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swimming pools in indore

tell me, will you makethe map or not? no! l will not make it!l will never make it! you will not make it?- no! you'll not make it?- no! nathani! this obstinacywill become your death! and to die for the country,is every indian's duty! we will surely makeyou break your duty! even death will not beable to reach you.. ..till you make the map.

no! never! bring here pinky!- bring pinky! nathani! my brains alwaysplans two moves together! ln front of your eyes.. ..your beautiful daughter willbe molested of her youth! you can't do that!you can't do that! bring pinky here!! rascal! let me go!

my daughter!! will the plan be made or not!? rascal! dogs! let her go! let her go! leave her,l'll make the plan! stop!! your smartness willmake you very rich! take her away! this is the outside wall! and from here..is the secret way inside! afterwards.. from this way..

..you can go to thesecret chamber. and after going to thesecret chamber.. 'why nathani.. '..you've sold your owncountry, isn't it?' 'for a daughter, you'vebetrayed your own land!?' 'you've sold your patrioticprinciples!' 'shame on you!!' l won't give it!l won't give it! mamba!!

what have you done,you mad dog!? his life was veryimportant to us! sorry boss! in my anger.. ln your anger you alwaysdo the wrong things! you'll definitely bepunished for this! no! no! please! please! please! please! please forgive me!forgive me, boss! lt's your last chance!

once more you makesuch a mistake.. ..and you'll lose your life! get up!! get readyto leave for india! praise india!- praise india! praise india! praise india, officers!please sit down everybody! there's a report come in rightnow from the central government! you all please..hear that first! read it!- yes sir! we've come to knowthat mogambo..

..one of the most dangerouscriminals of the world.. ..has intentions ofcoming to india! from the famous departmentinterpol.. ..we've only come to know,that whichever country.. ..mogambo goes to, he take'sthe help of the local thugs.. ..because even if anyonegets caught.. ..the law is never ableto catch up with mogambo. the law should only remaininvolved with the thugs! and here in bombay..

..we've got many reportsof known thugs vanishing! but remember this much.. ..mogambo is not a smugglerof gold or silver! nor is he anothercountry's agent! but even then, his presenceis any country.. ..can prove dangerous for it! the central government,from their side has taken many steps! even then, we have to putin all our efforts and.. ..arrest mogambo dead or alive!

his arrest for our country's policedepartment will be a great success! l want this man! who is he? the owner of flush club, ratan! he's quite a braveand smart man! he works alone! he's only got a stupidcolleague, called reddy! and that too, only for the club! either with the strength ofmoney, or the love of pinky..

..at any cost, we haveto make him ours! mr. mogambo, you'vemade pinky helpless.. ..not her feelings! l keep even keep the breathyou breathe captive, pinky! don't forget that byrefusing our jobs.. ..you'll lose the lifeof your father! what have us father anddaughter done wrong to you? why are you playing withour lives like this? the job of the chesspieces on the..

..chessboard is to move, pinky! why is the game there?what is there for? this, the player knows the best! but boss, can't mikedo this job well!? no, mamba!l can't risk the life of mike. because pinky loves mike.. ..and to protect the wishesof colleagues like pinky.. ..is my duty! you two will go to ratan'sclub, and there..

yes reddy, tell me! sir, one negro, saheb!- what! where!? - he is sittingat the centre table! yes! yes! okay, l'll see.- thank you, sir! waiter!bring a new pack of cards. yes please! blind! blind!- l'll also play blind!

blind of four hundred. four hundred blind. good luck! thank you! show! three aces! ln one pack there can'tbe six aces, black man! what is this misbehavior!? black man,

if after today you are evenseen in front of this club.. ..l'll skin you and make fiftytwo cards of it! understand!? sorry! please carryon with your games! hi, handsome! this is not a chair,but a table! who are you? oh wow!you're exactly what l had heard! not afraid, brave and..- talk business, madam! business! we have to takeadvantage of your bravery!

the price you.. - ratancan never be sold, madam! a precious stone which can'tbe sold, is a useless stone! anyhow, the price willonly be of the job! cigarette? anyways l.. ..don't work for anybody else! lf you work with me,you'll gain a lot! working with you,whoever gains, will gain! l don't need such a gain!

think about it!the job you'll have to do! lf not for money, then for me! l already said that..- look, decide after thinking! we'll meet again! good night! good night! yes sir? - the girl that hasjust left my room, follow her. oh girl! oh god! move aside!!

where has she gone? not here! not here! maybe she's below the car! hi!- who is dead!? hi! why were you following me?- me and following!? you are following me! you winked at me,what about that? l winked at you?- yes you did!

did it hurt you?- no it did not! then it must fallen on the way! eyes fell on the way!?- yes! yes, it's possible!!- you get it back for me, please! lf some ones foot hits it,then it will break! lf it breaks then therewill be a lot of trouble! l'll get it right now! madam, l'll get it quickly!- yes! yes! get it quickly! she winked like this!l didn't throw it!

then how did it fall? go and ask her! madam has run away! reddy she's fooled me!she's fooled me! sir!! sorry sir,that girl was very smart! she fooled me and ran away! look, this lighterhas her photo. find out who she is and,which gang is she from! yes sir!

l'll make fifty fourcards of your skin.. ..which will includetwo jokers too! take this! l've given the film for developingwe'll get the photos in the morning! we have to be very carefulreddy! - yes! l sure that someoneis trying to trap me! now what is your program? l'm going home! if there'sanything special, call me. okay!

