Friday, March 31, 2017

swimming pools in auckland

(cheers and applause). >> james: thanks for beinghere. how are you, reg, did you have agood break. >> it was so cool, like yeah,got captured hold graphically and did a bunch of pr [bleep]sorry. >> james: you know we are ontv. >> reggie: that is what comesafter it. >> james: you did what,virtual. >> i have a virtual realitything but whatever.

the important thing is that it'syour birthday. (cheers and applause)and there are a lot of people here that would like to be herethat couldn't have been here. so i would like to say that iproduced it, but i didn't. but here is a real. check it out. >> happy birthday to you. ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ happy birthday dear wonderful,talent, sonny james.

♪ just wanted to wish you a veryhappy birthday to you. miss you and love you very much. bye. birthday, birthday. ♪ birthday, happy birthday! >> you're getting old, mate. happy birthday. can't wait to see you. cheersz plaws.

>> this is your man, i want towish you a very, very happy birthday. i was told you are a big fan ofmy song. ♪ this is how we do it. ♪ that when you hear it it putsin a good mood. so for your birthday i got you agift. actually i have a better idea. this is how we do it. ♪ mon tel jordan.

what's up, y'all. this is how redo it. it is your birthday. come on, come on. ♪ it's monday night. ♪ i feel all right. ♪ the party's here. ♪ so i wish, i turn it up. ♪♪ it feels so good.

♪ in my hood. ♪ gangbangers. ♪ you got to get the groove on. ♪ before you go. ♪ so throw your hands up. ♪ let me hear the party say. ♪(cheers and applause) >> james: oh! thank you so much.

>> happy birthday(cheers and applause) listen, i done know how long cani stay but it's your birthday. and so i wanted to bringsomething special for you. because i know how you lovemusic. i love music. i love watching you. the swroi you bring to peoplewhen it am coulds to music. so i wanted to give you a gift. music is the soundtrack to ourlives.

so i got something for you. and i'm going to try it overhere. you get to keep this. and so whenever you are having abad day. whenever things are just notgoing the way you want them to, you take this out at yourleisure. >> this is how we do it. party break. it's yours.

>> james: it's the greatestpresent i could ever have. do we go to break now? the whole rehearsal thisafternoon was just pointless. we will do it tomorrow. i can't believe it. montell jordan. ♪

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