Wednesday, April 19, 2017

walk in swimming pools

whee! hey everybody it's dr. jo! it's aquatictherapy day again. if you've graduated from the basic standing exercises, then this isthe next video where you are actually putting some walking movement with those let's start off back here. the first one is going to be a soldier march. lock out yourknee, keep that straight the whole time. so pull forward, keeping an upright posture.pull forward. my knee is staying straight the whole time. there's no bend in there.if you feel like your knee is bending, then don't go quite as fast. lock out that knee.the next one is the hamstring curl. that's where you are trying to kick your bottom,but keep the top part of your leg down. so kicking back behind you, almost like you area chicken clucking, or a gamecock clucking.

kicking back behind you, still keeping thatupright posture. trying to get as far back to your bottom as you can. really gettingthat stretch. the next one is the rockette kick. bring your knee up, kick out, step forward.bring your knee up, kick out, step forward. this is really going to stretch those hamstrings,so try and straighten out that knee as much as you can. bend it up, kick it out, stepforward. then you're going to walk on your toes. go way up on your toes, stay on yourtoes the whole time. just like you're walking in heels. guys it will give you a chance tosee what it feels like. staying up on your toes, keeping those heels up high. pushingoff the whole time. then switch to your heels. now not sticking my bottom out when i'm walking,i'm pulling my toes up. this is pretty hard.

this is a hard one that's going to push thatknee into a straight position. so if you have a knee injury, you are really going to feelthat stretch, but try and stay on those heels the whole time. pulling those toes up. tryand stay in a straight line if you can. and then you are going to squat going squatting down, keeping your toes pointed forward like in all the other side's a fluid motion. i'm not squatting down, coming up, and then stepping. i'm squattingas i am stepping. squatting down, coming up. squatting down, coming up. nice fluid motionthe whole time. these were some aquatic therapy exercises. if you have any questions, leavethem in the comments section. if you would like to check out some more videos, go don't forget to follow me

on facebook and twitter. remember be safe,have fun, and i hope you feel better soon!

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