Monday, March 6, 2017

swimming pool lift

well sal's our big loser and we are herein astoria sports complex who, by happenstance, are looking to update their website. right, so of course they're gonna need new photos. and where better to start than their water aerobics class. are you ready for this? i'm snapping photos for this? you're the photographer. yeah.

you're the photographer. wait, what the [bleep]are you talking about? [ laughter ] what the [bleep]are you saying that... yo, now i'm gettingall this in my head now. now he gets it. inhale as you expand up, and exhale. q: so, this is a real water aerobics class.

joe: yes. the instructor is in on it. these people? victims. murr: who, by the way, have been told to ignore the photographer. q: here he comes now. look at this! here he is.

q: oh, my god! my favorite part is that sal had to wear a shirt so we can hideall the electronics. sal, show us all the electronics in your back. look at that! he looks likethe hunchback of best buy. lean to take a picture of this instructor, and fall into the pool. woman: really push down. push down underneath you.

q: there he goes. there he goes. joe: he can't do it! he can't do it! you got to lean closer,lean closer. just use the water. sal: whoopsie. how you doing, sir? sorry i crashed. he had the presence of mind

to say, "whoopsie" before he hit the water. woman: and press back. i want a little action in this one, so i'm just gonnasplash some water up in front of the camera. woman:remember to lift tall. sal laughing. he's got to go underwater. sal, bounce and sink.

♪♪ woman: really good, guys. and now flip quick behind you. selfie withthis guy behind you. nice. working thoseouter thighs... q: sal, go underwater, emerge too close to people, and take their photo like right in their face. sal, this guy's got a reallynice bathing suit, right?

q: he does. don't do it to me, joe. yeah, maybe we should geta close up of the bathing suit? sal: oh, man. q: here we go. oh, my... stop!he's trying to get him. murr: look at the look this guy just shot him. keep going, keep going.

oh, my god. another one. great trunks. joe: he has a natural retreat. sal, see that guy in the front there? get as close as you can to him. lock eyes with him,and then just sink underwater. joe: here he goes. -look at him, look at him. -lock eyes.

-get creepy, get creepy. -lock eyes. murr: take it, take it! sal, go stand next to the instructor. go to take a picture over her shoulder. woman: good. all right. bring your arms up.

arms way up in the air, go "yikers!" sal: raise them nice and tall. "yikers!" q: well done, gentlemen. sal: sorry. well done. cannonball, fellas. cannonball.

i feel like such an idiot right now.

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