Wednesday, March 29, 2017

swimming pools covers

if you are using swimming pool covers foryour swimming pool as a means of protection, you need to keep in mind that these pool coversalso require their own security. any type of swimming pool requires a specificprotective method to keep it intact from seasonal factors such as the winter elements. intensely cold temperatures which may dropbelow freezing point could freeze your entire swimming pool cover, which may cause cracksand further damage to it. there are many ways to prevent these thingsfrom happening. most pool owners think that these covers aregood to be left unprotected for all the seasons. however, this is a commonly committed are some tips and techniques to properly

take care of your swimming pool cover. removing ice and water from the pool cover. the most effective way to remove water andice from the cover is to utilize a pump. you might have to wait for the temperature tobecome warmer for the ice to melt. removing the ice while it has still not meltedis not a good idea because the ice may have sharp edges which can slice the surface ofthe pool cover. an inch of water on top of the pool coveris recommended if you want to prevent the winds from blowing the cover off. protecting your pool cover from leaves andtree branches.

branches and leaves falling from the treesto the cover can sometimes damage your pool cover. sharp and rugged edges of twigs or branchesmay scratch the cover surface and leave holes and markings on it. you can ask the help of a professional treespecialist to remove branches which are susceptible to fall off in the pool. a leaf net is also advised for those who findit tedious to remove dead leaves from the cover occasionally.

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