collecting samples from the oceanfloor for scientific research exploring shipwrecks inspectingunderwater pipelines searching for planted explosives or recovering bodies this particular underwater robot isdesigned to find unconscious drowning victims recent incidents has shown isthat a person recovered within ninety minutes can survive without brain damagewhen rescuers follow as specific resuscitation protocol the robot usesprotruding interlocking jog to grab the victim by a lien and haul him or her tothe surface it's on-board camera gives operators atthe surface an underwater view

when the waters to murky to see anythingvideo enhancing technology and imaging sonar detect the outline of objects with several thrusters propelled therobot through the water for each one technicians increased then positionsapparent orleans onto end caps which they install on each end of the thrusterhousing the our aims to seal the end capskeeping water enters the motor located inside the housing the motors shaft protrude through thepropeller and capped a mechanical bail secures both roster and caps to thehousing

they feel the thruster with oil thisprevents the thruster from imploding under pressure as the robot descendsdeeper and deeper after feeling they drop out vacuum to remove any airbubbles control of the oil into every nook and cranny then they installed a reservoir whichthey also feel with oil when the under water pressure buildsthis backup oil supply feels any remaining minuscule air gap the vacuummight've missed they close the reservoir with theceiling screw to present any oil from leaking out

now they turned their attention to thethrusters main component act to delay propeller made of durable nylon it goeson the back end of the thrusters it they installed the camera chassis ontothe robot this chassis also carries the majority of the robots electron x such as the computer communicationsequipment and lighting it here they're hooking up the belt forthe tiny motor which tells the camera to look at up and down they cover the camera chassis with atransparent acrylic don't called the viewing port park apathy noting c l_keeps water out

they installed the robots power supplyat the opposite end of the robot then in case it in a metal tube sealed on bothsides with an end cap and owning the or them for the first is to work atmaximum efficiency the robot must be neutrally buoyant meaning neither to lighten or too heavy so once the robot is fitted with all itsclusters and electronics technicians install the main flout certain modelshave additional floats they capture each propeller with invented cover calledaccord two nozzle

this isolates the water flow maximizingthe propellers efficiency these bumper frames act like the bumpers on a carthey absorb the force of impact protecting the robot from damage limiting counters underwater objects the bumper frames also serve as astructure to attach the lights and other components as well as specialized toolssuch as that quick release job which grabs the victim by elaine they installed the job at an angle sothat it doesn't block the camera's view now the sonar unit it also mastered thebumper frames or

the solar projects a one hundred thirtydegree left her a three-d_ image onto a monitor at the surface selling the atone of objects around the robot pool finally at the top they installed astrobe light a flashing buchanan which tells rescuerson the surface exactly where the robot is but every underwater robot goes out fora test drive they submerging in a tank which is essentially an aquariuminhabited by fish of the stick on friday these inanimate creatures adhere to theglass provide colorful images on which testers can focus and unfocused thecamera

from there on an the first mission inopen water awaits the king there are many ways to make a listeningear but no matter how it stacks up people seemed to never get enough ofthis classic italian dailies popular nilly for centuries its appealtranscends boundaries and cultures cool anywhere can resist all thoselayers of flavor ruffled the flat noodles define lasagnathey give its structure in between the layers the possibilities are endlessingredients vary depending on the recipe

before a veggie lasagna things start offwith such a tiny ins seasoned with pepper insulting they add pureed tomatoes to theconscience mix blades stir the ingredients as theysinger in the steam heated mixer and in no time they have a full bodytomato sauce they've got the tomato sauce intel is on your times this saucybase is the first layer of flavor but it also servesa practical purpose preventing the noodles from sticking to the bottom ofthe trade during baking workers arrange the broad and crinkledlasagna noodles all over the sauce

these noodles had been made from a blendof whole grain and some alina flowers for texture that's firm yet tender now for the filling ingredients this factory lasagna will be made ofroasted organic vegetables they include chunks of broccoli and uniformly mincedpeppers onions carrots zucchini and mushrooms they load the sliced and diced veggiesinto the next steam heated mixer the blades swing into action to stir theingredients as they drown in oil this causes the natural sugars to break downand the vegetables becomes sweeter

creamy mozzarella cheese will offset thesugary taste of the veggies they add the caramelized veggies theshredded mozzarella and more passed a new does building the layers of flavor and there's a lot more to come over in another steam heated mixer acombination of milk oil anne rice flour is on the low boil paddles distribute the ingredients andthe sauce begins to thicken shredded monterey jack and parmesancheese is will enhance the cream tennis an add another dimension of flavor

as serious a dash of nutmeg and anotherone of salt and spices adap after more stirring action the whitesauce is velvety smooth and substantially thicker meanwhile a worker shovels crests into agrinder the crusts are broken pieces from a piece of production line and theydidn't ride to a specific consistency so they should wind up nicely a spiraling blade it turns the crustinto uniform crowns a classic lasagna topping adding a bit of crimes to the recipe

with these final ingredients they'reready to pile it on thick as the layering process continues this mealreally comes together the cream sauce and breadcrumbs are thefinishing touches with numerous sous chefs involved thingshappen the whole lot faster here than on the homefront they assembled forty-eightsingle serving lasagne dish as per minute at this factory and place them entrees and transfer themto a specialized freezer this is a blast freezer which is alsoknown as a shock freezer it brings down the temperature of foodsvery rapidly preserving the flavor

on the next year the removed phyllis i'mhis from the freezer it's time to wrap up this meal those ideas rider convey our through acarton of cellophane an automated system pete seals the wraparound the trays things move swiftly to prevent fine they package seventy-five lasagna ispermitted on this line and then it's back in the freezer to await shipping bug once something only mama made nowworkers and missions team up to mass

