Tuesday, April 18, 2017

volume of water in swimming pool

what's up, everybody? welcome back to my laboratory, or swimming pool. where safety is the number one priority. why am i in a swimming pool? because we're going to be doing a pretty awesome experiment with dry ice. well, let's find out. so, i've got here a cooler... ...and then, i'm going to bring out bags of dry ice... ...that i just purchased from the grocery store. some states don't sell dry ice in the grocery store, which is very surprising. then i need to break it up.

i got another couple pieces. alright, that's about thirty pounds of dry ice. alright, here goes- oh! alright, here goes nothing! woah, look at that! it is a bit windier right now, so we got all that smoke going away. woah, look at that!(replay) it is a bit windier right now, so we got all that smoke going away.(replay) this is awesome, dude.

so cool. i wouldn't swim in it, with the smoke, but look how cool it is. look at that, so cool. look at all that smoke. wow. (inaudible) it looks like a volcano underwater, isn't it? look how amazing is this, wow! i think this is definitely a success. maybe a bit too windy, but it looks beautiful!

look at that. so awesome! how cool is that? amazing.

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