Monday, March 20, 2017

swimming pool queenstown

2015 has now come and gone reminding us allthat we’re all getting older and it’s going to take even longer to scroll throughthe years to select your birth year on those online forms now. believe me, it’ll getmore and more annoying every year. but my 2015 was actually quite exciting! i startedthe year like many before it. i had no clue how i was going to stay in the country. ihad been looking for a job for a while and finally landed a great one in late january!turns out they pulled me in for my first interview cause they thought one of my youtube videoswere funny and liked puns. also at the beginning of the year besidesfrom kicking off with 78000 subscribers, i moved in to a flat with my friend dodie. itwas something i never thought could happen,

but it did and we’ve been living here fora year now! sometimes we argue about the silliest of things, but for the most part, we good. after flying to florida in february to attendmy 4th playlist live, dodie and i flew to new zealand in march and went on a road trip!we met loads of viewers in auckland, went to hobbiton which for some reason here lookslike a nipple. i can assure you dodie and i did not stand next to a giant nipple. thatis a hobbit door, folks. it's the central knob. other than that though, we also gotto relive a lot of the lord of the rings and even got to go swimming through the cavesin waitomo with glowworms! jumping off caves i nearly hit my head on the cave ceiling thoughcause i'm a bit too tall!

my favourite part of the trip was during ourlong drive to queenstown when we took a long detour through the mountains to get to edorasor mt sunday. we passed this beautiful lake in the mountains and had to stop and takepictures! we also may've sung a little song. then when night fell the stars filled thesky so much i swear i’d never seen so many in my life. and that was also the first timei'd ever seen the milky way out in person and it was just beautiful. later on, we hung out with friends in melbourneaustralia, and then we went exploring sydney. we also accidentally bumped into tony abbottthe prime minister at the time in a cafe! bit weird, mate.

after visiting belgium and luxembourg thenext month, some friends and i did a 10 day road trip all around the west of the us! igot to hike up angel’s landing in zion national park and sleep in a navajo mud hut. however,according to everyone on the trip i snored very loudly so they kept throwing their thingsat me to try and shut me up, but i’d always fall back asleep before they could and they’dend up having to try and wake me again and hope to fall asleep before me. i woke in themorning covered in bras and trousers. it looked like i had quite a crazy night. and that’swhy steve calls me the snorlax, but i was sick okay? i don’t always snore. i actuallyhave a sore throat right now, so if i was snoring yesterday that's probably why.

on one of the last days of the trip i tookthe challenge to hike down to the bottom of the grand canyon. it proved a lot harder thani thought when at the very bottom while setting up my camera i fell into a giant cactus. fromthen on, i was known as the cactus guy. after taking a weekend trip to denmark, julyrolled around and i went on my annual trip to la for vidcon! i got to hang out with manyfriends that i missed from america and i met some new ones too! i like how i even drewthe rain there cause ya know i am british. so british it even rains in la when i'm there.yeah. speaking of meeting new friends, when i gotback to england i had an open saturday so i sprung for a ticket to brighton to go onthe stony beach and there i got to meet my

friend gabby! we hadn’t planned to hangout for so long, but we ended up chatting the whole day playing pool, drinking cider,and eating wagamamas. also her cat did one of the smelliest poos i’ve ever witnessedin my life. that thing could wake the dead. also i made another good friend in brightonnamed connie. she’s pretty rad! sorry i can't draw you connie. in september, dodie, bry, and i went to israeland got to explore tel aviv and jerusalem. coincidentally while we went there was quitea rare sandstorm happening, but we all still had a really good time. also a very hot time.because it was hot. did i mention it was really hot? cause it was one of the hottest thingsi've ever done in my life. one of the coolest

things we got to do though was float in thedead sea. it was such a weird experience not needing to tread water to stay afloat! however,some of my skin was raw from walking so much so it felt like my legs were on fire for theentirety that i was in the water. i wanted to be dead. join the dead sea. with the deadyeah. also in september i made a decision to leavethe company i was at to pursue a more challenging role heading acquisition for an startup calledtrafi. i really liked the vision of the app and how it could help people down the roadso it didn’t make the decision too hard. i got to hang out with the other employeesin lithuania while playing laser tag and they were pretty great.

around this time i met a girl from tinderand we hit it off quite well. for our third date i took her to the premiere of ed sheeran’smovie in london and somehow we got in the final cut of the film. there’s literallya solid 5 seconds of us getting papped in the film. it's amazing.definitely date goals. i’m just glad she kept talking to me after i rage quit froma game of civilization 5. that game just takes too long sometimes! in november, my friend luke and i took a tripto slovenia and got to explore the deep caves of postojna. postojna cave! we both reallyenjoyed it despite the fact it was so ridiculously cold. i forgot to bring a coat on my tripbecause something must be wrong with my brain

and luke got to drive the train. it was prettycool. sadly in december, the lovely girl i’d metin september had to go back to the us cause she was only here for a semester abroad. nomatter how many times i tried convincing myself i wouldn’t get attached and i wouldn’tfeel upset, cause i knew she was moving back, i knew it wouldn't be long, we weren't evena thing, but we were a thing, but we weren't a thing, i very much did get attached andi very much was upset. i had quite a disconsolate car ride taking her to the airport. i wouldlike to explain that day as the polar opposite of love actually at the departures gate atheathrow. every christmas i end up chilling in londonalone cause everyone else always goes to hang

out with their families, so this year i decidedto go somewhere hot and exotic on holiday. i flew off to bali and got to see and experiencesuch a unique culture that even though a lot of things went wrong during my trip includingsome pretty bad food poisoning and sleep deprivation, i managed to enjoy myself. i got to scubadive through a sunken us ship at one point. it was amazing. and i also fully travel vloggedthe entire thing and i'm really proud of the travel vlogs so if you haven't yet checkedout my travel channel, please go here. check that out. cause the videos up there are amazing. i’ve got a lot of exciting stuff plannedfor 2016 and i just wanted to thank all of you for coming along for the ride whetheryou’ve been here for a long time, if you've

been here since 2015, it doesn't really mattereven if you subscribed yesterday. thank you! thank you for being here. if you liked thisthough and you liked my amazing art, be sure to give this video a big thumbs up, and checkout my last video if you haven’t yet! i’ll see you guys next week. thank you so muchfor watching. good bye!

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