saheb, you're very late! memsaheb is waiting foryou since a long time! memsaheb! who memsaheb? what do l know, saheb? she told me thatyou had asked her to come! hi handsome!- it's you! come in! - put on yourclothes and come out! hi sweetheart! waiting is very sweet!

lt was very hot, andyou were not there! so l thought l'll have a bath! anyways, your bathroomis very nice! look, madam..- not madam, pinky, miss pinky. miss pinky.. ..l'm not used to all thesethings, understand? then.. l'll makeyou used to them! miss pinky, what doyou want exactly? you!

l want to give a friend'sgift to you! that gift maybe.. ..is with me. may be your habit is, after reachingyour goal doing half the iob! what's the meaning of this?- l had told you, isn't it.. ..that you'll work withme, whether you.. ratan.- l know. did you like the pictures?- who are you? come with pinky, you'llcome to know everything.

should we go? and what if l don't come, then? then l'll go away. and if l don't let you go, then? then l'll stay here.should l stay here? no smartness! anyhow he's my driver alberto,deaf and dumb! come with me. go! my limit is till here.

good luck, handsome! welcome, my friend! welcome! mogambo welcomes the expensive iewel,of the world of thugs! l hope.. that you've not facedany difficulty in getting here! the ieweler of expensivejewels like you! my name is mogambo! and l'm recognized bythis walking stick! why don't you come in front of me,and talk to me? until l'm sure of amans faithfulness..

..l don't come infront of anyone! and l don't speak to people..l've not seen! you'll have to both, talkand work, or else.. or else the photo of mama's murderwill reach the police, isn't it!? mr. mogambo.. ..you've still not recognizedratan properly! lf l hadn't recognized.. ..then l would never extenda hand of friendship! you have to do a iob of mine.

what's the iob?- that too will be told to you! first you'll be giventraining for that job. ..ratan doesn't do anythingwithout gaining anything! ln a good thug, this habitshould definitely be there! ratan, you'll gain twelveiakhs by doing this job! what can such anexpensive job be? lt's not your job to ask this! the bag on the table hastwo lakhs, your advance! hotel hilton has a roombooked for you!

for a month, leave your worldand come to our world! now you can go!pinky will leave you. very good, ratan! very good! l needed such a man who can tryand face any problem! you've haven't seen ratanfacing a problem.. ..mr. mogambo! but, l'll tell you one thing,l've seen a lot of players.. ..but a smart one like you,l've met for the first time! looks like our friendshipwill blossom quiet a bit!

l have respect foryour friendship! ratan, but remember the nexttime you try and reach me.. ..it could turn into your death! the name of the personwho died was mamba. before his death, he had afight with ratan, in his club. l think, in this murder, ratanwill definitely be involved! maybe! the circumstances of ratan'slife prove that.. ..he is always.. trying to savehimself by using the law!

without any proof,we can't arrest him! anyways, you keepan eye on ratan! and after that, l was left in front ofmy house in a closed car. who is he? what does he want?l don't know anything! very sad! but what haveyou thought of doing? l'm going to hotel hilton!- yes! after half an hour you haveyour room booked there! whatever l do, where ever l go,follow me like a shadow! - yes!

okay, sir! reddy! from the back door! hey mala, where are you going?- where ever you're going! me?- yes! l'm going out of townfor business. l'm going with you,to look after you! with me? have you gone mad! not as yet! but if youieave me here and go.. ..then definitely l'll go mad!

listen, mala..- brother.. ..from my childhood till todayl've always stayed in a hostel. the love of a mother and fatherwas not in my destiny! there's one brother.. ..whose love l couldn'tget for all these years! hey stupid, can a brother'siove be away from a sister? every moment,l'm always thinking of you. l should be able to feedyou the best of foods! l should be able to marry youoff into a good house too!

again the same talk!l don't want to marry anyone! now, l will only stay with you! uncle ramu, keep my luggagein the taxi too! okay, child. mala, try and understand!l can't take you along with me! why can't you take me along?l am going to go with you! l'll definitely go! hey, you've become so big butyou've still remained obstinate! okay look..

..iet me go this time and henceforthl'll always take you along! do you promise me that?- yes l do. now come on, smile a bit!smile! smile! yes, sir? my name is ratan. - yes, sir! suite four two three, l hopeyou have a pleasant stay here! l hope so too!- thank you! send my luggage upstairs!- okay, sir. waiter!

hello boss, he's reached thehotel! room four two three! okay! keep a carefulwatch over him! he's very important for us!- okay, boss! who's it? the same person who's voiceyou want to capture! why did you come here? after reaching the goaldoing half the job.. ..is not my habit! then finish it off!

can l ask you, for whichpleasure is this mike being used? just to try you out! l wanted to see, what's there in youthat mogambo has liked? what is that thing? this mike has been keptin many rooms before.. ..but you're the first manwho's brought it to me! don't worry! the last one..will also be me! even l am gettingconvinced of that!

anyways have you everbeen in love? yes l loved a lot..only my work! apart from work, there areother things.. to be loved! for that an atmosphereis needed! that too will be made! now in a short while.. ..this night will sing! for this heartbeat.. ..it will sing abeautiful song!

neither you'll get sleep.. ..nor will l get sleep! even after comingclose to me.. ..and even after there'sno distance between us! lf you say with a sway.. ..l'll open my fragrant hair! my dear, in your liquor.. ..l'll mix the colorof my lips! at every glance of yours..

