Tuesday, March 28, 2017

swimming pool with no edge

[music playing] america's number one sellingfloat goes where you go. swimways' spring floatrecliner is totally unique, with a patented twistable designthat folds and stores easily. here's how to get started. it sets up in seconds. once inflated, immediatelycover the valve opening with your index finger tostop the air from escaping. then press the valve stem intothe float to lock the seal.

once the valve is pressedin, the air will not escape. then replace the valvecap, pressing firmly. and repeat with the other valve. when you're ready todeflate, pop it back open and pull out the stem. our jet valve technologyautomatically releases the air. you'll need to pressdown on the float to release all of the air. then repeat withthe other valve.

now you're ready to fold. start by holding your handshere at 10 and two position, with palms facing out. then bring your handstogether in an upward motion in front of you,overlapping them, and the float will naturallyclose automatically into three circles. don't force it. look, the float automaticallydoes all the folding for you.

it's that easy. let me show you one more time. remember, it shouldn't feellike you're forcing the fold. it should feel natural, likeit's folding all by itself. again, position your hands at 10and two, with palms facing out. bring in your hands togetherand, in an upward motion, overlapping your hands, and thefloat will collapse and fold see? some spring floatfans find it easier

to use their feet when folding. same position as before, 10and two, with palms facing out. and then secure thefloat with your feet by stepping on the metalspring around the perimeter to secure the floatto the ground. then bring your handstogether in a downward motion in front of you,overlapping them, and done. a simple elastic band keepsit nice, neat, and folded, so you can take iteverywhere you go.

your spring float recliner isready for your next adventure.

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