produce this traditional comfort food so it mealtime one only has to pop the frozen lasagnein the event and then months yet from the home works out to the factoryfloor the band saw is one of the most popularpower tools around it's called a band saw because the blade is a metal band withteeth that moves continuously in the looparound two or three rotating wheels it can make straight

and angles cuts this is an industrial themself designedto cut wood aluminum encompasses materials such as plexiglas it can cut pieces after thirtycentimeters thick and can divided board up to one hundred centimeters wide intotwo equal sections the tabletop tales to a maximum fortyfive degrees for angled cuts it's made a sturdy cast iron the band saw manufacturer purchases itfrom a nearby foundry then uses a rotary grinder to make the surface as we see onthe right smooth and shiny

gold one of the size key components is theslower bearing case it links the motor to the lower of two cast iron mealswhich turned the salt lake workers will later amount that lowerwe'll on one end of the bearing case shafting now on the opposite end of theshaft they mounted rightfully the motor will rotate the drive pulleytraining the shaft and consequently the lower we'll on the opposite and whichmoves the saab late looped around the lower and after wheels them battled those cast-iron mealsmeanwhile nida robert adds to ensure the

blatant moves smoothly and withoutslipping workers position and died over the firstwe'll then slipped a rubber band onto the diet king next they called both the edge ofthe wheel and the rubber band on the guide with contact cemented he said then they carefully pulled the rubberband off the guide flip it over and press the good side against the bootsurface of the wheel and the first we'll now has a rubber eyesdanced

they repeat the same procedure for thesecond we'll in the meantime another department aswell did the band saws steel cabinet after the cabinet gets a paint jobworkers begin installing the various components among them the supportassembly for the after we'll behind the wall on which they mountedthe after we'll down at the bottom and protruding forward through the hole inthe wild they installed the support for the lower we'll this support is the shaft of the lowerbearing case decide opposite to drive toward

after mounting the lower we'll theymoved behind the wall installed an electric motor rate too lowto lower bearing case and link the two with a pair of pants so now when the motor runs the policerotates and the lower we'll turns next labeled in the table top it tilts ontranny ins pairs of mating half circle cast-iron supports one attached to thetables underside the other two the cabinets table frame now for the most critical part of theassembly process workers use this in

g_a_t_t_ as a precision guide to alignthe wheels the wheels must be perfectly balanced to keep the saw blades stablewallets cutting once the alignments complete workersremove the jake and glued to steal some blade around the two wheels they adjust the major to the correcthotness by simply setting the tension gauge to the width of the blade anything and finally the last at above the tabletop they mounted bearings which guide the blade

vic without these the blade would wobbleorganised offline due to the force of cutting through the word or other hardmaterial now a final check to ensure everythingrun smoothly and make absolutely sure this band stock is up to speed when itcomes to cutting construction materials with a scheme down a snowy slopes orhiking up iraqi one pointed metal poles can provide muchneeded support they had balance and read them to bothexperiences aluminum poles were first developed forskiing in recent years

the concept has been modified fortracking polls ski poles and tracking polls look-alikebut there are important differences ski poles are once at length while trekkingpoles can be extended as needed ski poles begin with hollow shafts needof aircraft grade aluminum they bake them for up to twelve hours to stiffenthe metal next to the polls travel between rollers which apply pressure tostraighten venables this differing of the metal beforehandis key here it insures that the aluminum doesn't snap during this criticalstraightening with they insert one end of the skipoles shaft into a device that squeezes

it down to precisely tapered dimensionsgrowing langley it's a shape that will better resistbreakage and will also make the poll easier to swing an automated cutting tools virals intothe shaft even the jagged edge another cutter spins around the outsideof the wider and of the poll to treatment next a machine punches the little holein that wider and the whole will save as a guide insuring the stand soaring ofthe trade name and artwork onto the exterior

with the ski poles tapered entry andthey head into an inspection station a supervisor scrutinizes each one once hegives them the thumbs up they're ready for sending the ski poles span between two sandingbelts to remove dusty residue and i thought the surface so that painful leaphere the polls in l twelve on an overhead rail as a spray gun applies thepaint t an automated tools and squeegee speedthrough stencils to transfer designs and lettering on to the polls

each pass of the squeegee like toolapplies a different color and this layering effect builds up the designsthen the pollster now head towards and acid bath an electrical current ripples throughthe acid solution this causes the polls to oxidize for scratch resistant finishcalled anodizing pdf meanwhile on the tracking pollsproduction line machinery inserts long wire bristle brushes into the variousshafts this wraps up the inner surface it's a step that will enable andexpander defies tune cryptic to extend

the polls a strange and coats some unfinishedpolls with clear lacquer the owner of the factory now surveys a line-up of ski poles he's on the lookout for smudges or otherflaws they meet his approval and so it's onto the next step a carriage moves each ski poles forwardtowards a carbide tip impresses the taped into the taper damp with this stuff taking place this skipole is now a quick to pierce any hard

snowpack and next though workers slidesrubber grips onto the handle end of the polls like a big automated fiesta a hydraulicmechanism shows the grip more tightly on to the polls and um... there are many different kinds of gripseach with a different look and feel depending on the type of poll being made some ski pole grips even have clips forattaching gloves trekking poles shafts now roll down theproduction line

an automated arm slides plastic sleeveswith carbide points onto the lower shaft section jim a spinning tool tries to part of anexpanded mechanism into the tracking polls middle shaft this expander will allow the poll to belengthened or shortened to the user's preference kick machine me then inserts the otherpart of the expander mechanism into the lower sheftel finally workers samples the parts andsliding one section of the expanded

mechanism on the other finally she sharpens the tapes and thesepolls are now ready for action

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