..l'll weigh the flowerof my heart! this night is likea lifetime.. ..a lifetime is for love! lf we remain strangerslike this.. ..then what kind ofa living is this? this night is like a lifetime.. ..a lifetime is for lover! then please forgetthose sorrows.. ..that time has given you!

right now aftera little while.. ..this night will be singing! her name is pinky. after seeing her, l kept seeingseema before my eyes! the only difference intheir faces is that.. seema's pupils are blue incolor and, pinky's are black! can we not see her once!?- no! because, it is not okay for youtwo to go in that atmosphere! l've thought of everything!

l'll change the colorof seema's pupils.. ..and send her in pinky's place! and if they recognize me, then? there's definitely that risk.. ..but for the success ofthis scheme of mine.. ..you'll have to takethat risk, seema! okay. l'll do it! hi handsome! have you called me for anykind of a challenge?

no! just to make youswim here alone. what for?- nothing! we have to make you used toswimming without breath.. ..for a maximum period of time! the reason for this toomaybe only mogambo knows! definitely! who took that stick away? which stick? the same one that we'reboth watching.

and before both of us,it had vanished too! anyways, how long canyou hold your breath? that too you watch, okay! very good! a full five minutes! but, a habit of at leastfifteen minutes is necessary! hi mike! when did you come? just now. mike.the manager of our hotel. ls he also from the gang? - yes.

come l'll make you meet him. come on!- come! mike, meet ratan.ratan, this is mike. hello!- how do you do? mike meets his friendsjust like this! nice, very nice. l hope you feel the meetingwith ratan is also okay! pinky, we'll meet forthe rest, tomorrow. the man is quite knowledgeable.

but, where was the need toshow off your strength? so that he comes to know.. ..that mogambo's colleagues,and pinky's friends.. ..are not without strength! lf you had the strength, then my father would not be keptprisoner with mogambo, till now! your father is not a prisonerwith mogambo. lf he was a prisoner, then mikewould have freed him long ago! believe me, he's more free,and happier than we are.

did you meet him?- only once! he's sent you lot's of his love! may god give him my age too!- hey! then what will happenabout us!? - stop that! oh mike! good morning, sir. good morning!- good morning. the iob you went for, is it done? all iobs of mike arealways done, pinky!

when are the goods coming? mrs. brown will get it,in tomorrow's flight. you follow mrs. brown,and l'll follow you. till when?one day or the other.. ..you'll leave me andbecome someone else's! now we've come so close, thatl can't stay without you. liar! really pinky.. ifthis job is done.. ..then you and me, and lakhsof rupees and switzerland!

why didn't you get happy? nothing, mike. sometimesl remember dad a lot. we do iobs of criminals, in the midst if we are caught then,what will our condition be? lnstead of switzerland,we go to indian.. never say negative things! this iob will definitely be done!you'll meet your dad. and our dream..will surely be fulfilled! operator, put it off.

look seema, whatever the relationbetween mike and pinky, you'll have to take care of that. because, without that,we can't succeed in our mission! you don't worry.- that's good! operator, put it on again. black man, if aftertoday you are.. ..even seen in frontof this club.. that's ratan.a thug of this city.

pinky is giving him training,to hold his breath in water. why!? we have to find out! this is alberto, the driver.he rarely speaks to anyone. pinky too doesn'tspeak to him much. this is pinky dancing! l think this much is enough. lf you want then youcan see it again. no need of that,l've understood everything. good!

now, to hide your blue pupils.. ..you'll have to use theseblack pupils always! - okay. captain rehant, mr. b. ahuiaand mr. n. m. trivedi! mr. b. ahuia and mr. n. m. trivedi.. ..passengers arrivedfrom calcutta.. ..please contact the indianairlines enquiry counter! l repeat! captain rehant,mr. b. ahuja.. ..and mr. n. m. trivedi.. passengers travelingto madras by..

..lndian airlines flightic one seven one.. ..please proceed tothe departure hall! hello, boss!- speaking! she's left the airport!- she's left! okay, you can go! seema, there she is coming!driver! l'm sorry mr. mike, you'vesimply been troubled! you waste the time of a decentperson like this, l didn't know! l'm sorry! you can go!

how did the accident occur!? my.. my.. my handsmade a mistake. pinky, who has come firstin the african race.. ..without a reason can'tmake a mistake! l.. l.. l saw mike's car beingstopped by the police! the goods were with me, that'swhy l increased the speed of the car, and that's why..- where are the goods? with me. mike! it maybe true, that pinkycould have made a mistake!

but the police stopping you.. ..there seems to be..something wrong! but boss, apart from ratan,nobody knows us. don't forget, that many thugs.. ..who are already sacrificedto our training! whom the police will definitelybe looking for.. ..and maybe someother party too! you!? without my permission, evenair can't go out from here!

who is your boss!?- who are you? l have to ask questions, not you! tell me, what is your proiect? for which iob are you'lltraining ratan? tell me!! l don't know anything!- you know everything! tell me, what l'm asking for! l don't know anything!l have no idea of anything! take away!- leave me! leave me! what happened?- pinky is absolutely quiet.

now what'll happen? we're keep trying,you look after the drama here! hi, pinky! l've heardyou had an accident! mr. ratan!- what's the matter? today am l not looking handsome? yes definitely! then in place of handsomewhy mr. rantan? that accident's effectis still on my mind! why don't you sit down!- thank you.

