Monday, April 3, 2017

swimming pools in city of london

hi. i'm david hill with new york habitat. welcome to our video tour of westminster, a beautiful and historic neighborhood right in the heart of london. westminster is the political and cultural heart of london. here you will find the seat of government, the tombs of kings and queens, the residence of the royal family, and a wealth of history and beauty.

the district of westminster that we will be showing today is bounded to the north by mayfair and trafalgar square, to the west by knightsbridge and chelsea, and to the east and south by the river thames. we will start at the iconic palace of westminster which is better known as the house of parliament. the first royal palace was built on this site in the eleventh century and has been the centre of political life in the uk since the thirteenth century.

the building we see today was completed around 1870 and is the meeting place of both the house of commons and the house of lords. since the first abbey was constructed on this site more than 1000 years ago, westminster abbey has seen royal weddings, memorials, and funerals and the most recent royal wedding to take place was that of prince william and kate in 2011. if you plan your trip wisely you

can witness the changing of the guard at buckingham palace, the official residence of the british royal family. watch the royal guards follow their time honoured tradition in the courtyard of this beautiful palace. the palace state rooms are also open to the public during a limited period in the summer. of course, if you'd like to experience westminster like a true local, you should definitely rent a vacation rental or furnished apartment from new york habitat.

there's no better way to experience this city than to live in a real london apartment. there are nearly 5000 acres of royal parks in london. st james' park is the oldest and was turned from a marsh into a royal park four hundred years ago. these parks are open to the public and you can walk from buckingham palace across the park to the government buildings at horse guards parade

if you are wondering how to get to westminster then victoria station is your best bet. victoria station saw more than 73 million people come through the gates in 2011. from victoria you can take buses nationwide, trains to the south of the uk and gatwick airport, and travel through the extensive underground network. belgrave square is in the heart of westminster, one of the most expensive and sought after residential areas

in london if not the world. the grand stucco-fronted houses are typical of 19th century architecture. just round the corner from belgrave square you'll find a traditional public house or 'pub' called the grenadier. home to the traditional cask ales and classic cooking you can enjoy a pint and a proper fish and chips! you can find similar pubs throughout westminster

with their historic names and individual decor. well, we've come to the end of our video tour here in westminster london. if you know of any hot spots that we've missed, we would love to hear from you. make sure you leave a comment, in the comment section below. and if you're coming to london, be sure to visit our website at

and book a vacation rental or furnished apartment with new york habitat. you'll find furnished apartments all over this great city. i'm david hill with new york habitat. thanks for joining us and we hope to see you soon in this fantastic city of london!

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