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the 133,500 ton carnival vista carries a maximum of 4,980 passengers. the beach pool is one of three pools and also serves as carnival vista’s seaside theater. the area surrounding the beach pool is three decks high to allow plenty of space for passengers, both shady and sunny. the beach pool is also a popular area because guy’s burger joint is close by. guy's burger joint features a variety of freshly grilled burgers made a number of ways. open most of the day, guy's burger joint is a carnival passenger favorite. carnival vista’s waterworks area features two water slides. both slides wind downward to the deck, sending riders in a circular motion. the power drencher is a giant bucket of water that fills rather quickly.

once full, the power drencher dumps on anyone below. a number of colorful water features. waterworks is a trademarked feature found on a number of carnival ships. fun for all ages at waterworks. skyride and skycourse are two more top-deck features. skycourse is a ropes course with a variety of features. skycourse takes a bit of agility to complete. skycourse takes passengers high above deck - with a safety harness, of course. skyride is a one-of-a-kind feature that takes riders on a trip high above the deck.

skyride may be closed during periods of high wind. sportsquare has a variety of active lifestyle activities. sportsquare has a full-size basketball court. sportsquare is within view of the ropes course too. the full-size basketball court at sportsquare. there are abundant open deck spaces on the carnival vista. arranged in multiple areas, there is always a deck chair available. the aft pool is a popular place at sailaway and features twin whirlpool tubs. the red frog pub & brewery has an inviting inside entrance.

redfrog pub & brewery is the result of a unique collaboration between carnival and miami-based concrete beach brewery. the red frog pub & brewery is the first brewery at sea in north america. an onboard brewmaster oversees the process of making carnival’s three diffferent brews. brewed here: thirstyfrog port hoppin’ ipa, thirstyfrog caribbean wheat and friskyfrog java stout. thirstyfrog port hoppin’ ipa offers aromatic, floral and hoppy notes with passion fruit and citrus overtone. in the atrium of the carnival vista, a led light funnel changes throughout the day. the lobby area and led light funnel, seen from two decks above. the led light funnel changes with the music being played at the time. not far away, another led light funnel emanates from the casino bar below. this one is enclosed in glass to prevent cigarette smoke from filling the area.

the casino features all the popular games, including wheel of fortune. one of a number of banks of slot machines in the carnival vista casino. the popular cherry on top candy store also has hand-crafted ice cream on the carnival vista. cherry on top is one of a number of retail venues that surround the casino’s led funnel. carnival vista’s cherry on top is the largest in the carnival fleet. also in this area is fahrenheit 555, the ship’s steakhouse. across the hall from the steakhouse is the alchemy bar. not far away is also the quiet library bar. bonsai sushi is one of a number of specialty restaurants.

all around the carnival vista, easy-to-read signage points passengers in the right direction. cloud 9 spa suites share a layout similar to other suites on the ship, with a light and airy decor. cloud 9 spa suites feature double-sink bathrooms. the family harbor area is for families only. the family harbor lounge is a close-by place for families to gather. the family harbor lounge also serves breakfast. family harbor-area inside staterooms are roomy. family harbor oceanview staterooms feature big windows. family harbor cove balconies are large.

family harbor quad inside cabins feature bunk beds. family harbor suites invite the entire family to share a cabin in comfort. family harbor suites are roomy. family harbor accommodations feature split bathrooms, one with a bath and the other with a shower. family harbor suites have a shower in one bathroom and a tub in another. a convenient mailbox is outside each cabin on the ship. a standard balcony cabin has a sofa. a standard balcony cabin offers a desk, television and refrigerator too. another view of the standard balcony cabin.

balcony cabins also have a large mirror above the desk. cabins feature usb ports on the desk. ocean suites feature a large tv and comfortable sofa. ocean suite bathrooms feature a double sink and plenty of storage. ocean suite bathrooms feature a full-size tub and shower. fast internet brings a number of advantages on carnival vista. the funhub offers a variety of online entertainment options. the digital photo gallery enables passengers to see all their photos in one place. the funhub app is a must to download before boarding.

like the spa area of the ship, the havana cabins also have a character of their own. havana suites feature light and airy caribbean-themed decor. havana suites open up onto an ocean-facing lanai. havana suites may just keep passengers from leaving their cabin - they are that nice. this is havana suite balconies. the havana suite is a decidedly different stateroom on carnival vista. the havana suite shower is roomy. havana suites feature double-sink bathrooms. not far from havana staterooms is the havana bar.

the havana bar features a number of little seating nooks. comfortable chairs in the havana bar. the havana bar has a variety of seating options. the havana bar invites guests to linger. the havana bar is one of the most thoughtfully decorated spaces on the carnival vista. the havana bar also has an area that actually looks like a bar. the havana bar is host to cuban music from time to time. the havana bar specializes in custom caribbean-themed rum drinks. the havana bar has some of the best music on the ship.

close to the havana bar is the seafood shack. the seafood shack features a number of fresh fish dishes. the seafood shack is also a walk-up dining venue accessible from the aft pool. abundant shopping options are available in a number of stores on the carnival vista. the carnival vista also features a carnival logo wear shop. camp ocean is one of a variety of youth program opportunities available on the carnival vista. the clubhouse is another youth activity area. the lido marketplace is the ship's buffet area. the lido marketplace, like many other venues on board, has caribbean-themed decor.

also featured in the lido marketplace - as well as the red frog pub - are self-serve beer stations. something fresh is always being carved in the lido marketplace on the carnival vista. the serenity adults-only area of the carnival vista is the highest public space on the ship. ji ji asian kitchen is one of the best dining venues onboard. ji ji is also a culinary lesson in asian cuisine. potstickers are a passenger favorite at ji ji asian kitchen. also featured on the carnival vista is the first-ever imax theatre at sea. carnival vista’s imax theatre brings a unique land experience to sea.

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