what will have to drink,something warm or cold? nothing! l've iust come toenquire about your health.. ..how are you? apart from a little weakness,everything is fine. however the doctor's toldme to rest for a few days! oh! that's good! l'll have to thank that doctor! why!? at least for a few days l'll be savedfrom your swimming sessions!

hi mike!- hello, darling! you're sitting here? and l'm roaming around lookingfor you everywhere! are you talking to me?- yes! what's the matter?- you've got to come with me! where!?- for training. ratan, today is your firstday of training! you'll have to stayin this room of ice.. ..for at least twenty minutes!

remember this much.. ..however long you cancontrol yourself.. ..that much more longeryour life would be! mike! put on the machine! decrease the temperature! more! make it lesser! very good, ratan!!aren't you feeling cold!? well done! well done,my boy! well done!

very good! ratan! ratan, my bravecolleague, start moving! mike! lower the temperature! ratan! don't think of the cold! this is not cold, its heat! there's a fire on! well done!very good, ratan! very good brave colleague, very good! ratan, there's somemore time left!

cheer up! cheer up! cheer up! ratan! there's onlyone minute left now! very good, my brave colleague!very good! very good, ratan, very good.control yourself! control yourself! ratan! only fortyfive seconds to go! only thirty secondsare left, ratan! control yourself! fifteen second, ratan! well done, my boy! well done!

put off the machine!- off! fantastic! well done, tiger! here! have a drink! easy! child, here's tea. l don't want it!l have no one of mine here! leave me alone! listen, child! listen!- are you all mad!?

yes child, the woman who cravesfor love, is always mad! today, after twelveyears l've seen you! and that too in this condition! there's no needof doing a drama! you'll cannot make me open mymouth, to say even a word! don't call love a drama, child. look! look at me!try and recognize me! try and remember pinky.. ..when you and seemawere little..

..then you'll used tofight to sleep with me! and until l sang a lullaby,you didn't get sleep! lullaby! seema!have you'll gone mad!? twelve years have passed,since my mom is dead! don't say that, child. l.. l'm your mom whose alive! see.. see l'm in front of you! your dad left me and went away! seema and you, bothare twin sisters!

the same face! the same height! like two flowers blossomingon the same branch! your dad divorced me, andieft me to go to africa! since then, we'rewaiting for you! one day or the other, hisheart will feel the pain.. ..and the blood in his veinswill give him the enthusiasm.. ..so that we can all betogether again, child! we'll be together again! your story is good! but theacting is not up to the mark!

remember, my name is pinky! l won't be caughtin anyone's net! believe me, l'm your mother! l've don't have a mother!go away from me! l have no one of mine!l have no one of mine! you!?- what happened? nothing! l got scared!l didn't know who it is! any mother's son has got theguts to take my place!? no, nobody has!

what are you doing? you are ill, isn't it? l'll cureyou with the medicine of love! enough! enough, doctor! your cure of love, may takethe life of the patient! the one who gives his life,don't take a life, my love! come on.- mike, please! come on, baby!- please, mike! come on!- mike! no! come on!- mike, please!

someone's come! what's it!? saheb, reena memsahebwants to meet you! reena?- who is this reena? the daughter of the owner,of this hotel. today's the first, isn't it? she must have come tocollect the rent. l'll.. iust settle theaccount and be back! good afternoon, miss reena!

good afternoon! l'm sorry, you had to wait. after giving the property onrent, the owner has to wait! but, the owner is stillthe owner, isn't it? how's your father?- first class! what about the rent? what's the hurry,about the rent? before the rentsomething cold or hot? this is not the time foranything cold, or hot!

l think miss reena.. ..all the time,is for everything.. ..lf you want to use it, then! mike, l think that.. ..these things you're sayingare not important! everything is not said forimportance, miss reena! the heart likes something! the mind makes the wholebody lose itself! and the tongue onlysays the truth!

and what's the truth?- truth! hey! hey! hey! what's this!? this kind of a beauty.. ..can't be common! don't get so excited.. ..control yourself,you lovelorn man! l'll give you my heart.. ..if not today, then tomorrow! ln a hurry a iob..

..can never be done! only two days are over.. ..since we've met, now! you are asking for.. ..all the priceless things,right now! the salt of the face! the shine of the forehead! the flexibility of the arms! the fragrance of my breath!

nothing can be yours! .. can't be common! the hair have poisonous.. ..snakes curled round! with eyes having the lashes.. ..as thorns around it! the one who is after me.. ..know this.. ..that in all your veins,this poison..

..will affect you! for the eyesyou can't be drink! ..can't be drink! don't sway like this. o crazy, control yourself. excuse me sir, do youknow how to read hindi? hindi? sorry, l can speak it,but not read it. l need some one who can read it.

you keep sitting there.keep sitting. hello! young man, you mustdefinitely be knowing.. ..how to read hindi, isn't it? yes! why?- l'm absolutely stuck! my wife has crackeda unique joke, sir! she has written a letter tome and that too, in hindi! lf you read it, then you'lldo me a big favor! here. l was following sudha all thetime, but l was tricked!

two cars of the same numbersplates are being used. the second car, was driven by reenathe daughter of this hotel's owner! the owner stays in khandala.l'll try next time! reddy, follow theman with the stick! take this! go!- thank you very much! hey! hey! hey brother,iet me go! hey! hey! are you not ashamed ofhitting a running man! the companions of darknessdon't need light, ratan!

stop!!! or else the bullet willgo through your chest! l'm never careless aboutmy safety, ratan! what's the meaningof this dishonesty? this is not dishonesty.. ..it is smartness, mr. mogambo! l'm not one of those who keepsdancing to the tune of your stick! to protect myself,is my duty too! your security will perhaps arrivein the form of your man's corpse.

pinky!!- yes boss? at every place andevery second.. ..you'll remain with ratan! mr. mogambo, if anything happens to reddythen l won't do your iob! come on, pinky! good morning, mr. michael! good morning! l'm sorry, my nameis not michael..

