Tuesday, March 21, 2017

swimming pool roseville ca

several people are being treated. a child was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. four others have moderate injuries. a toddler was found fleeting in water and not breathing. it happened at the northland

passage apartment. kmbc's haley says it was the quick thinking of -- by the time paramedics got down this street, they say this girl was was breathe wug was still blue. firefighters tell us the toddler

was sitting on the edge of the pool, her mom turned away for just a moment and that's when a bystander said is that kid ok. the girl was floating in the water. someone at the pool pulled her out. when paramedics arrived, the

girl was sitting up, choking and vomenting. time is of the essence. you want to get oxygen to the brain as quickly as possible. so with us being a minute away, that cuts that time down drastically. now, this little girl was

taken to children's mercy hospital but is expected to be ok. kmbc 9 news. the little girl wasn't

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