Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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[applause]both:♪ [applause]james: how long have you been married? carrie: 5 1/2 years. james: he is a hockey player,right? what is mizz name? carrie: mike fisher. james: i don't watch it veryoften. essentially it is skating aroundon very sharp blades and then

having a fight.carrie: yeah. james: do you get worried whenhe has a fight? carrie: have you seen his latestfight? james: no. what happened? carrie: he knocked a guy's toothout. james: oh, my god! really?carrie: yeah. ♪ jesus take the wheeltake it from my hands

i'm letting gogive me one more chance jesus take the wheeloh, take it from me oh♪ james: look. look, it has happened. seriously. i'm not joking.i think jesus is taking the wheel. now listen, country music-wise,i have only just recently gotten

into it, but if i want to makestrides in country music, what do i need to do? i feel like i've never owned apair of boots. carrie: you kind of have to. you have to do that. james: it is impossible to do itwithout boots, right? carrie: you need to. james: why are the boots soimportant? carrie: the boots are our roots.

it is a catch phrase.james: there is a place in here. we're going to get us someboots. carrie: we are going to get ussome boots! james: let's get out.carrie: this is exciting. james: i know. >> i'm jenny.nice to meet you. james: nice to meet you too. i'm about to make some some bigwaves in country music scene. shoe-wise, c can arriesays ihave to start with some shoes.

can you help me? >> absolutely. james: more like a statement.carrie: you want more color. you want pizzazz!those are nice at the top. look at that.james: all right. carrie: where is your toe,though? how do you feel? james: i actually feel prettyincredible. i am liking them.i have to be honest.

i feel like it is propping meright up. carrie: yeah.i knew it. hoss.hoss. james: that's right, hoss. i know we just came in forboots, but ilse. i think i'm going to shop hereall the time now. carrie: yeah.james: i feel like i'm david beckham and have just been named"people magazine's" sexiest man on the plan etc..carrie: they are going to take

it away from him.james: how much does this cost? >> $2,000. that is with the familydiscount. carrie: he is family.james: what about the boots? >> $800. james: the hat?>> $200. james: $5 on that for wholething? -- i'm sorry.we're not all multiplatinum recording artists.

we haven't all had fourbillboard number ones. some of us are on cbs at 12: 30. >> it is an investment.james: i'm going to need you to -->> cape take them off? james: be careful. they are worth more than gold. put your back into it. come on! that's it.

i'll take the hat. i'll take the hatcarrie: i think it is a fine have to dip your toe in the cowboy waters. james: let's get out of here.carrie: missouriy on out. james: come on, hoss.carrie: ♪ cause the next time that he cheatsyou know it won't be on me james: ♪ uh-uhcarrie: ♪ no, not on me four wheel drivemaybe next time he will think

before he cheatsoh maybe next time he will think before he cheats♪ james: is it true that you canhold a note for an inorder informantly long time? carrie: probably.james: can you hold a note longer than me?ready? both: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh[applause] carrie: it is like "dumb anddumber."

do you want to hear the mostannoying sound in the world? ahhhhhhhhhh! james: is it true that you knowevery lyric to every wham song? carrie: ohio, yes. james: really? both: ♪ wake me up before yougo go wake me up before you go gobecause i'm not planning on going solowake me up before you go go don't leave me hanging on like ayo-yo

take me dancing♪ james: put it there. oh, my god![applause]

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