..l'm parker! l'm parker d'souza! you're joking! l don't know anyone in india.. ..to make you believe this! but, if you wish.. ..you can see my passport. really!- by the way.. ..who are you?

my name is ratan. you look exactly like oneof my friends, michael. that's why l'm sorry forthis misunderstanding! lt's all right! it's all right! please sit down.- thank you! you speak hindi quite well! l'm fifty percentan indian, too. meaning, either your motheror father is an indian? yes! my father.

he used to do businessin london. l was born there itself. apart from this,l can even read hindi. will you have a beer?- no, thank you! hey, ratan! come on! okay mr. parker, l'm reallyglad to meet you! we'll meet again! see you later!- see you later! bye!- bye!

see you!- see you, mr. ratan. very good! a totalof fifteen minutes! now you're perfect! lf there's a trainerlike you then.. ..a man will have to be perfect! every man is not like you! ln goodness or badness? l've only seen the goodness! lf l have permission..

..should l show youthe badness too? you've come back tothe same nonsense! come on, go and work! which iob?- of staying underwater! why? why did you go away?- just like that! you're a good actress,but lost due to habits! meaning? pinky usedto call me handsome.. ..and you called me mister!

you're always runningaway from mike.. ..whereas pinky used toiove mike immensely! pinky really loved the water,and you run away from it.. ..because you were scared ofyour lenses flowing away, isn't it? hands up! you're very smart! miss, in the world of crime,one has to work smartly! and too much smartness will.. leave me!

look miss.. ..just like you, l'm helpless,that's why l'm working here! lf l come to know thetruth about you.. ..we can do a lot together,or else.. or else? or else l'll have to tellmike about the lenses.. ..and you know how mikeis about women.. what do you want?- only the truth about you! l'm ready to tell you!pinky and..

not here! the walls have ears too! but, the open air, nevertells tales of anybody! my queen, just have a look! see this! see this! that's you and, that'syour twin sister seema! did you see? l'llshow you some more. that's your father! lookat this some more. this is the photo of ourmarriage! did you see?

see, this is you andseema together.. ..when you were onlyfour years old! this is the photoof your birthday! but, dad always told me.. ..that we were alonein this world! he was angry with, anunfortunate person like me! l didn't like his habits! gambling, drinkingand wrong habits! one day l got angry!

and before l knew it,he divorced me! l tried a lot to convincehim, pleaded with him.. .. and begged himto forgive me.. ..but he didn't listen, andwent away leaving us forever! ls it true, thatyou're my mother? yes!- mom! - my child! my darling! well! well! congratulations on beingreunited with your own family! this the friend of yourfather, ajit saheb.

he's always been helping us! as soon as l saw you,l had understood.. ..that you are nathani'sdaughter! but, l couldn't meet you there!that's why l kidnapped you! and sent seema there,in place of you! you sent seema! why seema!? so that they don'tget suspicious! but what is your concernwith them? everything has somemeaning or the other!

nathani was not therewith you too! through a friend l foundout from uganda.. ..nathani was not there too! my duty as a true friend is,that if you'll are in any trouble.. ..then help you out! where's your father, pinky? dad is being held prisonerby mogambo. who is he?- nobody knows! only a stick is visible,exactly like your stick!

and remaining in the dark,he keeps ordering us! why has he caught nathani? and what iob does hewant you'll to do? he wants dad to make some plan! why he wants to make it,what for, who is he.. ..where does he stay,nobody knows! nobody knows! where did you go? l took ratan out!

ls ratan a small childthat you took him out? you've forgotten, theboss's order is that.. ..at all time's ratan hasto be kept in sight! does it mean that you forget me? how can l forget you? you are my love! you're not at all interestedin ratan? only this much.. ..that ratan is an importantpart of our mission!

and the sooner themission is over.. ..the faster l'llhave my dad back! for your need, willyour love change? don't be silly, lovenever changes! never? never!!- then, come close to me. again the same thing!?- pinky!! mike!! mike!

no! mike, please! no! what is this you'redoing, mike? no! mike! mike!! mike,please!! mike! l'm sorry mike, l..- why have you come here? l've to go out.- then go!! maybe you're forgetting mike.. ..that boss has assigned pinkyto keep watch over me! pinky won't go!!- then its okay, l'll go alone! mike! are you out of your mind!?

do you know how muchboss will be upset? ratan, l'll come with you!- you will not go! you're drunk, not me! come on, ratan. good bye, mike! pinky, give mike the line. mike! it's the phoneof our boss! mike! pinky is not yourprivate property.. ..who has to do everythingaccording to your wish!

l had ordered that pinky shouldalways be with ratan. the next mistake, canturn into your death! now you can go! anything important, ratan? we've spared his life! l forgave him with his life. till the job is over,he'll remain with us. mogambo has seen my friendship.. ..not my enmity!

what's has happened, mike? l've always supportedhim at every step.. ..but he insulted me before,a new gang member! he's given me a warning! this is really mogambo'smistake! lf you want, then youcan get him caught! no, pinky! l'm not a coward,to betray him in such a way! but, l will definitelyshow mogambo.. ..l'll definitely showhim what is mike!

until mike sahib does not come,l can't do anything. but where is he?- near you. tell. mr. mike, l want tosearch your hotel! search!? - l'm carrying thesearch warrant with me! but, for what? that we'll come to knowafter searching it! lnspector sahib, that's nothing going on in my hotelwhich is against the law!

everybody says that! okay! come with me.- come! catch him! catch him! catch him! catch him! catch him!don't let him run away! caught him? yes, catch him! hey! hey! what's happened? mr. ratan, at least youknow me very well! through my embassy, l'll seeto all these people right!! do you behave like thiswith foreigners!?

but, what's the matter?- you don't understand! yes! yes! now, youmisguide him too! l'll see to each and everyone of you! yes! but mister, l didn't understand,why are you catching him!? will you please come here?- leave me!! why? what's the matter? l'm a doctor for the mentallyretarded and.. ..mr. d'souza is my patient! mr. d'suza? but his nameis mr. parker, isn't it?

l don't know how, he's got thisname parker, in his mind! whenever he gets a fit, he runsaway from the hospital.. ..steals from anywhere, andstays in some good hotel! however, he's not harmedanyone as yet! really? that's a very strange case! the cases of mad people,are always strange. take him with us!come mr. d'souza! not d'souza, parker! parker!

please! come on! l'll see to all of you! yes! ratan!! yes!?- you're here, is it? then where should l have been?- in the custody of the police! why!? - there was a murderon the sixteenth january.. ..in front of your club! and before his death, youhad a fight with him! that doesn't meanl'm the killer!

according to the report's,you're out of town.. ..when you are.. l wanted to rest for a fewdays, that's why l.. that's why you'll have to comewith me to the head quarters! lnspector sahib to arrest any decentman without an arrest warrant.. ..is against the law! mr. mike! l know theiaw better than you! come on, mr. ratan! sahib is calling ratan.

hello! this is thepolice station! who? mike?- what's the matter? are you the manager ofhotel hilton? - yes. yes! this is mike speaking!- mike.. ..at any cost ratanshould be released! yes. yes, but.. have a seat. lnspector, don't let anyone in.- okay, sir! why have you called me..

you!?- my name is aiit saxena. commisioner sahib!? but, how come thisstick is with you? lsn't it like mogambo's stick? yes! but, how do you know that? whatever pinky knewshe's already told us! and from the report of seema, we've come to knowyou've been trapped too!

sit down. even l could have very easily foundout from her, commissioner sahib! but, l wanted to knowthe reason for giving.. ..lakhs of rupees, to do a job! what is it that he wants! maybe, after getting it.. ..l would gain more! but, when seema toldme that the police.. ..know a lot aboutmogambo and me..

..then l thought it rightto meet you itself! you're a thug, ratan. that's why we had totalk face to face! l am definitely a thug,commissioner sahib! but an honest one! yes.. ..you've definitelymade a mistake! what!? calling me like this,and then releasing me..

..can bring on suspicion, thatl'm mixed up with the police! the answer to that,l've already thought out! mr. kapoor!- yes, sir? you know very well, whatyou have to do, isn't it? yes, sir! okay, mr. ratan!l hope that you don't disappoint me! don't worry commissioner sahib.. ..ratan knows hisduty very well! best of luck!

call mr. mike in.- yes, sahib! sahib is calling you in. can l come in?- come in. sit down.- thank you. mr. mike, is ratan your friend? do you have an obiectionto our friendship? don't try to be smart! whatever l ask you, answer it! yes. he's my friend.

and l know very well,he's not murdered anyone! can you give his bail? for what reason, are youasking a bail for me? l've not committed any crime! that we'll come to knowafter the enquiry! always remember the police canarrest anyone on suspicion! - okay! lf you suggest, then canl call my lawyer.. ..and get him bailed out! no! there's no need of that!

you sign on this! now you can go. mr. mike! your lighter?- my lighter!? - it's mine. you went in the commissionersroom first.. ..after that mike! then your bail was paid and,you were released! lt could be, you're now onthe side of the police against me! enemies never becomefriends, mogambo!

at least the enemyshould be finished! what does that mean? commissioner saxena is visitingthe hotel pretty often. you'll finish him off! mr. mogambo, ratan works bysaving himself from the law.. ..and not by gettinginvolved with it! for my satisfaction andto show your friendship.. ..you'll have to do this iob! the price you..

l'll not do thisjob at any cost! brother!- mala, you!? you and here!? brother! mala! you're okay, aren't you? l'm fine! how are you, brother? these people have told me,that your plane had crashed! ls that true, brother?- l know, ratan! lndians are allvery sentimental!

and l'm also used to.. ..catching the weaknessof people! mogambo, leave my sister.. ..and l'll do your iob! l'll let her go, butthe commissioners.. the commissions file..you'll definitely get! brother, who are these people? which file are they asking for? brother, take my promise,you won't do anything wrong!

mala, you trust your brother,isn't it? yes, brother! but that.. mogambo, even if one hair ofmy sister is harmed then.. don't worry at all, ratan! she'll stay here with the samecomfort, as in your house! brother, what's all this!? mala, at this moment l can'tdisclose anything to you! right now do exactly asthese people say! come! brother, take care of your self!

yes! don't worry! now you go! fresh news of today's!fresh news of today's! the police commissioneris murdered! you've murdered asaintly person!? l thought that you'vechanged, ratan! and my love has changedyour crooked ways! but, you!- try and understand, seema. lf l didn't kill the commissioner,then mogambo would finish.. ..you, me, my sister, your dad!he would finish all of us!

we could have all died.. ..but he was the guardianof the country! his life was more preciousthan all our lives! seema, to catch the enemiesof the country.. ..the sacrifice of the life, ofthe protectors of the country.. ..makes him a martyr! seema, please! a small mistake of yours,can spoil the whole game.. ..that is already set very well!try and understand your ratan!

whatever l've done, is the needof the situation and time! come on! come! good afternoon, mr. mogambo. he's mr. dindayal!the owner of hotel hilton! this stick has always confusedour own people! ratan! anyways, l welcome abrave man like you! and l thank you for,your regard for me. together with your brains yourtongue works very well too!

lf necessary, everythingof ratan works. good! good! that's very good! l like it! mr. dindayal, where is reena? she's gone to bombay.she'll be back by the evening. my brave colleagues.. ..at every great man's death,the world mourns.. ..aiit saxena too wasa very great man. but on his death..

..we'll not mourn,we'll celebrate! hi dad!- oh hallo, my child! good evening!you're iooking gorgeous! thank you! you took very long! lt's a special party, isn't it? come on! mr. gupta!- hello! mr. sharma!- hello! mr. pandey!- good evening! and you know mike, right!?- hi!

reena, meet ratan.the hero of this party today! how do you do?- it's quite expensive! hi! excuse me. hi, seema! my name is pinky. you're under somemisconception, miss reena! she's pinky! she's come with me, from africa! lmpossible!!

my eye's can never be wrong! the same style! the same voice! the same face! on a face.. ..you can put.. ..a million faces! to hide the.. ..real face is.. ..very difficult!

lf you exchange them then.. ..the moon can cover the sun! to suppress.. ..their rays.. ..is very difficult! the looks are alittle changed.. ..but the style isa known one to me! l believe you.. ..believe you..

..believe you, my friend! sometimes unknown faces too.. ..we feel that, werecognize them! but, it's not her! lt's not her! lt's not her, my queen! we stay here on earth.. ..and keep track of the stars! my body is made of glass..

..but my heart ismade up of stone! my eye's deceiving me.. ..is not possible at all now! she's a deadly beauty worth ogling.. ..l keep an eye on! putting a curtain of lies,before the truth.. ..is foolishness! your iudgment l do agree.. ..is very good!

you have made your eyes.. ..like a mirror! but the earth.. ..you feel.. ..becoming one with the sky! lf that is not an illusion.. ..then what.. ..do you think it is? only god knows..

..why you are so surprised! l will never believe it.. ..with such excuses! then go and consult.. ..your lawyers! what is the need for me.. ..to consult someone!? then quietly agree that.. ..she is somebody else!

but that's a plain lie! then bring proof of it! lt's the same noseand features! god's given that to everybody! her waist is thin like this! you will get a millionpeople with the same! ln the walking style,there is mischief! everybody's got it in youth! do you think l am foolish?

why are you getting angry? l will remove this curtain! l will not let you succeed,with your intention! whoever can win against me.. ..there is no onelike that in the world! the mention of losing.. ..is not in my story! now l say that you'll have.. ..to repent a little,you crazy person!..

who's that?- open the door! you!? here at thistime and here!? how can love stay apartunder one roof, reena? lf someone sees us, then? l will blind thosewho are watching! hey! she's watching! lt's a fire kindled by you! you go and put it out! reena!- mike!

reena! baby, l love you! darling, who is this seema? she's my friend. we were both togetherin college. mike, l've never seenso much resemblance! believe me.. ..if seema is made to standin place of pinky.. ..then nobody cantell them apart! there must be some difference!

absolutely not! wait a little! my album should behaving her photo. give me my gown. give it to me! please!! 'lf seema is made to standin place of pinky.. '..then nobody cantell them apart!' look! look at this! this on the left ismy friend seema. how much she resemblespinky, isn't it?

where does she stay? somewhere in juhu. alone? the poor thing hasonly a mother! beware! don't make a noise!l'll shoot you! mike!- who are you? where is your daughter?- what's the matter!? by god! absolutely the same!

the same face! the same body! the same voice! mom! lf you act smart, then you'lliose your life! understand!? what do you want? l want to take an advantageof your face! don't worry.. ..after the iob is over, youboth will be released!

what do you mean?- shut up! what kind of work is this,which needs hooliganism? you'll have to takethe place of a girl. whom nature has made exactlylike yourself! only for a few days! do you agree to it? l agree. good! you are a clever girl! to give even your lifefor your mom and dad..

..is the duty of every child! this is an old fort madeon top of a mountain. that has been changed twentyyears ago in a laboratory! ln three directionsthere is a very strict vigil! the fourth side hasa dangerous jungle.. ..this river and thishigh mountain! from here itself you'veto get that secret! but, what is that secret? one blue file! in whichthere's a formula.

formula!?- yes! such a formula, that whichevercountry succeeds in making it.. ..it will become themost successful.. ..country in the world! l'm sure you understandhow important it is? and exactly that's writtenin this blue file! but, in what way is thismatter concerned.. ..with the training given to me? your training isa historic move.

because our knowledge is.. ..only limited up tonathani's testimony. now listen, after crossingthis jungle.. ..you two will reachthis chungi station. seema, you don'tworry about him! he won't come around forfour hours. l'm going! take care of yourself, ratan! you too! who are you!?

lf you don't recognize me,it's good, miss pinky! get up! be warned! don'tpick up the gun! hey! you come in her place! and stay right here! look.. ..bring the film straightto the mansion! or else your mother.. there's no need to threaten me!

l've promised you, andl'll fulfill it! good! come on!! good evening, sir! good evening!- good evening! number six! take this letter tothe head quarters! and bring the greenfile for doctor shah! l'll iust be backfrom the toilet! but l have to take thesechemicals to the laboratory!

hey friend, these chemicalsl'll take in your place! you get the file! yes please? l want the blue file. blue file!?- yes. hello! excuse me for a moment. you remove it from theiocker number eleven. yes, sir! okay, sir! yes! okay, sir!

thank you, sir! wait!! will you not sign? thank you!- it's alright. where were you?why did you take so much time? l was on the way. hey, l told you to bringthe green file! you've brought the blue file instead!- l heard blue. you go andl'll bring it! - okay.

ratan! what happened, ratan? ..is not there anywherein my story! the secret of one crore rupees,is there in this camera! 'now l'll be ableto meet my father!' why? don't you believe it? hey! l'll bring the horse! seema! seema! seema!

beware! - who are you people? mike sahib is waiting for you? mike!? what's the big hurry? first give me something of mine! pinky! pinky!? yes mike! seema is my twin sister..

..and this is my mother. oh! no wonder there'sa resemblance. anyway, where's the film? the film is with me mike.. ..but till l don'tfind my father.. ..no one will get this film. don't talk of suchmadness pinky! before, mogambo reachesthis mansion.. ..we should leave from here!

this mansion is one ofmogambo's discoveries too! l'll wait for mogambo! the father who l dideverything for.. ..l can't sacrificehim at any cost! forget him!! forget him!! you father can never meet you. why can't he meet me!? because.. becausehe's already dead!! no!- what!? - no!!!

l didn't want to hurt you.. ..but immediately aftermaking the plan.. ..he died at the hands of mamba! you're still a child, mike! you won't be able to look aftersuch an expensive thing! lf someone steals it, thenit will be a problem! very good dad! you cameat a very good occasion! tie them all up! so that these people cannotshow any signs of failure.

that will happen.. ..only when you will also betied with them, dindayal! throw your revolver down! all mogambo's own peoplewill turn against him.. ..this even l did not expect! l warn you, ratan! lf you value yoursweetheart's life.. ..then throw the cameraand gun in my direction! no, ratan!

let me be sacrificed.. ..for the priceless secretsof the country! - no seema! more than this film, yourlife is dear to me! here, catch it, mike! stop it!! well done, pinky! now, we both will sell this,and become millionaires! no! don't sell your countryfor your own happiness, pinky! sister! give that filmto ratan, sister!

no, seema! l'll do exactly whatmike tells me to do! mike loves me! and l love mike! we two will get married! and make a home for ourselves! traitor! maybe you don't know! lf in love a womanbecomes nectar.. ..then double crossing makesher a poisonous snake!

very good, pinky! l'm very happy withyour justice! he was fit for this! alberto!? l was staying in the gangas a deaf and dumb person.. ..so that l can recognizeany traitor! mogambo.. ..the double crossingthat mike did with me.. ..in that you too havebeen an equal partner!

l won't leave you too! hands up!! ratan, if you want, thenwe can become partners! l have a party ready.. ..who are ready to pay fiftycrores for these secrets! mr. dindayal.. ..as a c.b.l. officer, l'veiearnt to protect the law.. ..and not to become a crook! c.b.l. officer!?

yes, mr. mogambo! we had information thatyou were coming to india. and we also came to know that,where ever you go.. ..you get your iobs doneby the local thugs! l came to bombay.. ..and made myselffamous as a thug.. ..so that you can castyour net on me! you cast your net.. ..but got stuck in it yourself!

l didn't know that thepolice of india.. ..will turn out so smart! come on! boss, the launch is ready! within two hours.. ..we'll leave this country! they must be all fools! mogambo is the biggest brainsof the underworld! ..as soon as l saw alberto..

..l knew you were playinga big trick! that's why l told himl'm a police officer.. ..so that you think l'm fooled! actually, you are fooled,mr. mogambo! you forgot, that the trainingto hold my breath.. ..you had given me! ratan, l thought youto be a thug.. ..but you turned out tobe the king of thugs! parker!?

this means that thecard was a fake? don't forget, that your sisterand reddy are my captives! that's your misunderstanding,mogambo! they are in the custodyof the police! commisioner saxena! yes, mr. parker! commissioner aiit saxena'sdeath was only an excuse.. ..so that your trust inme remains the same! this lighter, whichis a transmitter..

..through which newsof every moment.. ..was being recordedat the head quarters! commissioner sahib.. ..the enemy of the countryis at your feet! get up!! arrest him! ratan.. ..only loyal and braveofficers like you.. well done, officer!- thank you, sir! good bye!

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